Treatment for Hantavirus

hantavirus treatment

Treatment for Hantavirus

If you're an outdoors person like I am then you've probably have heard about the hantavirus at some point in your life. It can make you really sick, and that is not the best time to get sick when you're trying to enjoy a vacation or time off in the great outdoors. There is a natural Treatment for Hantavirus that can help you protect yourself and family if you've had a potential exposure to the Hantavirus?

If you like to experience the great outdoors like I do, then you should be aware of what Hantavirus Symptoms and Treatment remedies are there for you. The Hantavirus Yosemite outbreak has caused quite a few illnesses and fatalities in the Curry Village area of Yosemite National Park on a couple of different occasions in the past. It is not unique to Yosemite National Park either. It can happen anywhere but is more common in campgrounds.


Being prepared for an infection or viral outbreak before you go camping or hiking can make all the difference. Hantavirus has been around for a long time but usually only surfaces because of an over abundance of rodent (mouse or rat) droppings. These droppings can be contaminated with the Hanta virus, which unfortunately can be lethal to humans. The thing with Hantavirus is that you don't even need to come into direct contact with it.


Symptoms of Hantavirus -- The Doctors


Symptoms of Hantavirus

Just breathing the fumes from the dried droppings or urine can be enough to cause respiratory illness and fatalities if not treated immediately. Taking a few precautions can make all the difference between infection and being free from contamination from Hantavirus (or most other types of infections) exposure. Know the signs and symptoms of hantavirus and you won't need to panic.


Hanta virus can spread to other family members if not addressed quickly. Not a need to panic, just take a few precautions if you live in an area where you notice mice or other rodents around.  Know these early warning signs, and take immediate action if you notice these in yourself or family members:

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Muscle Aches
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Dry Cough
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • General weakness

If you are experiencing any one of these symptoms or a combination, take immediate action to boost your immune system (doing it preventatively is much better if you can) and avoid further contact. Follow the simple treatment options for Hantavirus infection as soon as you can after exposure, and you can stop the spread right there.


how hantavirus is transmitted


Hantavirus Transmission

Hantavirus is most commonly due to rodent (rat or mice) droppings that are infected with the virus. You can come in contact with it by sweeping away infected rodent droppings or by a strong breeze lifting it up to your nose or mouth where you can inadvertently inhale it. It can be transmitted and spread person to person, or being carried by mosquitoes or fly's that land in it and then land on you or bit you. Use these simple precautions to make sure you stay safe and healthy against Hantavirus Transmission:

  • Take some Essential Oils for Bug Bites and to use as pest repellent
  • Use a Pest Repellent band to keep them away from where you are staying
  • Take a Berkey water purifier with you (see Berkey Water Filter Review)
  • Keep the area clean (particularly with bleach in the water as a cleaner/disinfectant)
  • Keep the windows open as much as you can (to air the place out)
  • Consider using thick mesh on open air areas to prevent pests from entering where you are sleeping

Hantavirus like many other viruses are spread through airborne particles (breathing in air that someone sneezed or coughed out) as well as physical exposure. This natural treatment also works for most other harmful viruses like Ebola, HIV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, or any other flu or virus that is spreading.


treatment for hantavirus


Hantavirus Treatment

Here is a natural Hantavirus Treatment that can help make your life a lot easier. Begin by immediately using a natural anti-viral protection like zeolite powder and boost your immune system quickly. Then do a thorough cleaning if you suspect a contaminated area by using a solution of 10% bleach to warm water and allowing it to set before cleaning it up. It will eliminate the viral matter that is causing the hantavirus outbreak. 

  • Zeolite: Natural Anti-Virus, Anti-Microbial, Heavy Metal and Radiation Detoxifier. This is the top First Aid Item – and it’s recommended to take some before you leave. You can take a small bottle off Liquid Zeolite with you in your purse or backpack and be protected. Always have some on hand before you go on any trip!
  • Colloidal Silver: A Powerful Natural anti-viral agent, anti-bacterial (Interferes with the reproduction cycle of pathogens trying to replicate like rabbits inside your body). You can also get a Colloidal Silver Generator and make your own. You will have emergency medicine for pennies for years to come. Great for emergencies as you will always have something for viruses, bacteria and outbreaks!
  • Paraclenz is a natural parasite remover which is a cause of a lot of intestinal disorders like IBS, IBD, Colitis and Crohn's.
  • Best Black Seed Oil Organic black seed oil (nigella sativa cumin seed) is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and immunity booster. It has potent cancer healing benefits (even from the medical treatment of cancer like chemotherapy and radiation sickness. It is also good for arthritis, diabetes, blood sugar, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and improves skin and hair.)
  • Oil of Oregano is a natural essential oil that is powerful against bacterial and viral infections. You can use an aromatherapy diffuser or spray it around the place where you are at to protect against transmission.
  • Get a Parasite Zapper electro cleanse device and use it immediately! This is a small handheld device that use a simple 9 volt battery and zaps pathogens with an electromagnetic frequency that disrupts their breeding and weakens their membrane (outer skin) so they literally explode much the way a singer can break a wine glass when she hits the same pitch as the glass membrane! Your white blood cells (macrophages) then clean them up. That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of alkaline water to keep them moving our of your system afterwards.
  • Wash your hands with Regular Soap (not anti-bacterial as it creates bacteria and virus resistant pathogens in your body) and Hot Water after you touch things in a large public gathering.

Keep yourself calm and use the above natural treatment for Hantavirus, as there is no need to panic. It will also keep your immune system stronger as calmness raises natural growth hormone levels which boost your immune system.

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  1. Sounds like media hype to me. in 1994 the 2nd case of hantavirus was found. Although the virus was discovered in 1993, this isn’t too serious.

  2. could this disease spread in from merced county

  3. Thank God for cats! I live in a mountain village. No cases of hantavirus that I know of, but I rely on my cats to keep rodents away!

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