What is a Superfood?

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What is a Superfood?

What is a Superfood? The Top Super Foods are foods that have an extremely high nutritional value. They have deep rich colors which are full of antioxidants, natural enzymes, trace minerals, absorbable vitamins and health boosting nutrients. When you take a superfood into your body it actually raises your level of health and you can feel the energy it adds to you. Eating “dead foods” do exactly the opposite, you feel your energy sapped as you body now has to use it's emergency internal resources to bring your back to homeostasis or natural health level. 


This has been tested by Kirlian photography looking at the photon emissions (amount of visible light being given off by the particular food or substance.) Dead foods (canned, old, low nutrition foods give off practically nothing!) They actually cost you health and rob you of your stored energy and nutrients you need for tissue growth, immune system wellness and performance (mental and physical.)


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Benefits of Superfoods

What are the main Benefits of Superfoods? There are so many superfood benefits that you will get by giving your body these life enhancing nutrients as much as possible. Most are available in capsule form or as raw herbs and fruits that you can take with you anywhere. 


Choose organic and Non-GMO varieties whenever possible as we're increasing our health and the chemicals in non-Organic foods, produce and supplements will negate some of their powerful benefits. Here is a list of superfoods benefits:

  • Increase Quantity of Life (Anti-Aging)
  • Increase Quality of Life (Boost energy and performance)
  • Boost Your Energy Level (Mental and Physical)
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Prevent and Heal from Chronic Disease
  • Prevent and Heal from Cancers, Arthritis, Diabetes
  • Alkalize your body (Disease needs and acidic body to thrive in)
  • Protect and Soothe Your Joints
  • Prevent Cramps and PMS Symptoms
  • Balance Your Hormones and Increase Libido
  • Increase Your Feelings of Well-being (serotonin boost)

It doesn't take much either. You don't have to include all the superfoods in your diet, just the ones you like the most. To make it easier here is a list of superfoods that have the highest levels of antioxidants (or ORAC ratings) that can really improve your health and make you look and feel much, much better too! 


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List of Superfoods

Here is a simple yet powerful List of Superfoods (Top 10 Superfoods) you can use to improve the quality and quantity of your life and get a boost of energy too:

  • Turmeric
  • Natural Magnesium
  • Organic Black Seed Oil
  • Ashwagandha
  • Matcha Tea
  • Raw Cacao Beans or Nibs
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Oil of Oregano
  • Maca Root
  • Green Superfood Powder

Including these 10 ultimate superfoods will put you at the top of your game and restore the lost energy (and health) that has been sapped by dead foods. 


best superfoods


Top Superfoods

What are the Top Superfoods? The best superfoods give you extra antioxidants you body needs, extra energy for performance, and it has a real anti-aging effect too as it doesn't increase telomere shortening (how your body ages) like junk foods do. Always remember that what you absorb or take into your body is either adding health and life to you or taking it away from you!


Adding one or more of the ultimate superfoods listed below to your daily food intake will literally make you look, feel and perform the way you know you should and could! There are so many great superfoods that we can't name all of them here. These are my favorites because they have kept me healthy and performing at top level for about 10 years now. I didn't know about them before, but after researching them and discovering the benefits of superfoods, I had to include them and add them to my daily routine.  


benefits of turmeric



Turmeric is a root plant that originated on the Indian Continent. It is what they use for their curry dishes. Turmeric extract or Curcumin is the medicinal name for this extract. It has so many superfood or even superpower benefits that it is amazing that we can get this nutrient relatively inexpensively.


It is the top natural remedy for inflammation, pain relief, arthritis relief, heart conditions as well as cancers. Turmeric is best absorbed when it is combined with Bioperine, it unlocks the cell receptors so the curcuminoids (the active ingredient of turmeric and curcumin) can get in and give you the maximum benefit. See Turmeric Curcumin.


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Natural Magnesium

Natural Magnesium is a powerhouse of a natural mineral. Most people have excess calcium in their bodies due to it being added to processed foods (and it’s the wrong type of calcium as it can’t be fully absorbed!) Sea shell based calcium supplements (calcium orotate is the best one) can’t be fully absorbed by your body and end up in your joints as joint deposits and create bone spurs as well. They end up in your arteries as atherosclerosis and in your brain as memory problems or dementia. Calcium competes with magnesium and causes stiffness in joints, muscle hardness and anxiety feelings! Natural magnesium brings calm to mind and body and properly balances every cell in your body.


