Natural Remedies for Menopause

Natural Menopause Remedies

Natural Remedies for Menopause

When you get to a certain age of maturity you will experience some strange new symptoms in your body. These are natural hormonal changes that lead to some uncomfortable symptoms that you can quickly alleviate and prevent if you learn how to balance your hormones naturally. You'll discover here the best Natural Remedies for Menopause that can make this new phase of life a welcome and pleasant new beginning, instead of one filled with hot flashes and negative feelings! 

Menopause can happen sooner (Pre Menopause) or later depending on if your female hormones are in balance or have been out balance for a while. You will frequently notice that your monthly menstruation's are getting lighter and more spotty, and eventually stop coming altogether. If you're between the menopause ages listed above (more or less) then it may be a new phase of life that you need to adapt to so you can enjoy it fully. Using the best natural remedies for menopause greatly help you get back to your natural balance and avoid the negative menopausal symptoms.

When Does Menopause Start?

What is Menopause and When Does Menopause Start? Menopause is your body's signal that your hormones are changing and moving you into a new phase of life. These menopausal symptoms can show up earlier or later during your middle years (midlife.) It just depends on your individual hormonal balance, that is controlled by your diet primarily and if you take prescription medicines, many cause early menopause symptoms.


You usually begin to see and feel the symptoms of menopause when you reach the age range of 42 to 52. Just like your first menstruation as an adolescent, you will eventually experience menopause when you mature to that level. You can learn to coast through these sometimes uncomfortable symptoms with a little dietary changes or using natural remedies for menopause. 

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Pre Menopause Symptoms

This begins a few years before that, and will be accompanied by irregular periods (stop for a few months and start up again). This typically begins when you are in your mid to late 30's to the early 40's. Pre menopause symptoms you may experience:

  • PMS symptoms
  • Extra weight gain (particularly around hips and thighs)
  • Hair Loss or Thinning
  • Growth of Facial and arm hair
  • Bloating (retaining water)
  • Lowered sex drive
  • Migraines or Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility

And as time move onward, you may notice the symptoms becoming more and more pronounced.  This is due to the hormonal changes within your body which will eventually lead to menopause night sweats and menopause weight gain. If you have any of the above symptoms then you probably are experiencing it now. Make sure to use the best natural remedies for menopause shown at the bottom of this page. For specific remedies for pre-menstrual syndrome See: Natural Remedies for PMS.

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Signs of Menopause

When menopause begins in full you will probably have at least a few of the most common Signs of Menopause listed below:

  • Anxiety
  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Mood Swings
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Urinary Changes
  • Bloating
  • Changes in Appetite

Menopause is a normal part of life and you can think of it as being a Graduation.  You are maturing in experience and wisdom and your body is leaving behind what no longer is most beneficial for you and replacing it with a biochemistry that will suit you best as you move into the middle age years. Hormonal Imbalances (some doctors recommend natural hormone replacement therapy for this.


It does not have to be a negative experience. If you make peace with the condition, you can move forward knowing that you are moving into a new exciting period of your life. Choosing the best natural remedies for menopause and pre-menopause relief gives you more freedom from periods and menstruation discomfort.

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Menopause Diet

What is the best Menopause Diet? Choosing a natural and Healthy Keto Diet is the best thing you can do for yourself. Not only for menopause, but for your whole body. It can help you prevent or even reverse diabetes, high insulin levels, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, not to mention using your stored body fat (belly fat in particular) as energy for your brain and body. It actually gives you much more energy, and you lose weight quickly too!


Begin to include as many natural organic green vegetables and fresh fruits into your daily diet. As your hormones change so do your body's needs. Natural calcium and magnesium can help keep your healthy and strong during this period of your life. You need to now protect yourself against being prone to Osteoporosis. Taking whole food based natural remedies for menopause and vitamins can really help you avoid the negative symptoms of menopause and protect you from developing osteoporosis (see Natural Remedies for Osteoporosis)


Also try to include 30 minutes of walking or weight bearing exercise per day.  This is critical for bone mass and overall health as well.  Get at least 20 minutes of daily sunlight (avoid 10am to 3pm on high UV days) if possible too. Keeping yourself active and eating better quality of foods (no hormone and antibiotic filled foods) particularly opting for organic foods can help you have a much better quality of life and avoid hormonal based cancers that can happen if you ignore these hormonal changes. Use the best natural remedies for menopause to keep your female hormones in balance and you will probably not have to worry about it.

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Breast Cancer Estrogen Positive

When your hormones get too far out of balance, your body can become toxic. Usually because of elevated estrogens (estradiol/estrone) in relation to progesterone and testosterone. Some of these are because of medical hormone replacement therapies that are not good for your body. Breast Cancer Estrogen Positive is a medical diagnosis that happens when your body has become toxic and malignant tumors are forming to wall off the toxins so you don't keel over quickly.


It is a dire warning sign, and it doesn't have to be a life sentence. You can avoid and become free from this by balancing your hormones. You'll see how to easily keep your female hormones in proper balance and live a greater quantity and quality of life naturally. You can get a test (hormone panel) to see which ones are elevated and which ones are low. If you focus on balance, that is not as necessary. As Balance is the key in everything for optimum health, happiness and wellness and using natural remedies for menopause does that for you.


