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Can Tooth Enamel Be Restored Naturally?

Can Tooth Enamel Be Restored?


tooth enamel loss


Tooth Enamel Loss

Can tooth enamel be restored naturally? How and Why are we experiencing Tooth Enamel Loss? Our teeth become brittle, crack, pit and even break because of specific “tooth enamel eating” acids that are in your foods and beverages. There are chemicals (some in toothpaste) that actually cause tooth enamel erosion, cancer, hormone problems, weakened immune system, brittle bones and even tooth decay!


You will want to avoid them if you possibly can, there are healthy alternatives that actually help you build new strong healthy enamel, protect your gums, whiten your teeth and stop tooth decay naturally. Here are some of the toothpaste chemicals that you will want to avoid as they will cause you many chronic problems you probably have but don’t know where they came from. And avoiding them will helps prevent further tooth erosion and begin your tooth enamel restoration:


  • Fluoride – Sodium Fluoride is a Brain and Nervous System Toxin that loosens brain neurons making you lethargic, and less intelligent – Lowers your IQ up to 10 points. It is main ingredient in antidepressants like Prozac and also is the main ingredient in Rat Poison! Oh, yeah, it also causes Dental Fluorosis – ugly disfiguring pitted teeth/
  • Triclosan – An endocrine disruptor that can lead to increased risk for prostate, ovarian and breast cancer It can also produce antibiotic resistance, which severely lower your immune system function and weaken your bones and teeth. It also causes precocious puberty in girls, and undescended testicles in boys/
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) – A foaming agent that makes stuff taste bad afterwards. It is actually a pesticide, and cancer causing chemical too. It also causes canker sores and irritated skin.
  • Diethanolamine (DEA) – Another hormone disruptor that causes cancers of the stomach, esophagus, liver, and bladder. It is rated 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 of toxicity!
  • Glycerin and Propylene Glycol (PG) – An industrial oil that is used in paint and antifreeze, and it can cause skin, eye, lung and organ problems.
  • Asparatame and Artificial Sweeteners – Most are cancer causing chemical substances. And create methanol (non-organic) poisoning giving you headaches,  dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, intestinal problems, weakness, vertigo, chills, numbness,  pain in your extremities, moodiness, neuritis and memory problems.
  • Microbeads – Tiny plastic pellets that attract toxins and can become trapped in between your teeth and cause tooth infections. They also poison the environment when the rest goes down the drain and to the ocean where sea life become infected and many can’t handle it. It also grinds away your tooth enamel!


restore enamel


Dental Fluorosis

Bacteria, Heavy Metals and Lethal Toxins like Fluoride are all around at your mainstream dentist’s office. Fluoride actually Causes tooth decay and dental fluorisis (ugly pitting and enamel loss on your teeth), it doesn’t prevent it. It harms your pineal gland, weakens your immune system, makes your bones brittle as well as causes dental fluorosis. Visit the Fluoride Alert Network for more info. And that’s not all that’s lurking around your traditional dentist office.


You have toxic heavy metals like aluminum and mercury (amalgam dental fillings) and X-Rays which are cancer causing radiation waves that goes into your HEAD and Body! They cover themselves and you with a thick lead apron and, hide behind a wall and then fire away at your head!  If you’ve gotten any type of X-ray you need to get some natural zeolite powder (detoxes mercury, radiation, fluoride, viruses, bacteria and boosts your immune system) before and after your dental visit. Radiation, Heavy Metals, and Fluoride can kill your white blood cells (immune system) and cause cancer tumors.


liquid zeolite


Mercury is a very harmful substance used by non-Holistic dentists. Mercury is in the new fluorescent light bulbs and is so toxic you are supposed to dispose of them by in a hazardous waste container! Fluoride and Mercury in particular, destroy brain cells, and lower your IQ substantially. Luckily the zeolite powder mentioned above gets rid of radiation, mercury and fluoride too!


These harmful chemicals clog up your pineal gland (where you have spiritual connection and experiences.) Mercury, is one of the most toxic substances known to man, right behind nuclear radiation. Why do you think your dentist wears a mask? YouTube it and you’ll find the truth for yourself and make the right choices for you and your family’s health and life.


mercury fillings


Mercury Fillings

There is another big problem with the methods they are using, and people are paying for it with their teeth, not to mention their lives as well! Amalgam Mercury Fillings are harmful to not only your teeth, but also your immune system and your brain. Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that you are supposed to call poison control or hazmat if you break a thermometer or fluorescent bulb.


It is a brain and nervous system poison, so I highly suggest you get them out if you have them. You can replace them with healthier and better looking enamel fillings.  I know a few people that have had relatives pass on, because of bad reactions to the chemicals they use (you can even smell how terrible it smells when you walk in to a traditional dentist’s office).



Mercury Removal

Make sure you choose a safe Mercury Removal. Before you actually have your mercury fillings removed there is something you need to do.  Make sure you have some zeolite and take it a hour before you have your mercury amalgam fillings removed, and then immediately after. Use it for the next two or three days to make sure any mercury particles, dust or gas has been safely removed from your body. You can get very sick if you don’t and it can be circulated to your brain where it can cause Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia or memory loss. 


