5G Dangers

how to protect yourself from 5g radiation

5G Dangers

You've heard about 5G radiation by now. Is 5G safe or are there 5G Dangers you need to be aware of and avoid? 5G EMF radiation is relatively new, it is just being rolled out, but some of the health effects of 5G are already known, with more to come if it does get a full roll out. There are many health organizations trying to stop 5G from being in their cities, near their  schools or homes. That kind of lets the cat out of the bag that it is probably not safe, even though the full health risks of 5G dangers are still unknown.  


It’s hard to completely block 5G radiation exposure from Wi-Fi devices all around you now. EMF Radiation penetrates into your body and living spaces so you need to be aware of it and how to protect against this type of radiation. It is best to take proactive measures like earthing and keeping your cell phone away from your head as much as possible.


You'll discover how to protect yourself from 5G dangers and EMF radiation damage from devices like WiFi equipment (cell phones, smart meters, microwave radiation, 5G towers, etc) you can use the protection devices listed at the bottom of this page to protect you and your family from the ever increasing 5G dangers and side effects.


what is 5g technology


What is 5G?

What is 5G technology? 5G radiation is a type of EMF radiation that is used to transmit electronic cell phone data and communication signals. It stands for 5th generation (5G for short) meaning it is the “latest and greatest” wireless communication technology since cell phones and WiFi started. It means blazing fast data transfer speeds (you can download a HD movie in minutes instead of hours like previously.) That speed does come with major health risks.


There are already risks with any type of EMF frequency, particularly 5G as it's uses the microwave band of radiation (and I'm sure you know what microwaves do to tissue when in close proximity.) The closer the RF (radio frequency) waves are to you, the more penetrating they are and the more dangerous to your health, as well as animal and plant life.


5g dangers


The 5G dangers are because of the strength of the frequency band. It damages the trees it is supposed to look like as shown in the above picture. It is particularly harmful to human (and animal) health, especially young children and mature men and women because it interferes with your brain waves, breaks your DNA and weakens your immune system. In fact 5G is known to weaken your immune system so much that it causes viruses (we all have them) to awaken and “wreck house” in your body.


They are normally dormant but awaken when they see a chance to take over (when your immune system becomes weakened or compromised.) You really don't want that at any cost. Infants, young children and seniors are most at risk because they have lower immune systems to begin with in most cases. 


5g antennas


5G Antenna

What doe a 5G antenna look like? 5G antennas normally look like long steel brick shaped devices attached to an array (with many other 5G antenna units) as in the top portion of the above 5G antenna picture. But as people are awakening to how harmful they are and not wanting them in their neighborhoods or especially near schools they've been disguising them as common objects.


If you live in a city area they will be disguised as an innocent palm tree (see 5G palm tree picture being constructed above.) If you live in a desert area you may not even notice them when disguised as a 5G cactus (as shown in the picture above.) They do this because they know the dangers and want to hide it from you and your family.


I personally think that is even worse that they are creating “invisible illness” that can damage your DNA, brain and immune system. 5G and EMF's can also awaken viruses because they are microwave frequencies that excite molecules (like your DNA) causing them to awaken in your body.


EMF and Viruses


5G and Viruses

What's the connection between 5G and viruses? It’s been known since the 1980’s (Collier's Encyclopedia shows this) that EMF waves (5G is the latest generation of such) excite or awaken viruses that are already in your body. They are not active because you’re immune system is working like it should and protecting you. 5G EMF waves use the microwave frequencies that penetrate your body deeply and go into your cells DNA.


That’s why it is so dangerous to your health as your DNA is what makes up every single cell and organ in your body. There are more recent studies (like the above images that was published by NIH (national institute of health) PubMed site, which is as mainstream medical as you can get. 


CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford


5G radiation is an energy wave that can absolutely affect physical matter. The science of Cymatics proves this as you can see in the above video. The research of Royal Raymond Rife (maker of the Rife Machine that matches the frequencies of harmful organisms like cancer or active viruses and then breaks them apart.) Nikola Tesla also discovered the same thing as did Bob Becker who uses pulsed electricity to affect malignant cancers.


Everyone on earth knows that microwaves cook things that are inside of it (or close to it as evidenced by people with pacemakers or heart conditions.) The waves interfere with their heart waves (and brain waves) and cause harmful effects.


