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Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety. Radiation is all around us all day, everyday. Most of the radiation we encounter daily is from our own sun through solar radiation through the UV (ultraviolet) spectrum of light. That is normal and even beneficial to all life on earth. You will still want avoid excess sun exposure when the UV index level is high and usually between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm.


There are more harmful types of radiation you need to be able to protect yourself against. Nuclear radiation, EMF radiation (electro magnetic radiation like those in WiFi, cellphones, 5G, microwaves and other technological devices. Also medical radiation treatments and x-rays can cause radiation exposure and poisoning symptoms.


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Radiation Poisoning

You can avoid getting Radiation Poisoning from acute or excess exposure to harmful radioactive waves or radiation particles by using radiation protection devices as well as using a radiation detox immediately after radiation exposure. Discover how to protect yourself and your family against the effects of radiation exposure. Radiation Sickness happens when you are exposed to harmful types of radiation, including electromagnetic radiation, microwave radiation, medical radiation treatments or X-Rays and nuclear radiation. 


You can get it from your dentist office, particularly with the x-rays so close to your brain. Radiation causes deformed DNA and genes so your cells are made with abnormalities instead of being healthy new cells. There are other types of radiation like EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency Radiation) Microwave Radiation (from Microwave Devices, Cellphones, Cell Phone Towers, and Technology) and also Nuclear Radiation. 


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Side Effects of Radiation

There are a few side effects of radiation exposure you need to know about to be able to avoid getting sick and protecting your health. The less serious side effects are being shown here first, with the more serous ones shown in the Radiation Therapy section towards the bottom of this article. Here are the most common low level radiation side effects:

  • Hair Loss – You will notice general male pattern baldness occurring in males and females without using any protection
  • Headache and Fever–  The radiation heats up your tissues inside and outside and slowly cooks them
  • Nausea – Your stomach lining is being cooked and may have internal bleeding causing severe nausea and even vomiting (sometimes bloody)
  • Diarrhea– Your intestinal walls are being cooked and little holes (perforations) occur and may cause bloody diarrhea
  • Skin Burns or Rashes – You may notice skin redness, tenderness, pain, inflammation or irritation. 
  • Joint or Muscle Pain – It weakens the proteins bonds that keep your muscles and joints strong and in place
  • Lowered Immunity – You are now more susceptible to flu viruses and bacterial infections as your white blood cells are wiped out
  • Reproductive Problems – Low Sperm count, infertility in men and women.

There is plenty you can do to prevent any of the more serious side effects of radiation exposure from any source that will be discussed below, along with ways to protect yourself effectively against radiation sickness or poisoning.


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Radiation Hazard

Everyone should know that radiation causes cancer not cures it! it can make you sicker than a dog, damage your DNA, wipe out your protective immune system and fry your brain! Here are the types of radiation hazard dangers you should limit or avoid:

  • Solar Radiation (between 10 am and 3 pm on bright sunny days)
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (WiFi devices, phones, Smart Meters, Airport Scanners)
  • Cell Phone Radiation (the most common type of EMF Radiation)
  • Microwave Radiation (especially if you have a pacemaker!)
  • Nuclear Radiation (from nuclear spills, accidents and industry processing)
  • Medical Radiation (cancer radiation treatments, X-Rays)

You can see the details of each type and how to avoid, protect or detox from these radiation hazards.


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Solar Radiation

The most common type of radiation you encounter is a natural type called Solar Radiation. You can get a sunburn from being outside without proper clothing or shielding on a bright sunny day, particularly between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm on bright sunny days or during high UV (ultraviolet) radiation days. I love being outside myself and limit direct sunlight on my skin to 20 minutes during these times. This type is usually the least harmful to human health long-term although you can get a severe sunburn if you stay exposed too long. Choose loose protective clothing that covers your body well yet allows your skin to breathe.


Use a wide brimmed hat or cap. You do need some direct sunlight on your skin as it creates a healthy hormone called melatonin which is your internal body clock that allows you to sleep well. It also created natural vitamin D and D3. Be careful with sunscreens as most of them actually cause more cancer than you will get from direct sunlight. There are natural formulas that are much safer that don't cause cancer. You can use a good chemical free Natural Sunscreen to prevent yourself from looking like a human lobster, and avoiding the very real pain and skin damage.


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What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

What is Electromagnetic Radiation or EMF Radiation? The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is now classifying the Electromagnetic Radiation as a carcinogenic (cancer causing agent.) They are now advising either people to use EMF Protection products to shield excess radiation exposure and avoid close contact. Use or Hold any WiFi or Wireless devices as far away from your body, particularly your brain as humanly possible. EMF radiation includes WiFi or wireless devices including phones, printers, Bluetooth devices, speakers, Smart Meters and even phone towers you see all over the place now, sometimes disguised as pine trees! lol.  


If you're not sure if how much EMF radiation you are being exposed to at home or at your office you can simply test it yourself and know for sure. Get a simple Home EMF Tester to see how much EMF Radiation is being blasted out through your cell phone, and WiFi devices at home. It can literally be frying your brain! It is also highly recommended to limit your usage as much as possible or use some protective EMF protections devices to keep the EMF and microwave radiation flowing through you instead of being absorbed into you. Since Cell Phones are the most common EMF radiation device we use, it requires the most attention. 


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Cell Phone Radiation Protection

You need cell phone radiation protection if you live anywhere other than possibly the arctic regions or deep in a jungle! I use my cell phone quite a bit, and have learned to use speakerphone as much as possible. Bluetooth is better than holding your cell phone right next to your head though. Using an earthing pad (grounding mat) or cell phone shielding device is best. I work on my computer most of the day and have found that the electromagnetic radiation is pretty high, as I have a lot of WiFi devices around. See EMF Protection for Cell Phone Protection and WiFi device protection for you and your home or office.