Most people are actually magnesium deficient and it leads to all types of health conditions like anxiety, panic, depression, arthritis, heart disease, insomnia, constipation, muscle cramps and weak bones and teeth. Using a natural full spectrum magnesium like Magnesium Breakthrough (which has all 7 types of elemental magnesium) and is proven to give you a natural healing effects you can feel, body and mind. It is #1 natural mineral for anxiety relief. It just calms so you look and feel relaxed and in control. It can be used with any of the homeopathic remedies for anxiety relief, panic or even depression because they work on different pathway in your body. 


Nigella Sativa


Organic Black Seed Oil

What is Black Seed Oil Good for? Organic Black Seed Oil is a potent immune system booster and natural anti inflammatory herb oil. It is excellent for arthritis joint pain, particularly Rheumatoid Arthritis because of it’s natural anti inflammatory and immune balancing properties. It helps reduce brain inflammation and swelling, as is the case with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. It is a powerful alternative and complementary treatment for cancer (both reducing tumors, the spread of cancer and relieving the terrible side effects of mainstream cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation sickness.)


It is great for your respiratory tract in relieving asthma and allergies. It helps digestive issues because it is highly carminative, meaning it helps your digestion and may decrease gas, bloating, and stomach pain. Black seed oil is often used in remedies to remove intestinal parasites. It is healing internal organ tissues like stomach linings, and refreshing your kidneys and liver. It helps keep your blood sugar stable and blood pressure balanced. It is also helpful in lowering your LDL cholesterol levels. 


Black cumin seed oil (nigella sativa) is also great for beauty purposes. Since it protects the DNA in your cells and acts as a potent anti-oxidant it good for external purposes like your skin and your hair. It helps your skin stay plump, supple and elastic and your hair strong and maintain it’s natural color longer. It is also naturally antibacterial and antifungal so it can help against skin infections like acne, eczema and psoriasis. It is even used for weight loss purposes, muscle healing and pain relief.


ashwagandha benefits



Ashwagandha, also called Indian Gooseberry, is a form of natural plant herb called an Adaptogen. It is similar to Ginseng and Rhodiola and allows your body to adapt to stress and harsh physical conditions. It helps you handle extremes in temperatures easier, deal with mental stresses and even increase athletic performance.


Withania Somnifera. the biological name for Ashwagandha is an all around body tonic that can prevent stress hormones from making you sick or aging you prematurely. A Full Spectrum Ashwagandha is the best quality you can get. You see the full benefits list and where to get the most powerful ashwagandha here: Ashwagandha Extract.


matcha benefits


Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea is a very special type of tea. Almost all varieties of tea are beneficial to human health, and Matcha is one of the top teas when it comes to health benefits. It is an antioxidant powerhouse many times the power of regular green or black tea. It even has more than berries, dark chocolate and spinach! 

  • 6.2 times that of Goji Berries
  • 7 times that of Dark Chocolate
  • 17 times that of Wild Blueberries
  • 60.5 times that of Spinach

Matcha Green Tea Prevents Cancer, Anti-aging, Lowers LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol), greatly helps you lose weight, Detoxes your body from chemicals, Gives you Mental Clarity, Has easily digestible Fiber and improves your energy levels and metabolism. See the best brand of this powerful superfood at: Matcha Tea.


cacao tree


Raw Cacao Nibs

Raw Cacao Nibs or beans are high in sulfur and magnesium, two minerals that we desperately need in our diet as most people are highly sufficient because of our diets, excess “junk” calcium, and poor soil quality.  I love the beans although they may take a couple of times to get used to the taste. The nibs you can eat right out of the pouch and they are delicious! It naturally increases our brain's neurotransmitters like PEA (Phenylethylamine) which is the same brain chemical that is naturally secreted when we fall in love. You absolutely need magnesium as it is the one natural mineral that most people are deficient in. Low magnesium causes insomnia, irritability, anxiety & depression and other chronic health conditions. See: best type of magnesium.


