Liposomal Supplements

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Liposomal Supplements

Most vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements don't make it to their destination because your stomach acid breaks it down before most of it gets there. That is the case with most water soluble vitamins, particularly Vitamin C, Glutathione, Vitamin D and Magnesium. You need to encase the nutrients in a fat or lipid layer to protect it so it's gets to its destination in your body's cells, and that is where Liposomal Supplements are most helpful.

Liposomal vitamins, minerals and nutrients get there intact, so your body and cells can actually use them. In fact it is the preferred method of most new cancer drugs that are dependent on getting into the cells to protect them. It works the same way for nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids too. Liposomal supplements are  most absorbable type of nutrient delivery (the way it gets into your cells) so you get the results you intend to get.

What is Liposomal?

What is Liposomal? Sometimes a picture or graphic image can explain how things work better than words alone. The above picture shows what are liposomes and how their structure helps deliver the nutrition you need into your cells fully. You are not what you eat or supplements you take, but what you actually absorb. 


You can think of liposomes like empty balls that are filled with a substance (medicine, vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or other supplement) and then sealed to resist breaking down in your stomach acid so it gets to your small intestine (where most things are actually absorbed) and into your bloodstream. From there it can be fully utilized and absorbed into your cells where you get the benefits of liposomal supplements, vitamins and minerals. 

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Liposomal Supplements Absorption

Liposomal Supplements Absorption is being used now for critical medicines because of how well it is absorbed and tolerated by your body. Liposomal supplements absorb better than pills, gel caps, transdermal, sublingual or even intramuscular injection! So if you're trying to protect your immune system (liposomal vitamin C, recover from autoimmune disorders (liposomal glutathione) then liposomal supplements are exactly what you're looking for.


I use all the Liposomal Supplement forms I can get personally as I don't want to burden my body with fistfuls of pills, when a little liposomal Vitamin C, Glutathione or Magnesium does the job a whole lot better, without potential stomach upset or mal-absorption issues. You can definitely feel a difference pretty quickly too. Liposomal or phospholipid bilayer structure (usually a healthy cholesterol fatty acid type coating) is the way your body prefers to take in nutrients. 

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Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal Vitamin C is by far the best way to protect your immune system, skin, bones and teeth. Look at the above graphic that shows the difference between liposomal vitamin C absorption and standard vitamin C supplements. You would have to take 4 times more and still not get the same effect. That's why most supplements give you “pretty pee” but not the best results you are looking for.


Viral Flu Symptoms usually appear very quickly (within 3-6 hours) and consist of a fever (sudden onset flu fever), body aches, dry cough, and extreme tiredness. Viral Cold symptoms are less severe and people experience a stuffy nose, productive cough, slight tiredness, and limited body aches. Both can be transmitted by air (cough, sneeze, talking.) Having some liposomal vitamin C on hand to take at the first sign of weakness or cold/flu symptoms can be a lifesaver and protects a lot of other cells dependent on vitamin C in your body too.

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Liposomal Glutathione

Liposomal Glutathione is the king of liposomal supplements. It can not only protect your immune system from being compromised but it can help detox your body from harmful microorganisms and toxins that lead to autoimmune conditions and ill health. It is your body's master antioxidant and anti-aging nutrient. 


Liposomal supplements are powerful nutrition that protects your body from infection and environmental toxins that may be in your foods, water you drink and even other medicines It is one of the most important nutrients, even more critical than Vitamin C, but both are usually taken together as they have a powerful synchronistic effect in immune system protection!

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Liposomal Multivitamin

You can take a Liposomal Multivitamin, mineral or supplement like liposomal glutathione as it is the way when you really need to protect your health against harmful immune raving microbes and toxins. Here are the best liposomal supplements you can get right now:

  • Liposomal Multivitamins help your whole body recover from daily stress and strain and building new healthy cells. It gives you clean energy and brings your body to its natural balance. It is the most absorbable form of multi-vitamins you can get and you can feel the difference in how you feel.
  • Liposomal Magnesium Some of the main health benefits of magnesium are derived from its ability to regulate calcium. Magnesium and calcium are two sides of the same coin. While magnesium helps muscles to relax, calcium is responsible for the contracting action. In addition, magnesium prevents excess calcium from entering the cells, which otherwise can cause many health conditions ranging from painful muscle spasms, twitches, and migraines to arrhythmia. Abnormal accumulation of calcium in kidneys, arteries, bones and intestines can also result in all kinds of health complications – including the formation of kidney stones, formation of plaque within arteries, osteoporosis and constipation. And all this happens when you have inadequate magnesium levels in the body.
  • Lipsomal Glutathione Glutathione is a simple molecule made up of three amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) – cysteine, glycine and glutamine. Every cell in the body makes its own glutathione. As you age, your body does not make as much glutathione as it did in your peak years. In fact, glutathione production in the body begins to decline after you hit your 20s. Unhealthy lifestyle, medications, infections, stress and exposure to chemicals and toxins also cause the body to use more glutathione, leading to glutathione deficiency. Low levels lead to increased oxidative damage and accumulation of toxins – causing chronic inflammation, faster ageing and poor immunity. Glutathione contains Sulphur group in its chemical structure that is responsible for trapping free radicals and toxins in the body and removing them from the system.
  • Lipsomal Vitamin D3 & K2 Vitamin D3 helps you absorb calcium, a key mineral required for the formation of strong bones. But did you know you also need vitamin K2 to help this calcium reach bones? In fact, K2 does more than this. It also removes calcium from your soft tissues, like your blood vessels. Excessive deposits of calcium in the arteries can contribute to atherosclerosis, which is the hardening and narrowing of arteries.  Atherosclerosis increases your risk of angina, heart disease and stroke. Together, vitamins D3 and K2 make sure the body can properly use calcium. This supports bone and heart health. It supports healthy ageing, boosts mitochondrial functions and energy production within cells, supports cardiovascular functions, protects cells against free radicals, provides relief in muscle weakness and general fatigue and is helpful in alleviating migraines.
  • Liposomal Vitamin C Vitamin C is great for your immunity. But it also plays a lot of other important roles in the body. You need vitamin C for the growth and repair of your connective tissues. It also protects cells and tissues from oxidative damage – thus supporting the health of your heart, bones, eyes, gums, teeth and skin.
  • Liposomal Vitamin B12 is important for energy and for almost every cellular function in your body. It helps with cellular repair and cellular respiration. It is lacking in most diets because of poor quality soils and particularly in those that follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.
  • Liposomal CoQ10 restores youthful Cellular Energy, healthy heart, brain and eye tissues. Liposomal Vitamin CoQ10 declines with age and is essential for producing ATP in your brain and body. It is the universal energy currency of your cells. It also helps recycle antioxidants to protect from the effects of free radicals that age you prematurely. Heart Health + More – While CoQ10 is perhaps most known for cardiovascular support, it can also support healthy function of the respiratory and nervous systems, as well as your brain and eyes. Liposomal CoQ10 begins absorbing as soon as it hits your tongue

Liposomal supplements are the type that you can actually absorb and are protected from your stomach acid breaking them down before you can actually use them. They go exactly where they are supposed to. You can feel the effects pretty quickly too compared to the standard pill from supplements. 

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