By using an Earthing Pad, It allows the harmful Wireless and Cell Phone EMF waves to pass through me without me being an antennae for them so they don't lock in and stay in my body causing genetic damage, immune system weakening or cancers. I tested it with my tester and saw the drop when I am making contact with that pad. I even sleep on an earthing sheet, and it acts an a natural antioxidant from EMF as well as “dirty electricity” waves that come off your electrical outlets. See What is Earthing


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Microwave Radiation

Microwave Radiation is just what you expect, radiation waves coming from a microwave oven or other heating device. They are usually covered inside with lead or aluminum coating so the waves don't leak out, but they still do. Or else you wouldn't have to worry about it when you are wearing a pacemaker. Even eating food that has been microwaved has these waves that continue to vibrate. Everyone knows that radiation from a microwave cooks, the problem is that it can cook you! you don't want to go near one if you are wearing a pacemaker that's for sure.


Once microwaves hit solid matter, like food, water or your skin they turn into particles. Those particles continue to vibrate off and on, for a long time, and do internal damage to your body, just the way it cooks your food or heats your water. I stopped using my microwave years ago now, and have a water dispenser for hot water and reheat things with a large toaster oven or stove-top. I enjoy being healthy and happy as long as possible. 


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Nuclear Radiation

Nuclear Radiation Hazards. Whenever there is an “accident” in a nuclear energy plant that affects the reactors, it can cause the release of radioactive isotopes into the environment that usually end up in the ocean (and in rain water) and can spread radiation for thousands of miles. We all know about Chernobyl and Fukushima and the lethal effects of radiation exposure there. Fukushima is still affecting us as they are still dumping live radiation waste into the sea that is spreading in the pacific coastal areas.


This ionizing radiation can penetrate the human body, particularly the thyroid gland, destroy your genetic codes (DNA), cause infertility, cancer and radiation sickness. You can see an online map of where radiation is being detected and the severity level. I would look into getting your own radiation monitor (Geiger counter or detector). 


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What is Radiation Therapy?

What is Radiation Therapy? It is called Medical Radiation or Radiation Treatment. Radiation Treatment for Cancer is the most common usage of medical radiation therapies and treatments. Radiation is used to kill off cancerous tumors to prevent them crowding out healthy cells in the brain, body and organs. But doesn't radiation cause cancer? Yes, it sure does! Radiation therapy kills cancer cells, but it also kills immune system cells, which is what really protects you from cancer, viruses and bacterial infections. 


Many cancers are actually caused by viruses, so by wiping out your immune system, you wipe out your chances for long-term health and even survival. I don't agree with it's usage or that of chemotherapy which does a similar thing with chemicals instead of radiation. There are much safer ways to do this that actually get rid of the cause of cancer, viruses and acidity that caners need to survive and thrive in. 


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Radiation Therapy Side Effects

Radiation Therapy Side Effects can be as serious as the condition itself (cancer.) Sometimes worse. People are not dying from cancer, they are dying from the treatment of cancer! Here are side effects of medical radiation treatments:

  • Hair Loss – Sometimes it will fall out rapidly in clumps when radiation exposure levels are 200 rems or higher
  • Thyroid Gland Destruction –  Your thyroid gland is susceptible to radioactive iodine. You can protect your thyroid by taking Nascent Iodine (potassium iodine is not as good  and has side effects of its own)
  • Brain Cancer – Radiation kills delicate nerve cells and blood vessels that the brain needs to oxygenate and keep its tissues alive
  • Heart Failure – At high levels it causes the hearts blood vessels to implode and cause myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • Immune System Destruction – Radiation severely reduces white blood cells and can lead to leukemia and lymphoma. The damage from exposure can last 10 years or longer. 
  • Intestinal Damage – It ruptures your intestines and causes bleeding which you will experience as bloody diarrhea or vomiting blood. Radiation harms the DNA and RNA of healthy cells so they can't reproduce.
  • Reproductive System – Low Sperm count, infertility in men and women.

There is plenty you can do even you are going through radiation therapy, medical radiation treatments, chemotherapy or surgery that may very well save your life and make it a lot more comfortable as it can help with the sickness you feel with these treatments.  You can see which ones to use below in the section on Radiation Protection Products.


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Radiation Protection Products

Here are the best Radiation Protection Products that can help protect your body from radiation exposure and poisoning. There are a few things you must have if you are going to go through a radiation treatment or are exposed to radiation in your home or career. Here is a list of the best radiation protection products and supplements that can help you be safe from radiation poisoning or sickness from any exposure to radiation:

  • Zeolite (This natural mineral traps and removes radiation particles from your body safely)
  • Thyroid Complex (This is the best type of Iodine to protect your thyroid gland from storing radiation and causing goiter or throat cancer)
  • Best Black Seed Oil Organic black seed oil (nigella sativa, cumin seed) is a powerful natural anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune system balancer. It heals skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. It has potent cancer healing benefits (even from the medical treatment of cancer like chemotherapy and radiation sickness. It is also good for arthritis, diabetes, blood sugar, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and improves skin texture and thinning hair and color.)
  • Mushroom Supplement (These are very powerful natural cancer fighters that work to stop malignant cancers, and opportunistic viruses)

If you or a loved one has cancer of any kind, then you can also see the following article on natural cancer fighter that help you understand what cancer is doing in your body and how to heal from it naturally and safely without a lot of discomfort Herbs for Cancer.


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  1. If radiation is detected in your area, please take Natural Zeolite as fast as you can, so the nuclear radiation particles won’t stay in your body and tear it up!

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