Is Vitamin Water Good For You?

Is Vitamin Water Healthy

Is Vitamin Water Good For You? 

Is Vitamin Water Good For YouI thought it was until I researched it. It tasted good and has vitamins and uses filtered water, so how could it not be good for you? And there is even a zero calorie Vitamin Water so I can get healthier and leaner while getting my daily requirement for vitamins. As is usually the case with these things- they are not as good as you would think they would be.


Is Vitamin Water Healthier than Soda? Yes, that it is. But that isn't saying much because everyone knows that soda can be just as harmful as smoking cigarettes. Most people would choose to drink Vitamin Water because they think it will make them healthier not less healthy. The best way to see how healthy it really is, is to look at a quote that the Coca Cola company gave in a lawsuit concerning Vitamin Water (shown below.)


Vitamin Water


Is Vitamin Water Healthy?

Is Vitamin Water healthy? I grew up studying the Vitamin Bible and Prescription Alternatives by Dr. Earl Mindell, Ph. D. and learning the benefits of taking vitamin supplements. I am extremely healthy and haven't even been to a hospital (as a patient, although I did work as a Medic after leaving the Marine Corps.) Vitamin Water does have a full array of vitamins and that is great. They are not in their natural form, I use whole food organic multivitamins myself because they are what your body can use and won't damage your liver like synthetic ones.


Vitamin Water includes water soluble vitamins which will dissolve fully in the water and in your body. They also include the fat soluble vitamins that must have dietary fat to be used. Your body can't flush these without taking them with a fat source. If they are taken without a source of fat, they get stored in your liver and can cause damage and lead to fatty liver. Avoid these drinks unless you're drinking them with a meal that contains fat.


How Vitamin Water Can Put You in a Coma


Vitamin Water Benefits vs Health Risks

Vitamin Water benefits vs health risks. Well, I set out on a personal mission to find out. I did drink it when I was thirsty and thought it may add some benefits over regular bottled water. Especially after an intense workout or hike. I was SHOCKED when I discovered what was really in it! Healthy??? Look at the above video by the consumer wellness organization as they tear it's ingredients apart.


I hope this video has answered the question “is vitamin water good for you?” As you can see, Vitamin Water is really Sugar Water with some chemically synthesized vitamins added to the highly “unhealthy drink.” It is extremely acidic and disease producing. It is as far from healthy as you would want to be. Fortunately there are much better hydrating drinks that have more antioxidants and are actually healthy for you. 


is vitamin water zero healthy


Is Vitamin Water Zero Bad for You?

Is Vitamin Water Zero bad for you? When you see words like vitamin water, naturally sweetened and zero calories you might think you're gonna get that healthy boost you've been looking for. Filtered water is a benefit and so is stevia if it were natural stevia leaf and not processed stevia extract. The Coca Cola company that makes Vitamin Water has a 42 step process for extracting stevia extract from the stevia leaf. That process involves using ethanol, methanol, isopropanol and other chemicals that are not good for your health.


They also use heat extraction to reduce the stevia extract so it has no calories. It takes away any benefit and adds things that are not healthy for your body.  So, in a nutshell it's better to drink plain filtered or alkaline water. Gatorade is no better either. There are healthy alternatives below that blow these “health drinks” out of the water, literally!


coconut water not from concentrate


Organic Coconut Water

Organic Coconut Water is a much healthier alternative to flavored sports drinks. It hydrates much better, has natural electrolytes and has natural sugars in it as opposed to GMO sugars or heat processed stevia sweetener. It may be more difficult to carry around but if you use it before your you're workout or have a cooler then you're golden! 


The only thing I love better than organic coconut water is ionic water. Alkaline ionized water can be taken with you anywhere and doesn't need to be refrigerated. It is the best hydrating liquid you can get anywhere and you can even make your own at home and bring it in an insulated water bottle (or regular one) and you will power your workout and even improve recovery times. 


Alkaline Ionized Water


Ionized Alkaline Water

Ionized Alkaline Water is a water purification and antioxidant boosting method that separates the normal acidity from water leaving alkaline water. It also removes all harmful pathogens, contaminants, heavy metals and prescription medications, just like reverse osmosis water does. However, ionized water goes further, it re-mineralizes it with the minerals that should have been in a healthy “vitamin water” making it very alkaline, and very healthy!


Disease can't live in an alkaline environment, and drinking alkalized water keeps your body in this disease-resistant state. It also helps your body and brain perform at their top levels as it has the proper molecule size to be fully absorbed by all tissues. You get properly hydrated, much better than Gatorade even!



Alkaline Water Ionizer

If you want what vitamin water was supposed to be, then look into getting an alkaline Water Ionizer and give your body the best it can get. It tastes really clean and crisp, and I can not only taste the difference, but feel it too. I drink highly filtered alkalized water in my Portable Water Filter now, and fill up my to go water bottles with this stuff. I let people try it, and they come over and “borrow” some water to fill their own containers now. 


Do yourself a huge favor and don't leave your health to chance any longer. It even helps arthritis and inflammatory conditions heal much faster, not to mention infections! There are portable units, as well as counter-top and under the sink models for no hassle – just the greatest tasting water, and best health benefits in liquid form.


Tyent water ionization


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  1. 1:18 PM EST
    Feb 21, 2012
    “CAN” does NOT mean it WILL replace, it means MAY/MIGHT replace. All these SO-CALLED advocacy groups in Washington are a joke. Many of them like this group are nothing more than PAWNS/STOOGES for the huge drug MFG’s. The so-called flu shots never have worked for me, within 2weeks of getting a chemical/mercury laden flu shot I got sicker than a dog, felt like death warmed over, etc. So I can personally attest that Vitamin Water does help in getting you well without DRUGS and their side affects. All you so-called advocacy groups need to wise up and STOP forcing DANGEROUS chemicals down our throats!!!! This so-called consumer wellness organization is most likely another drug company pawn/stooge.

  2. I agree with you 100% RB! They are a joke, and only benefit the interests of the politicians and corporations who pay for the scientists to say what they want them to say to “thin out the herd” of undesirable people, according to them. Do not get a vaccination! You’re getting poison! Don’t drink fluoride filled water and get off the pharmaceuticals, there are plenty of natural remedies that they won’t tell you about on the local news, because they’re being paid by the drug companies to sell drugs (whether they harm people or not) and they do! Consider using zeolite to purify any of the above toxins out of your body.

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