Microwaves are microwaves and the closer you get to them the more you will be negatively affected by them. Your DNA is quite fragile and receptive to these penetrating frequencies so it is advisable to keep your distance and use as much protection as you can, especially with the 5G radiation.


5g network danger


5G Health Concerns

What are the main 5G health concerns? 5G WiFi panels exceed FCC safety levels for the general public, I've seen the boxes that say that on the box itself. That's why 5G installers wear protective suits, and why you should insist on protection for yourself and family as well. That means those that are not wearing radiation protective suits (they look like beekeeper suits) so they don't get cancer.


5G technology is spreading quickly all around you now and will soon be in near your front yard. 5G frequencies can penetrate through your brains and body, damaging every cell in your body. It directly interferes with your brainwaves (as measured in an EEG) and your heart waves (as measured in an EKG.) That's probably why people feel dizzy or with a slight fever when in close proximity to these 5G towers. It is close to the microwave frequency which we know affects your heart, and particularly for those wearing a pacemaker it will interfere and stop your heart.


There is also a 5G health risk of cancer. All this for downloading a movie faster? Not worth the health risks if you ask me. It will affect everyone who is not using any form of 5G radiation protection, and most people don't realize what it is and how harmful it will be to them. Share this article to help them at least be able to protect themselves and loved ones against this invisible threat.


After several childhood cancer cases at one school, parents question cell tower radiation


5G Cancer

This enhanced speed wireless technology does come with a really serious health risk. A 5G Cancer risk. WiFi is all around us now and the faster the frequency rate, the more of these EMF waves go through your brains and bodies. Infants, children, animals and elderly can be the most vulnerable to these frequencies damaging their brain cells. 5G dangers affect all life, including trees, animals and humans. Living near 5G towers and Electrical Towers have shown very high levels of people developing malignant cancer.


And it isn't even fully rolled out yet. If the 5G companies get their way, you better watch out for yourself and your family because it will be directly under attack. Everyone knows radiation is dangerous, and what you can't see can really hurt you, especially with radiation. You can test for 5G radiation with an EMF detector, and I have done it and now use 5G WiFi protection devices in my home, on my cell phone and on my person. I will protect my health (and of my loved ones) the best I can, and I suggest you do the same.


Dr Devra Davis Lecture - The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation

Dr Devra Davis – What 5G and EMF Microwave Radiation does to you.


There has not been enough testing done on the effects of 5G WiFi on humans, animals and plant life to say that it is actually safe. There are federal limits put in place by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that they have been researched to be safe and unsafe limits. If you're into reading labels like I do on almost everything that goes into my body (and that includes WiFi frequencies like 5G) then you will see that it gives you a big warning on the 5G box that says it may Exceed Safety Limits!. The 5G dangers are real when you're close to them you can actually feel them.


Radiation From Small Cell in Wisconsin: Infrastructure for 5G


5G Towers Near Me

What are the effects of 5G Towers near me? You can get a 5G EMF tester and see the levels for yourself. They will start off on red alert when you're right across the street from them! That's why you can feel it in your head when you're close to any of the new 5G towers or 5G antennas. You really need to have bodily as well as home protection to avoid it interfering with your DNA, heart waves and brain waves. 


And those are just the effects you can feel, it uses microwave frequency radiation so it heats up your brain and heart tissue (as well as all of your body's cells and tissues) and that is why you feel fatigued. You are being slow cooked. It literally dumbs you down because it destroys your brain cells. If you are next to it for too long, you will develop cancer and have immune issues.


5G Dangers have even been reported by cell tower installation technicians. They say there are some of the electronic panels inside the devices that actually have Cov-19 warnings. Isn't that bizarre? Especially when you realize that viruses are activated (awaken) when in the proximity of EMF waves. 


home EMF protection


EMF Shielding Device for Home

EMF Shielding Device for Home. Your home is your safe place, your castle. 5G and EMF waves can be high inside your home because of the proximity of new cell phone towers as well as the WiFi equipment that is always on. You can limit the amount of harmful 5G EMF and WiFi microwave radiation that is penetrating your home and everything in it by using a home EMF shield or blocking device. There is a whole house plug (pictured above) that protects your living space from excess EMF radiation.


Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor (and hero) showed that certain frequencies can heal or kill. He built frequency generators that killed cancer and viruses with their own frequency, exploding them. Tesla discovered the same thing as Rife did. The frequencies that are harmful to your health are the 5G, EMF, and Microwave ones that literally cook you. I'm sure you know what a microwave does. You can effectively shield your home from these invisible but very real 5G dangers.


