Healing Frequencies

Healing with Sound Frequencies

Healing Frequencies

What are Healing Frequencies? Healing frequencies are sound waves or vibrations that are being used to effect a rapid healing in the mind and body. They have been used successfully since the dawn of time to keep the mind and body healthy and free from the ravages of stress. The Tibetan monks use healing frequencies like crystal or brass healing bowls, gongs, and bells to create harmonious energy around people's personal energy field or aura, allowing it to imprint healing directly onto the body. It is a source level healing that directly affects the human mind and body, bringing back natural healthy balance in all body systems. 

Native American cultures use flutes, and drumming to create healing frequencies and vibrations that entrain the brain and allow it to bring the heart center back into balance. These two fields are the major source of electromagnetic energy that can heal the human body in a safe and effective manner. There are energy field that are harmonious with your body's organs (particularly your brain and your heart as measured by EEG's and EKG's) and some that are harmful like EMF frequencies (see: EMF Protection for ways to prevent these types of frequencies from interfering with your brainwaves and heart waves.)


Cymatics is the natural phenomena that shows how these healing frequencies affect matter or substance. It shows you how vibration effects matter in real time (normally a process that is not visible to the human senses) so you can see how it works for yourself. It's magic, but a magic you can actually see live.


CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

Cymatics Healing

Cymatics Healing uses harmonious vibrations to create structure out of disorganized molecules. It is the science of how sound waves create physical matter and form. Even the christian bible tells us that God created the universe with sound or “the word.” Science calls it the “Big Bang” as in very loud sound. Hans Jenny was a pioneer in the field of Cymatics, showing how sound can turn unordered matter into a harmonious structure. Look at this above brief video and see how amazing the science of cymatics really is.


It is how sound therapy and healing frequencies works It is a known fact now that listening to classical music like Mozart can help you improve your spatial and mathematical learning abilities by a huge margin. Why? Because it is in vibrational harmony with your left brain which has to do with those abilities. There are also other frequencies for enhancing creativity (your right brain) and your pineal gland (whole brain thinking) for enhanced spiritual connection and manifesting experiences you want in your life.


The science of cymatics and healing frequencies prove you can use specific frequencies for healing. It shapes energy into form, specifically when using healing frequencies. It can also be used to create the vibration needed to attract things you desire in your life by tuning your own body and energy field to the right frequency and emitting that to your outside world. Using it has saved me a couple of times when I felt something was wrong with my body and it allowed me to heal using just frequency. You can learn how to do it yourself using the Cymatics Healing Frequencies now.


list of healing frequencies


Healing Frequencies List

There are different types of healing frequencies that influence whole areas like the Chakra System (chakra is an Indian word meaning energy wheel) which focuses on energetic centers in your body that can be brought into balance by playing certain sounds or vibrational tones. It can be matched to the Solfeggio tones shown in the above section. This is the easiest to use as you can listen to or vocal intone those frequencies to balance those body systems.


There are also Rife Frequencies (created by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife who used it to cure cancer with his Rife Machine) that match every cell in your body, including the vibrational rate of specific viruses and cancers when all else fails and you want to heal from it. It is the same principle whereas matching an exact frequency can cause it to “excite” and explode in the case of a wine glass when the singer matches the frequency of the glass.


Dr. Rife showed that by doubling the frequency of cancer (or a virus) he could could cause the malignant tumor cells to “overexcite” and break apart. He was a true innovator and master of using healing frequencies to heal from the most harmful or lethal diseases. 



Solfeggio Frequencies

The Solfeggio Frequencies are sacred healing frequencies or vibrations created by intonation (or vocal tones) that match a precise musical scale note. Gregorian chants use this scale for their mind and body soothing music and their history can be traced back to Biblical times. It was a 6-tone scale, and it now has an additional 3 tones since being discovered more recently. Musicians and scientists alike know it has a positive effect on the mind and body of the listener. You can use the approximate vocal sounds to tone these chakras:

1. Ut = 396 = 9
2. Re = 417 = 3
3. Mi = 528 = 6
4. Fa = 639 = 9
5. Sol = 741 = 3
6. La = 852 = 6

Solfeggio Frequency 528hz is known as the vibration of love and intuition because it harmonizes with your heart area and your gut area (heart brain and gut brain) It has recently been discovered that we have 3 brains (cerebral, heart and gut) and they are what keep your body in harmony.

  • 396 Hz — Releases Fear
  • 417 Hz — Eases and Initiates Change
  • 528 Hz — Healing and DNA Repair
  • 639 Hz — Heals Relationships
  • 741 Hz — Finding Creative Expression and Solutions
  • 852 Hz — Spiritual Homecoming

Sound waves can be used to create a state of mental and bodily wellness by simply listening to specific soothing healing frequencies of sound or vocal intoning them, which is what chanting and humming mantras like “ohm” do. It's not by accident that ohm is also a measurement of electrical vibration.


woman expecting a miracle


Meditation for Manifestation

You can even use a specific Meditation for Manifestation to help harmonize your thought waves with those that match what you desire in life. Learning how to do this can help you improve your health, your relationships, your finances and your experiences in life. You don't attract what you desire in life, you attract what you are (the vibration that you are actively sending out, particularly your subconscious vibrations that are on the other 92% of the time you are not even aware of them.


