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 Healing Frequencies

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Frequency Healing

What are Healing Frequencies? Frequency Healing with sound waves or vibrations is a natural healing modality that has been used successfully for centuries. The Tibetan monks uses crystal or brass healing bowls, gongs, and bells to create harmonious energy around people’s personal energy field or aura, allowing it to imprint healing directly onto the body. It is a source level healing that directly affects the human mind and body, bringing back natural healthy balance in all body systems.

Native American cultures use flutes, and drumming to create vibrations that entrain the brain and allow it to bring the heart center back into balance. These two fields are the major source of electro-magnetic energy that can heal the human body in a safe and effective manner. Mainstream science knows this and measures it regularly as EEG (Electroencephalogram) and EKG (Electrocardiogram) waves which show the health of the brain and heart, respectively. Now if only they put two and two together and sought to use “healthy frequencies” to allow our bodies to heal naturally, we’d be “in like Flint!”

But, that’s where modern medicines stops and alternative medicine begins. Alternative or Holistic Medicine goes the step further and actually focuses upon the whole body and uses “sound healing” to bring the heart-brain connection back into synchrony. It’s kind of funny how it’s even called Sound Healing, like a sound or solid method of healing, which it most definitely is. The Heart-Math Institute is a modern medical research facility that incorporates this directly into healing the most advanced cases of heart disease with sound healing and their emwave2 device (which you can use in your own home).


Cymatic or Cymatic Sound is the science of how sound waves create physical matter and form.  Even the Bible tells us that God created the universe with sound or “the word.” Science calls it the “Big Bang” as in very loud sound. Hans Jenny was a pioneer in the field of Cymatics, showing how sound can turn unordered matter into a harmonious structure. Look at this brief video and see how amazing this really is:

Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing Therapy. Sound waves can be used to create a state of mental and bodily wellness by simply listening to specific frequencies of sound. There are main ranges of frequencies that influence all areas of our health, mental and emotional states as shown in the chart below:

brain wave frequencies

The Gamma brain wave phase has been noticed among Olympic level athletes when they are “breaking through” a personal record or winning an event. It is also common when there is an “Einsteinian” moment of inspiration. Beta is our normal waking state, alert and ready for the outside world. Alpha is the state of light relaxation, which is great for exam taking, speaking engagements and to alleviate stress.

Theta is the first healing level, which is where you are in a semi-conscious state but not yet in deep sleep and can be used to enhance your immune system and help your body beat an infection. Delta is a state for deep healing, regeneration of tissues and cellular level healing. You can get a Brainwave Mind Machine that has headphones and flashing LED’s that will create these states in you. The fastest way to meditate and get into the desired states you want to (sleep, learning, energy, meditation, lucidity, etc).

binaural tones

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats or Tones are sound vibrations that are made to take you from beta level to specific levels of healing, creativity and awareness. Binaural Beats use one frequency in one ear, and another in the other ear, with the difference between the frequencies being what your brain “entrains” to (i.e, 315hz in the left ear, and 325hz in the right ear, and your brain will hear 10hz).  Isochronic Tones don’t require headphones, but you can wear them, and they simply pulse the beat for the same effect.

They typically start “where you are” and take you to “where you want to be.” They ramp up or down within a few minutes to a desired state so your brain and heart can “lock” onto those vibrations and match them. Once they do that, your body will match that state and you can get your desired results, like raising your IQ and getting a better GPA!

isochonic vs binaural beats

Isochronic Tones

Isochronic Tones are similar to binaural beats, with the isochronic tones can be used without stereo headphones and is therefore easier to use anywhere. They can be used as Healing Vibrations, Insomnia, Deep Healing (it can promote GH release and Stimulate Immune System Healing). Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones are is an amazing technology and I use them frequently, when I need a creative insight for problem solving, some personal healing, or using them to make sure I get a good night’s sleep.

You can download them onto your computer as an .mp3.  It’s best to have the highest bit-rate (largest file size typically) to make sure the sound waves aren’t getting converted and the effects “chopped off” by rounding off the sound detail. You want the full range of sound for the best effects. You can listen to ready made frequencies for specific purposes like physical healing (I think they even have free sample downloads), or even create your own.

I use both, and love to get creative and make my own workout frequencies so I can have greater strength during exercise, and recover faster after workouts by enhancing my growth hormone levels and cellular regeneration with NP3 tones. You can do it either way and you’ll have a natural healing and creativity enhancer you can take and use anywhere you are. 

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