What is GMO?

what are gmo foods

What is GMO?

What is GMO? Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) are living plants or animals that have their genes spliced with other foreign substances or organisms. They do this to have the plants create their own pesticides internally so as to stave off insects from eating them and destroying their crops. The animals used as livestock can also be genetically engineered to bring out certain traits that are desirable (make them fatter quicker) or make the meats look darker so they can sell and profit the most.


What are GMO foods are foods that have their genes or DNA structures manipulated in laboratories to add pesticides directly into the plant. They do this by injecting a virus into the gene (DNA sequence) to make it infect the gene and make it do what they want it to do. The creators of these GMO foods say this is to be able to spray a lot more toxic pesticides on the crops to kill the pests that attack them, and give the plants a bitter taste that stops bugs dead when they eat them. The problem is that it also does this to people and animals (including your pets) who eat these lab created foods. 


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Why is GMO Bad?

Why is GMO bad? Eating GMO foods make those who eat them become sick from intestinal problems from the start. Leaky Gut Syndrome is a common occurrence in almost everyone who has eaten them for any length of time. The GMO pesticides and glyphosates puncture holes in your intestines and digestive tract (the same way they kill the insects) so their own bodies poison them. To see how bad these glyphosates are visit: Glyphosate Toxicity.


Most people think they're becoming gluten intolerant, when the real culprit is the damage from GMO strains of foods that your body thinks (knows) are poisons and makes an immune response against these toxins to try and keep you alive. GMO toxins include viruses that are injected to change the DNA of the plants or animals to produce pesticide and glyphosate internally. So you can't wash these toxins off!


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How to Avoid GMO Foods

You will want to learn how to avoid GMO foods so you can build a healthy brain, immune system and body that lasts for the long-term. Look at the above picture of GMO foods to avoid so you'll be aware of what you absolutely need to avoid and eat organic instead.


Keeping Your Body Free from Genetically Engineered Foods:

  • Find and Buy real food (organic) from your local Farmers Market
  • Choose Organic Non-GMO foods, Organic Vitamins and Supplements
  • Consider eating out at Chipotle (they use humanely raised meats, and organic vegetables) They're not perfect, but a step in the right direction
  • Grow Your Own Food (and use organic seeds)
  • Consider your own food system like Aquaponics
  • Juice Your Fruits and Vegetables and Watch Your Skin and Health Shine!
  • Avoid eating as much “processed” and “packaged” foods as you can

Here is a great documentaries on why we are being fed GMO foods, and why most people don't even realize that they are poisoning their families and lowering their IQ's as well by eating this toxic unnatural “food.” 



GMO Documentary: Genetic Roulette (17-minute trailer)


Local Organic Farms Near Me

Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith (Author of “Seeds of Deception”) shows how the GMO game works and how to avoid it. It does take a little of label reading on products, but aren't you and your family's health worth it? Just say “No” to Frankenfoods, and support your local organic farmer and Trader Joe's stores. Discover Local Organic Farms Near Me so you can support your neighbor, local farmers that fight the system and bring you real chemical free food.


The more we don't buy their poisons, the more they will have to switch to organic to survive themselves.  Let's send them a message and “Buy Organic!” Choose health and wellness for your family instead. Most people aren't even aware this is being done to Their Food. Please help spread this message, and let's clean up our planet. For you, for me, for our children's children too.


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Non GMO Labeling

You can find Non GMO Labeling guides at the Responsible Technology website and the Non-GMO project, and get a free guide to help avoid eating GMO foods as they are deceptively labeled in most cases. If it says “organic” on the label, then it is non-GMO. My personal advice is to find a local farmer's market near you, and look for organic produce. You can also find it at your local supermarkets, particularly at Trader Joe's, which has a policy “No Known GMO foods allowed.”  


Genetically Engineered Foods also kill the healthy bacteria in our bodies and leave our immune systems shot, and makes our bodies “antibiotic resistant” and really vulnerable. Not only does it do this, but the genes which are put into those plants (conventional produce, i.e, anything not labeled “Organic”) continue to produce pesticides in our own bodies gasto-intestinal tract, and that's why you need to regularly detox these poisons out of your body before they weaken your immune system and create a life of stomach and intestinal problems!


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Best Detox Products

You will need to use the best detox products for GMO and pesticides to get these toxins out of your body before they cause autoimmune disease. GMO pesticides are why almost everyone you know has stomach or digestion problems. It is really hard getting rid of them too, as they are bred to be resistant to treatments. Pesticides like Glyphosates in Roundup is showing up in all our foods and drinks causing antibiotic resistance. New research shows a strong link between Breast Cancer and Glyphosate!


You need to detox these GMO pesticides from your body or else risk having a number of serious diseases and illnesses, including a weak and vulnerable immune system. Vaccines won't help you against the damage these bad boys do to your body. Vaccines actually can make you worse off! Best to keep your immune system strong and healthy! Fortunately you can get almost all these GMO residues out of your body safely by using a few natural detox supplements. 


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Glyphosate Detox

Here are the best natural supplements that you can use for a glyphosate detox to get them safely out of your body:

  • GlyphoCleanse – Gets rid of Glyphosates and environmental toxins (pesticides, herbicides, larvacides, fungicide, DDT, radiation and chemicals)
  • Zeolite Powder (Proven Cancer, Virus, Radiation, Heavy Metal, Chemical, Pesticide and Glyphosate Detox supplement, with exceptional results. Not only detoxes glyphosates, pesticides and GMO’s but also protects your gut and immune system from the damage caused by them. It can also help stop cancers forming, as GMO foods and glyphosate cause cancer.)
  • Peak Biome (Restores healthy gut bacteria and your microbiome system that allows a healthy immune system, proper digestion and elimination.)

It's a wise to keep your natural immunity as strong as possible so you won't be a victim to any antibiotic resistant strain of whatever pandemic of the year is going around and infecting most unsuspecting people. Pesticide laden GMO foods are not proven to be safe for human or animal consumption! As a matter of fact they are killing and making sick the animals they were tested on, as well as the farm animals that are bred for human consumption.


Holistic Doctors have discovered that when their patients eat GMO foods, they are always sick, and their poop smells really foul too. It shouldn't be that way. When they recommend that they eat strictly “Organic” within a week they are usually feeling a whole lot better. The same with the farm animals that farmer's stopped feeding their livestock GMO corn as feed. They become healthier and happier once again in short order. Eat Organic and Live!

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