Is the Flu Vaccine Safe?

vaccine safety

Is the Flu Vaccine Safe?

Is the Flu Vaccine Safe for infants, children and even adults? The American Medical System (AMA) pretty much forces everyone they can do get a flu shot. If people refuse, they can be denied admission to school, fired from their job, and have their health insurance cancelled. I've always learned that whenever something is being “forced” on you, it is almost always not good for you or else you would do it of course.

Have you ever noticed that the people that do get their flu shots and vaccines are usually sick right afterwards? Why are the people who didn't get the vaccine sick too? It does the opposite of what is told it does and medical professionals who have a spine stand up and say “no” and you should too.


Nurses would rather get fired than get vaccines! Do they know something you don't? You bet they do, and they don't want those poison in their bodies, and you shouldn't either. High Risk and usually no gain is not a good bargain, particularly when you include the fact that there may also be tracking devices (why most nurses will not take these vaccines for any reason) and very harmful heavy metals like mercury. There are a whole lot of flu vaccine dangers and side effects after getting exposed to the flu shot ingredients.

flu shot side effects

Flu Vaccine Side Effects

Flu Vaccine Side Effects vary and can be anywhere from pain at the injection site to very sick. You can't see inside your body and how your DNA and immune system are being affected after your flu shot so you won't know the whole story until there is a big problem with your health. Most flu vaccination symptoms are mild but when you develop autoimmunity or have a compromised immune system later, it is a lot harder to restore your health.


The best thing you can do is to avoid them if you possibly can, as there are much better solutions than vaccines for the flu or any other infectious disease or condition. You don't need a vaccine, you need a healthy and balanced immune system. That is what you were born with and it is meant to keep you healthy as you build natural immunity that will keep you healthy for the long-term.


flu vaccine dangers

Are Flu Shots Dangerous?

Is the flu shot safe? Are Flu Shots Dangerous? Everyone living on our planet can figure out that flu shots are not always safe. But can it be more than a little unsafe and be actually harmful or lethal? The answer is “yes” they can be very dangerous to your health. They can actually give you the flu, and it can be a lethal because it kills off your healthy immune system, the only thing that actually protects you against any flu or infection. See: Deadly Flu Vaccine Reactions.


Flu Vaccine Ingredients are filled with toxins and live viruses too. They can be made with fetal cells as well as porcine (pig DNA) and toxic heavy metals like mercury, Thimerosal, Formaldehyde, MSG, Aluminum and other toxins. You should question why those ingredients are in a vaccine then in first place. They are not there for your health. There always seems to be one “outbreak” scare after another, and a recommended vaccination that is almost being forced upon all of us.


If you're an adult without a compromised immune system, you will get sick and eventually recover if you have a bad flu shot reaction. Not so for infants, children, people with immune conditions (a lot from previous vaccine use), and senior citizens. They have been linked to autism, cancer, neurological disorders, ADD, Low IQ and autoimmune conditions to name a few.

vaccine toxins

Reaction to Flu Vaccine

Experiencing a Reaction to Flu Vaccine is very, very common. And it can be very lethal as well. Are the vaccine benefits vs risks worth it? I don't think so. The flu rarely would take your life in modern times of improved hygiene and food production. Not so with vaccines. If they were safe there would not be an abundance of vaccine lawyers showing commercials about how to sue vaccine makers if you were damaged or a family member with a lethal reaction Always follow the money.


I had some really good videos by leading vaccine physicians who knew they can cause serious illness and compromised immune systems but they keep getting taken down! If you search youtube for vaccine dangers, you will only get one voice that says they are safe and effective, and not one that says they can be harmful. It's called censorship. Watch commercials instead and the lawyers for vaccine injury will tell you something else. They would not be advertising if they were not making money from vaccine makers!


There is a new groundbreaking study showing that babies that got the most vaccines also had the most hospitalization, illnesses and death. The same trend continues over all age groups, ethnicities and genders. 

New study: Infants receiving the most vaccines are the most likely to be hospitalized and die


You need to get these harmful toxins out of your body as soon as possible or they can damage your DNA and lead to autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis and paralysis. I was only sick once in my life and that was when I was in the marines and got a dozen vaccines at the same time. I have never taken another vaccine, and strangely enough, I am never sick since either, other than a cold or allergy. If you or your child has received any vaccine I recommend you do a Vaccine Detox as soon as you can to get the harmful toxins out.

immune system vs vaccines

Natural Immunity vs Vaccines

Natural Immunity vs Vaccines. Vaccines actually make you sicker, less resistant to disease and are lethal to your healthy cells. The same way chemotherapy is toxic to your healthy cells and immune system, but they suggest you take it anyway. They stop your own immune system from working properly. Infants and Children have developing immune systems and can't handle these toxins.


They usually get sick immediately, stay sicker longer, and even have lower IQ scores. It is much more recommended to use natural immune system boosters before they go into a crowded place and have contact with lots of other children, who have gotten vaccines. They are more likely to give your kids “antibiotic resistant” strains of pathogens as well as sicknesses.


Think twice before you get a vaccination, or subject your children and especially infants to the hazards of vaccines. Go natural instead, and give them, and you a greater quality, and quantity of life. All in all, they're a sham to sell more vaccinations through fear techniques. They can't do what your healthy immune system does. Learn How to Boost Your Immune System and you will never need or want a vaccine ever!


is the flu vaccine safe

Flu Shot Alternative

You can use a much safer and more effective Flu Shot Alternative instead that works to strengthen and balance your immune system instead of wipe it out.

  • Zeolite AV – A Liquid Zeolite With Humic Acid that is naturally antiviral and removes toxins like heavy metals, petrochemicals, radiation and is a natural cancer remedy too.
  • Colloidal Silver Water: A Powerful Natural anti-microbial, anti-bacterial (Interferes with the reproduction cycle of harmful germs trying to replicate inside your body). You can also get a Colloidal Silver Maker and make your own for pennies for years to come.
  • Paraclenz is a natural parasite remover which is a cause of a lot of intestinal disorders like IBS, IBD, Colitis and Crohn's.
  • Probiotics – These are healthy bacteria that live in your body, mostly in your gut that help you digest food and protect you from harmful microbials that make you sick. If your body is saturated with probiotics, harmful pathogens won't have a space to replicate and live in. The higher the CFU (amount of probiotic strains, the better it can protect you. Look for formulas that have Billions of live cultures.)

If you regularly keep your immune system boosted and balanced it will be able to ward off any infection without you coming down with illness and discomfort. It is what a healthy immune system was meant to do.

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