When you meditate in the alpha frequency you can reprogram the tape that is on autopilot in your mind so your new predominant thought pattern is now what you want to attract into your life. Having happy and positive thoughts attracts more of the same, as does sending out your brain and heart waves to match your desires.


Learning to be aware of the synchronicities (what is trying to get your attention) and taking a step toward them will activate those healing frequencies in your own life so you can manifest what you want in life in a much more methodical and enjoyable fashion. You can create the vibration you want at will, and use it to attract what you need in your life. Cymatics shows that it is very real and works. They can also help you activate healing frequencies for pain relief and reversing chronic disease. 


benefits of binaural beats


Binaural Beats

There are many Benefits of Binaural Beats. They are commonly used to enhance performance, get into a creative zone, achieve rapid meditation and activate healing frequencies in your body. Binaural tones are sound vibrations that are made to take you from beta level to specific levels of healing, creativity and awareness. Binaural Beats use one frequency in one ear, and another in the other ear, with the difference between the frequencies being what your brain “entrains” to (i.e, 315 Hz in the left ear, and 325 Hz in the right ear, and your brain will hear 10 Hz).


Isochronic Tones don't require headphones, but you can wear them, and they simply pulse the beat for the same effect. Your basic brainwave frequencies ranging from delta (the lowest) to Gamma (the highest) can be matched so you can get into healing states of being. You can use meditation, music or audio tones encoded with the specific frequencies you would like to entrain (bring your brainwaves) to. These can be done with binaural or isochronic tones. 


The Gamma brain wave phase has been noticed among Olympic level athletes when they are “breaking through” a personal record or winning an event. It is also common when there is an “Einsteinian” moment of inspiration. Beta is our normal waking state, alert and ready for the outside world. Alpha is the state of light relaxation, which is great for exam taking, speaking engagements and to alleviate stress. Theta is the first healing level, which is where you are in a semi-conscious state but not yet in deep sleep and can be used to enhance your immune system and help your body beat an infection.


Delta is a state for deep healing, regeneration of tissues and cellular level healing. You can get ready made specific frequencies in binaural (to use with headphones) or isochronic (to use without headphones) that have the right frequency encoded with music or affirmations for healing or any other purpose here: Binaural Beats.


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Isochronic Tones

Isochronic Tones are similar to binaural beats, with the isochronic tones can be used without stereo headphones and is therefore easier to use anywhere. They can be used as healing frequencies for cellular healing (it can promote growth hormone release and stimulate immune system healing). Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones are is an amazing technology and I use them frequently, when I need a creative insight for problem solving, some personal healing, or using them to make sure I get a good night's sleep.


You can download these specific healing frequencies onto your computer as an mp3. It's best to have the highest bit-rate (largest file size typically) to make sure the sound waves aren't getting converted and the effects “chopped off” by rounding off the sound detail. You want the full range of sound for the best effects. You can listen to ready made frequencies for specific purposes like physical healing (I think they even have free sample downloads), or even create your own.


frequency healing


Healing with Sound Frequencies

Healing with sound frequencies is now being used more and more by modern medicine because it works. They know what healthy heart waves and brain waves look like and when they are out of sync (heart murmurs and arrythmias.) They use ultrasound to peer into the body knowing how sound waves penetrate the human brain and body. But, that's where modern medicines stops and holistic medicine uses the full spectrum of sound waves and healing frequencies to promote optimum health and natural healing.


Alternative or Holistic Medicine actually focuses upon the whole body as one intraconnected being. Dr. Bruce Lipton, head of the human genome project and former head of Stanford University teaches that you are a community of living cells that all depend on each other for optimum health. Your brain waves extend 10-15 feet and your heart waves extend to 25 feet beyond your body. When they are in synchrony you are “coherent” or harmonious and you feel healthy and confident in life.


When they become out of sync or imbalanced, you can use sound healing to bring the heart-brain connection back into synchrony. It's kind of funny how it's even called Sound Healing, like a sound or solid method of healing, which it most definitely is. 


You are an electrical being and when your mind and body (heart) are in harmony, you are at your absolute best. Being exposed to healing frequencies gives you an expanded awareness of spiritual, physical and your true mental abilities, including unlocking the genius inside of you that you know you have.


Using synchronized healing frequencies, you become more resistant to disease (dis-ease) because all of your body is working in unison as one. Scattered light (a vibration or wavelength) can spread all over the place. When the light becomes focused like a laser, it can now penetrate and burn through solid steel. I use these healing frequencies to get to sleep when my mind is overactive. I use it when I need to spur a healing in some part of my body.


I use it when I need a resolution to a situation or creatively solve some issue in my life that seems unsolvable. Your unconscious mind knows all and is connected to all but you usually can't access it. Your subconscious mind is accessible when your brain and heart are in harmony and your vibration rate is in the alpha state or lower. Healing sound vibrations are is a true mind body spirit approach to natural healing and optimum wellness. 


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