Treatment for Coronavirus

Coronavirus Treatment

Treatment for Coronavirus

Viruses are all around us and even living in your body. Even if you have no symptoms of a viral infection, the moment your immune system gets compromosed or severly weakened, you will be at risk to get a nasty and sometimes fatal virus infection. Most viral infections like the common cold and flu virus come and go without major health issues. That’s because your immune system is healthy enough to protect you, even if you get a little under the weather, it doesn’t seriously harm you most of the time. More harmful strains of viruses like Ebola, Sars, and Coronavirus can make you much sicker. Using natural precautions and a natural Treatment for Coronavirus can help you avoid serious illness and even fatality.


Newer strains like the Novel Coronavirus (nCov) or now referred to as the Wuhan Virus or China Coronavirus (Corona Virus) can be lethal because most people are not ready for it and have low immunity. This mutation of virus was recently discovered in Wuhan, China, and therefore the references to that region in front of the virus name. But people travel and so before people are quarantined, they often travel and can infect other people and animals too. The incubation period for this virus isn’t fully known or agreed upon, so safety and precaution are your best bets to remain healthy and unaffected by this viral outbreak.


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What is Coronavirus?

What is Coronavirus? Coronaviruses refer to a whole class of viruses, and according to the CDC, they’re relatively common. In humans the coronavirus typically causes mild to moderate upper respiratory and stomach symptoms in people with uncompromised immune systems. Kind of like common cold or flu symptoms. However,  two newer human coronaviruses, SARS & MERS, have surfaced in China, and they are causing more severe symptoms like pneumonia, respiratory failure and even death. Taking some simple precautions and preventative measures like natural immune boosting can make the difference between getting really ill and walking unscathed through any epidemic.


Most of the recent cases of coronavirus infection are in China. 4004,515 people there are confirmed to have coronavirus there as of the end of January 2020. In addition, 106 people have died. It has spread to Japan, Germany and even the U.S. According to the CDC, in the United States, coronavirus cases have been confirmed in California, Arizona, Illinois, and Washington state. There is no reason to panic however, because if you’re in an area that it is affecting you can move away temporarily. If you can’t then take precautions and use the prevention and natural treament method at the end of this page and you will be much safer.


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Is Coronavirus Contagious?

Is Coronovirus Contagious? The coronavirus is contagious and spreads person to person, but no one in that area seems to know why, or how. Public health officials in China have seen how the human coronavirus appears to spread to people. There is coronovirus in humans as well as coronovirus in dogs, cats and even horses. It is mutating from animals, particuarly bats that are a good host to viral infections like SARS and through contact to other animals who are in close contact with humans. There is a shortage of face masks to protect against inhalation now. If you come in contact with anyone with the symptoms of coronavirus or any other virus, common sense precautions like covering your mouth and nose when someone sneezes or coughs. Washing your hands in hot water and soap after touching items or shaking hands.


Recent coronavirus infections started towards the end of 2019-nCoV and are getting more widespread into 2020. It’s method of infection is believed to spread like previous coronaviruses: through airborne particles expelled when an infected person coughs, sneezes or even talks loudly. Since being discovered in or near Wuhan China at the end of last year (2019), the virus is spreading across the world. The New York Times reported that Thailand, Hong Kong Taiwan, Australia, France, Germany, Nepal, Cambodia, Japan, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, and Malaysia. So it is definitely spreading.


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Coronavirus Symptoms

Coronavirus Symptoms can appear as soon as one or two days after the exposure to the virus, or as long as two weeks afterward in m If you have been around anywhere where the coronavirus has been identified there will be some signs of ebola that you will need to be looking for. Here are the main symptoms of coronavirus you will see in someone who is coming down with corona virus symptoms:

  • High Fever and/or Headache
  • Sore Throat
  • Coughing, Sneezing
  • Chest Pain
  • Rapid Heartbeat (Tachycardia)
  • Difficulty Breathing (Shortness of Breath)
  • Pneumonia
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Kidney Failure

These are just the most common signs that you may have been exposed to Corona Virus. It is best to take action as quickly as possible as it can spread pretty quickly if you don’t take any precautions. Prevention is the best medicine and having a powerful natural immune system will protect you better than anything else. There are a few  natural herbs, minerals and supplements that can boost your immune system so it is strong enough to withstand any viral (cornavirus) or bacterial attack. See: How to Boost Your Immune System.