You can even get this neurotransmitter with oxytocin as a cologne or perfume to help create that trust bond in people.  No wonder love and chocolate go together! Another brain chemical in raw cacao is anandamide, which is called the “bliss” chemical and alleviates depression and provides a euphoric feeling often associated with heroin.  It also decreases appetite (natural weight loss here) because it includes Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAO inhibitors) which also help rejuvenate a person and give them a youthful healthy glow. It's natural sulfur content gives stronger hair and nails as well as beautiful  skin.  It is the “fountain of youth” supplement.  The magnesium will help you build stronger bones (more important than calcium) and alleviate SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Go out and start using this natural superfood today!


reishi mushrooms


Medicinal Mushrooms

Organic Medicinal mushrooms, like Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey Tail,  and Maitake can help your body become stronger and resistant to allergy, infection and disease. They boost your immune system naturally. In fact they are so potent that they can even help your body get rid of cancer! See Mushroom Supplements.


They help lower bad cholesterol, balance blood sugar, ward off infection, reduce inflammation and detox your body. The above mushroom blend comes from none other than Paul Stamets himself (The world's expert on how mushrooms can not only save your health but the planet, they eat toxins, even from severe oil spills and transform barren lands into healthy habitats.) Here is a presentation on how Mushrooms Can Save Our World, and even your life:


Paul Stamets - Solutions from the Underground | Bioneers


They can help you respiratory system and actually rid your body of fungal infections.  Funny how fungus displaces fungus, huh?  It can even promote a spiritual connection as they are earth's largest living thing. Some underground mushroom patches can go on for miles! They even help detox the planet, and get rid of toxins in water, like oil spills!  You can use them on salads, soups or even make teas out of them. Include them in your diet today!


oil of oregano benefits


Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano is one of the oldest and most powerful herb oils from the Mediterranean region. It is a flavorful herb used in many Mediterranean and Italian foods. It packs a powerhouse of medicinal benefits that include protection and natural treatment from viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal, yeast and mold infections as well as intestinal parasites. It is a natural remedy for most all respiratory issues like allergies, asthma, sinusitis, and respiratory infections. 


It helps against UTI (urinary tract infections), Digestive disorders, Candida, Cancer, Herpes, toenail infections, cuts and scrapes. It is also a powerful antioxidant that protects all cells in your body. It is a natural pain killer, and immune system booster. It is helpful against many autoimmune conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis. It is one of the 3 superfoods that I always have on hand. The other two are Medicinal Mushrooms and Turmeric. Keep some on hand for everyday use and you will always have a way to protect against and treat cold and flu outbreaks as well as other small emergencies. 


Maca Root


Maca Powder

What is Maca Powder? Maca is a true adaptogen, meaning it can help one adapt and overcome the effects of stress on the body. It is great to use if you workout or are under any form of stress.  It increases fertility and sexual function in men and women. Maca Root Powder helps you get stronger, faster and recover quicker too.  It helps you restore proper hormonal balance in your body too. Maca can be Gelatinized, Organic or Raw and all have very desirable qualities. The gelatinized is easiest to absorb, and the raw is the most nutritious.


Organic Maca is a plus in either type. Use maca root powder in your pre-workout shakes or smoothies to boost your energy and recovery levels! It helps your skin become more youthful and elastic, as well as have that natural healthy glow. It speeds healing to wounds, enhances the circulatory system and boosts the immune system too. It increases energy and endurance in people, particularly during exercise. It will give your stamina a boost too. Just include these Ultimate Superfoods in your diet and you will be well on your way to looking and feeling the way you know you could and should!


green super food powder


Green Superfood Powder

Green Superfood Powder is a blend of superfoods, usually from wild-crafted greens or organic greens. It includes wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, and other super high antioxidant and healing green energy. It is energy directly from the sun, and concentrated into a natural green superfood powder. Chlorophyll is how the sun's energy is stored in green plants. You can take capsules or add the powder to smoothies, which is what I like to do.


Either before a workout or as a meal replacement as they are highly rich in nutrients. It is how nature feeds plants, and plants absorb this solar energy and convert into physical energy in the form of a vibrant plant of high nutritional value. You're literally drinking in the sun's energy! Get the highest ORAC Antioxidant rated Green Superfood Powder here: Greens and Berry Superfood Powder.


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Natural Weight Loss


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