5g protection


Cell Phone Radiation Protection

You should for sure use a Cell Phone Radiation Protection Device. Since most people carry their cell phones close to their bodies and even hold it up to their head to talk, the effects can be brain numbing. Use a cell phone EMF blocker on the back of your cell phone so you can protect yourself when you are talking or holding it next to your body, in your pocket or in a bag near your body. Always point the antenna of your phone away from you or others and not facing your food or beverages either.


It is so important that you use iPhone and Android Protection because they act as EMF ray scramblers that protects your brain and body from absorbing the harmful EMF waves and 5g dangers to your health. The Neutralizer (pictured above) does a great job protecting you against harmful EMF waves and creates a shield between you and your phone's antenna and the radiation that comes in and goes out of it. 


5g dangers


5G Dangers in your Body

There are 5G dangers in your body because they cause your blood cells to clump and become sticky. They lose their ability to carry oxygen and remove waste properly. The picture above shows what happens when your blood cells are exposed to cell phone radiation (before, during and after) using an EMF neutralizer on your cell phone. You also can ground yourself while talking on your cellphone by making contact (touching) a tree or being barefoot on the sand or in water. It helps the harmful radiation go through you instead of into you.


There many more type devices available, as jewelry and for health, energy and sports enhancement as well as preventing the most common 5G dangers to your health. If you use a laptop or notebook type computer (especially if you are pregnant or nursing) you can get an EMF Shielding Blanket. It protects you against absorbing EMF and electricity (dirty electricity) by blocking it completely. You can use an EMF meter and the reading will go down to zero when you are between the blanket and cell phone or WiFi devices!


5g EMF Protection Devices


5G Safety

5G safety should be part of your family health plan. Educate your family members on why they should be using cell phone protection and how to use their 5G and EMF devices safely. It can save them and you serious health issues and retirement destroying medical bills. The best 5G EMF blockers and shields you can get now are the Ultra Armor (pictured above) because they protect you from the full spectrum of 5G EMF Radiation Waves.


You can start by adding an EMF absorber to the back of your phone. It doesn't interfere with your signal but prevents it from harming your DNA. You can also wear a pendant or EMF protection bracelet for greater protection from cell towers, 5G, Smart Meters and home Wi-Fi devices. I would recommend wearing an 5G EMF protection pendant (shown below) or piece of shungite jewelry that deflects the microwave frequency.


There are also devices you can place on your cellphone and Bluetooth connector that add protection between these devices and your brain and body and prevent the most harmful 5G dangers. There are other home EMF protection devices that you can place on electrical and Wi-Fi equipment that deflects the waves up and away from your head while still allowing connectivity. 


radiation pendant

How to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation

How to protect yourself from 5G radiation. 5G dangers from EMF and WiFi devices can affect you everywhere you are. They are usually always on and emitting harmful microwave radiation waves all around you and your loved ones. You can easily prevent most of the harmful waves from penetrating your body and living spaces by using EMF protection devices, shields and blockers.  

  • 5G Ultra Armor – Full Spectrum 5G EMF Protection Devices give you full protection for all your home and cellular devices from 5g dangers.
  • EMF Protection Crystals (Pictured above, scrambles harmful waves so they go around you instead of into you, endorsed by Dr. Masaru Emoto)
  • EMF Protection for Home (These devices protect your home from internal and external sources of EMF, Microwave, 5G, and dirty electricity)
  • EMF Protection for Cell Phones (These protect you while talking on your cellphone, the most common EMF health risk device)
  • EMF Shielding Blanket (This is a specially filled and coated blanket that you can use when you want to shield your body from radiation – Good for women expecting or people with pacemakers.)
  • Earthing Pad Grounding or “Earthing” allows EMF waves to pass through instead of into you (like the static pad you use when you're on a computer.) This can be tested to show how when you're touching it while using a Wi-Fi device the meter reading drops down to almost zero!

If you get a really good pendant then it can protect you from all 5G dangers from EMF radiation waves and you won't need the cellphone radiation protection device below. It does cost a lot more, so if you're on a strict budget then you can opt for the cell phone radiation protection devices below. It will protect you from cell phone waves only, but this is a big part of protecting your brain from being fried!  

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