Hand washing is important! The reason for this is regular soap is highly alkaline and it can break the cell walls of viruses and bacteria, which thrive in acidic conditions. If you use the anti-bacterial variety of soaps, you get a false sense of security and the bacteria and viruses will become resistant to that type of soap, and will weaker your immune system, the best thing you have to protect you against any viral outbreak or contagious disease like the Wuhan Coronovirus.


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Coronavirus Precautions

Coronavirus Precautions. The Coronavirus can spread through airborne particles (sneezing, coughing, talking loudly) so it’s really hard to completely avoid being exposed when you’re in a public place. And those masks you see people wearing are not very effective at stopping it. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you must keep your immune system healthy and strong. That’s the best way you can beat any new or old viral outbreak or bacterial infection from destroying your health and happiness. Drink green vegetable juices and fruit juices along with lots of purified, and ideally alkaline water, and you will keep your body healthy and happy.


Pathogens like viruses and bacteria can’t survive very long in an alkaline body, so it is very important to keep your body in an alkaline state. Make your body infection and coronavirus resistant by being an inhospitable host to them. Diseases thrive in an acidic body, and simple sugars and processed food is highly acidic, so choose green vegetable juices and a good high pH alkaline water. Get an alkaline water ionizer and your body will be highly oxygenated, alkaline, resistant to disease and inflammation and vibrantly healthy. I’m in public quite a bit, and even when everyone else around is ill with something, I am not! I still can trip over my feet sometimes, but at least I’m free from infections and am experiencing optimum wellness!


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Coronavirus Treatment

Here is a natural Coronavirus Treatment that does what it should by boosting your own immune sysem to optimum levels that can withstand viral outbreaks. Forget about vaccines, as there is not one yet for this, and they rarely work. Actually vaccines are more harmful as they contain viruses that sometimes still infect the person getting them. They are not safe and should be avoided. Instead use what nature (God) intended which by developing a highly tuned immune system, and feeding it what it needs to keep the viral invaders and pathogens out.


A antiviral crystal mineral called natural zeolite is one of the top ebola and virus defense systems along with nano colloidal silver. Here is a list of the top natural things you should have on hand both as a preventative (before you go in a crowded area) and as emergency treatment to keep your body safe and your immune system strong and healthy:

  • Nano Colloidal Silver is a potent and powerful immune system simulator and protects you against other types of viral and bacterial infections as well as cancers. It is naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial.
  • Zeolite is a natural anti-viral, anti-cancer, radiation and heavy metal detox alkaline mineral that strips the protection off of viruses. It comes in powder (the most economical) or Liquid Zeolite With Fulvic Acid, Organic Herbs, and Immune boosting medicinal mushrooms as in the Zeotrex (pictured above.)  If you prefer to take capsules you can use the Zeolite-AV with Humic Acid instead.
  • Medicinal Mushrooms are very potent immune fighters and health protectors. (You can also make a tea out of these like Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Chaga and Turkey Tail, although the flavor is a little rough for me so I take the caps if I have them.)
  • Probiotics are natural healthy bacteria that protect you from harmful microbials that make you sick, and help you digest and absorb the nutrients in the food you eat. If your body is saturated with probiotics, harmful pathogens won’t have a space to replicate and live in. The higher the CFU (amount of probiotic strains, the better it can protect you. Look for formulas that have Billions of live cultures.)
  • Oil of Oregano (Natural Oil of Oregano) is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial that helps break up the symptoms of bacterial and viral infections.
  • Parasite Zapper is a small devices use a simple 9 volt battery and zap pathogens with an electromagnetic frequency that disrupts their breeding and weakens their skin so they literally explode. Your white blood cells (macrophages) then clean them up. That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of alkaline water to keep them moving our of your system afterwards.

Use these natural virus protection remedies for coronavirus separately or together ideally to keep yourself and family protected against coronavirus or any other viral outbreak.