It will also help protect you if your dentist has used a fluoride treatment or dental x-rays on you. Most people aren’t aware that the #2 cause of death in the U.S. is from non-holistic medical treatments! People actually get sicker in a medical setting (hospital, doctor or dentist office) than any other place. I use these zeolites before I visit sick friends. In fact here is a story of an unfortunate “dental treatment gone bad” Flesh Eating Bacteria Death from Dental Office Visit. There is a much better way, it costs less, it hurts less and you actually feel better while doing it (you can do it at home).


tooth enamel repair


Tooth Enamel Restoration

Can tooth enamel be restored naturally and successfully? Absolutely! Enamel destroying chemicals are not natural but have been placed in traditional dental care products, not because they help, but because they get return customers! To get natural tooth enamel restoration you need to stop what is eating away your natural enamel and use what builds enamel naturally. If your teeth were healthy, you would not need them, and they know this. Do not be fooled by their “bogus” science (a lot of what passes as “science” is science paid for by the chemical and drug companies to get the result they are looking for, they don’t pay them millions of dollars to say their chemicals are not safe.


You can research it for yourself online and find out the truth about mercury, radiation and fluoride safety. In fact there is a warning on toothpaste “Do Not Swallow! Call poison control center immediately if swallowed.” Safe? Yeah right! Stop using any toothpaste with fluoride in it. There are better and safer fluoride free toothpastes that actually strengthen your teeth instead of weakening them like fluoride does. Also make sure to get the fluoride out by using a zeolite based Pure Effect Filters!


holistic dentist


Tooth Enamel Repair

A good holistic dentist is one that uses natural and non-toxic methods that encourage natural bone growth and tooth enamel repair and restoration. They only use things that are beneficial for your teeth and whole body and nothing else. If you have mercury amalgam fillings (the metal ones) you should visit a holistic dentist and have them safely removed as soon as you can, as you are poisoning your whole body. Alkaline is key to healing, and things like natural toothpaste, oral probiotics and drinking alkaline water daily will help restore your tooth enamel naturally!


Once they are removed you can begin to remineralize your natural tooth enamel and encourage gum growth as well. One natural supplement that will help you grow tooth enamel is neem oil. Neem has been used for centuries in India, and their teeth are better in general than most “modernized” dentistry. Your tooth enamel protects your tooth as well as your immune system, brain and healthy digestion.


woman with beautiful teeth


How To Restore Tooth Enamel

How to Restore Tooth Enamel. You most certainly can restore your natural healthy tooth enamel by choosing a new toothpaste and toothbrush that make it simple but very effective. Most traditional toothpaste has things like fluoride and glycerin that actually eat away your enamel and destroy your immune system. Not only does it help you restore your teeth enamel, but it helps make your teeth whiter, stronger, freshens your breath long-term, and even boosts your natural immunity (immunity starts in your mouth!)


The best way to restore tooth enamel naturally is to start by using an ionic toothbrush, with an enamel remineralizing toothpaste, then use a drop of neem enamelizer. In between brushing use oral probiotics to keep your mouth in the correct PH and filled with healthy bacteria that will allow your enamel to heal naturally. Use the following holistic dental care products and restore tooth enamel naturally:


  • Neem Enamalizer (You only need 1 drop!)
  • Jade Remineralizing Whitening Immunity Toothpaste Enamel Toothpaste (Natural Enamel Building Minerals Rebuilds natural tooth enamel while you brush, also Whiteness and Strengthens Your Immune System!)
  • Ionic Toothbrush (Repels Plaque and tartar buildup with Negative Ions, feels like a professional dental cleaning afterwards. It doesn’t scrape off healthy enamel like an ordinary toothbrush, it actually protects it instead)
  • Evora Plus (This is highly recommended – You use this after the other 3 supplements. It coats your teeth with healthy probiotics that don’t allow unhealthy, plaque and gingivitis causing pathogens to take hold, and it freshens, and whitens your teeth too, pretty cool huh?)


tooth enamel repair


Enamel Toothpaste

Choose a natural Enamel Toothpaste that has a small particle size that is able to coat your teeth with natural tooth enamel. This is the easiest approach to natural tooth enamel repair because it’s something that you can do normally many times a day. The more you do it (you don’t need many strokes, just contact and simple brushing, ionic toothbrush preferred) the faster you build healthier tooth enamel and strong teeth for now and the future!


Jade Enamel toothpaste (has no harmful additives like Glycerin, Fluoride, Triclosan, SLS, Artifical Sweeteners, Propylene Glycol, DEA, or Microbeads) and is one of the best, because it has natural tooth enamel minerals that are small enough to get into your tooth and deposit, making new hard tooth enamel. It also brightens and whitens your teeth while boosting your natural immunity!


ionic tooth brush


Ionic Toothbrush

Once you stop using what is causing your enamel to break down quickly (namely, electric or abrasive tooth-brushing, mercury and fluoride) you will repair your natural tooth enamel. An Ionic Toothbrush is highly recommended as it doesn’t brush away your enamel, it repels by using ions, which is like opposite magnetic charges that repel plaque and tarter off your tooth naturally.


I stop using my fancy electric toothbrush (that was brushing away my tooth enamel) and started using my ionic toothbrush (which uses natural repelling instead of harsh brushing) and now my teeth are clean, strong and healthy! Just use it with an enamel building toothpaste like Jade’s (as shown above) and tooth probiotics to keep your mouth filled with healthy bacteria (keeps the bad ones out) and freshens your breath and improves digestion too! 


evora plus


Oral Probiotics

Oral Probiotics are healthy bacteria that protect teeth instead of cause tooth decay. If you have these healthy bacteria in your mouth, they outnumber the ones that cause tooth and gum disease. They also make your breath smell better and protect your tooth enamel.


Begin using natural tooth enamel building dental products (wipes out tooth decay causing pathogens and adds natural minerals to teeth) like an enamel building toothpaste and tooth probiotics after your brush (these replace the harmful bacteria with natural healthy ones) like Evora Plus. This has a natural side effect of whiter teeth and naturally fresh breath, it’s all in the proper type of bacteria.

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