Hormones in Women's Cycle

What are the main Hormones in Women's Cycle during menopausal years? I'm sure you know about estrogen as it's the most prevalent female hormone. It is present and needs to be in balance, even in men! Testosterone, the primary male hormone needs to be balanced in females too. Too low testosterone in females can be a problem as well as too high estrogen. Then you have progesterone and HCG which peak at different periods in your life (pun intended.)


Estrogen (the primary female hormone) is made in your body's adrenal glands, fatty tissues and ovaries. It is also present in males in smaller amounts. It promotes breast enlargement during puberty, assists in the growth of your uterus lining (start of menstrual cycle.) It also helps your body maintain bone density and strength by helping your body use natural calcium, vitamin D3 that prevents osteoporosis when in proper balance.

When you become “estrogen dominant” it turns off that osteoporosis protection and you become low in needed progesterone and testosterone. Women also have HCG which is elevated during pregnancy (what is detected in pregnancy tests) and helps keep progesterone levels maintained in proper balance. It is generally not a menopause related hormone.


Progesterone is made in your body's adrenal glands and ovaries. It is the more active during the second half of your normal women's cycle of menstruation. It prepares your uterus for the egg to be implanted. Progesterone starts declining in your 40's normally, and particularly after menopause.

It's the low progesterone and elevated estrogen levels that cause some of the really negative menopausal symptoms. Osteoporosis, weight gain, depression, body pain, irritability and mood swings are signs that you are low in progesterone and high in estrogen.


Testosterone (the primary male hormone) is also present in smaller quantities in the female body. It is usually synthesized (put together) by other hormones called steroid hormones. These are DHEA an DHEA's which are produced by your adrenal glands. They are androgenic and when they are elevated they give women that more masculine appearance and demeanor.

It is necessary in smaller amounts and helps a woman with her libido, energy levels bone and muscle density and strength as well as sensitivity to sexual stimulation. When it is in proper balance it will keep estrogen in check and help you avoid the negative consequences of menopause symptoms. 

Your total estrogen and progesterone is lower as you get to midlife years. However its the balance relative to each other that is the issue. Your estrogen is higher than progesterone so that needs to be balanced to not be affected by the negative side effects of menopause symptoms and risk factors (like elevated estrogen related cancers.) That's where using the best natural remedies for menopause come in and save your day.

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Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

You can be pretty sure that your hormones are not in balance when you start experiencing negative body changes suddenly appearing. These can happen at any age, but most commonly towards your midlife years. Here are the most common Female Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms during the menopausal years:

  • Acne (particularly cystic acne)
  • Brittle Nails
  • Increasing Abdominal Fat
  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
  • Mood Swings
  • Hair Loss or Increased Facial and Body Hair
  • Chronic Headaches and Inability to Concentrate
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Bloating
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Breast Tenderness or Swelling 
  • Fibrocystic Breasts
  • Persistent Insomnia
  • Gallstones
  • Cervical Dysplasia (abnormal PAP tests)
  • Decreased Sexual Stimulation and Drive

If you are experiencing any of the above female hormone imbalances then you should start using natural remedies for menopause to balance your hormones and stay healthy and as happy as possible. 

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Treating Menopause Symptoms

Treating Menopause Symptoms Naturally. The best way to get through menopause is to keep your hormones in balance and keep the vitamins and minerals (particularly full spectrum magnesium) your body needs at sufficient levels to prevent more serious conditions like osteoporosis and even cancers. You don't need risky and harmful treatments like female hormone replacement therapy (HRT.) Natural remedies for menopause can really help you feel balanced again.


There are plenty of things you can do to make this a smooth transition rather than undergo risky and potentially life altering medical treatments and therapies. What you do now will affect how easy you get through menopause and avoid the uncomfortable signs and symptoms of menopause. Do some natural weight bearing exercise and resistance training, even some brisk walking can be a great help.


Also add some Menopause Diet foods and vitamins into your new daily routine so you can get through this with a breeze (no hot flashes!) Keep your female hormones balanced and you can actually have an improved quality and quantity of life. Balance is key, and it is something you can easily achieve with some help from mother nature herself by using the best natural remedies for menopause relief!

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Best Natural Remedies for Menopause

Here are the Best Natural Remedies for Menopause that balance your hormones and relieve your symptoms of menopause quickly and safely.  You can take any of the natural menopause herbs, minerals and natural supplements separately or together to not be affected by the side effects of menopause symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and uncomfortable feelings.


You can also use the natural remedies for menopause as they have most of the things you will need to ease the transition to this new phase in your life. Here are the best hormone balancing and menopause herbs:

  • Pure Essence Transitions (Best natural menopause remedies with Herbal Extract Blend for Hormone Balance and menopause symptoms relief)
  • Resurge Natural Hormonal Balancer you take before sleep. It balances your hormones while you sleep so you get deep restorative sleep that is needed to regenerate hormone levels. It also helps lose added estrogenic body fat and weight.
  • Multivitamin Multimineral for Women Keeps your body properly balanced for proper nutritional support during the menopause years
  • Magnesium Breakthrough (Balances your hormones, and you feel relaxed and at ease. That's why it's used to relax restless leg syndrome, nervous tension, headaches, hot flashes, and even insomnia)
  • Black Cohosh (Powerful Herb for Balancing Estrogen Levels Naturally)
  • Dong Quai (Female Hormone Balancer and Estrogen Lowering Herb)

You can find many special natural health remedies that can make your changing life a lot easier. Try using a combination of these natural remedies for menopause, herbs and vitamins will keep your hormones in balance and reduce the discomfort of symptoms.


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