How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

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How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

How to whiten teeth naturally. Studies Show That You Are Not Alone! About 80% of the Population have yellow teeth from drinking coffee, tea, wine, and other drinks. Not to mention smoking or just forgetting to brush and floss regularly. I used to have the very same yellowish teeth myself until I discovered a natural teeth whitening system that I could use at home and that really worked. I switched to Holistic Dentistry and have healthy white teeth, without harmful mercury amalgam fillings.

People used to think I was anti-social because I didn't smile (I wanted to, but was ashamed to show my teeth because they were dingy looking.)  I went to my dentist and got a few treatments, it was expensive but it worked pretty well, but my teeth were ultra sensitive afterwards, and the whiteness soon faded with time. Unfortunately you have to follow up regularly to keep them that way. Discover how to whiten teeth naturally and be ready for those cell phone camera selfies and shots!


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How to Whiten Teeth Naturally at Home

One of the biggest turn-offs that I hear (I'm a health and relationship coach), is that a person who begins seeing someone, that is really compatible, is really put off by the thought of having to kiss that person because of funky teeth. It is often tied with bad breath as the number one turn off and can lead to physical distance between people. You won't have to worry about that anymore when you discover how to whiten teeth naturally at home. There is an easy to do it without pain for dental visits.


There is a new natural tooth whitener that also prevents gum disease and tooth decay too. It uses tooth decay preventing and gum building nutrients and probiotics (healthy bacteria) that are normally found in the mouth that not only displace the harmful bacteria (the ones that cause gum and tooth decay, and make your breath smell like a dragon's lair) but they produce natural hydrogen peroxide, which is nature's tooth whitener. You will discover how to whiten teeth naturally at home now!


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Building Healthy Teeth

Building healthy teeth can improve not only your smile but your whole body health. Healthy teeth and gums can help prevent heart attacks as they are related. Harmful bacteria can slowly poison your body and spread to your heart, which then circulates this infection body wide. That's one reason why you have chronic infection and inflammation in many areas of your body. Proper dental health is so important to your complete health.


How to whiten teeth naturally and build a healthy smile? You can use a tooth decay prevention and oral health protective nutrients like those in Steel Bite to keep your teeth and gums healthy and white. Here are the benefits of probiotics for oral health:

  • Whitens Your Teeth
  • Freshens Your Breath
  • Tooth Enamel Repair
  • Prevents Tooth Decay
  • Prevents Gingivitis
  • Reduces Digestive Discomfort
  • Natural Antioxidant
  • Helps Prevent Inflammation
  • Boosts Your Immune System

Thanks to modern technology you can get dental office results in the privacy of your own home! Whitening your teeth can not only improve your health (it also kills tooth bacteria, and can improve heart health) but it can improve your relationships and self-confidence. Imagine being on the spot to speak, with yellow or green teeth! You can learn how to whiten teeth naturally and build a strong healthy smile for the long-term by using the natural tooth whitening and strengthening oral health remedies shown below.


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Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut Oil is showing great results for healthy and whiter teeth naturally. The benefits of coconut oil pulling are for whiter teeth, fresher breath, preventing tooth decay, gum disease, gingivitis and oral cancer prevention. Coconut Oil Pulling Kit (pictured above) is easy to use at home, all you need is organic virgin unprocessed coconut oil  and a sprinkle of baking soda if you have it. Here are the most common Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits:

  • Whitens Teeth Naturally
  • Freshens Your Breath
  • Prevents and Helps Heal Cavities
  • Prevents Oral Bacterial Infection
  • Prevents Fungal Infections
  • Helps Stop Bleeding Gums
  • Helps Stop Gingivitis and Gum Disease
  • Helps Prevent Tooth Decay and Cracked Teeth
  • Helps Prevent TMJ
  • Prevents Dryness of the Lips, Mouth and Throat
  • Helps with Sinus Problems (Sinusitis)
  • Helps Prevent Headaches and Migraines
  • Helps Prevent Allergies
  • Promotes Clearer and Smoother Skin
  • Improves Menstrual Cycles
  • Increases Energy
  • Improves Sleep
  • Natural Oral Cancer Preventative
  • Helps with Weight Loss with Regular Use

If you want to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath and keep unhealthy bacteria from causing tooth decay then you can do coconut oil pulling a few times per week and you're good. I like doing it everyday as I made oral health a priority in my life.


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Best Teeth Whitening Products

The best teeth whitening products are ones that are demonstrate how to whiten teeth naturally and safely and also improve your overall oral health. They should be natural, fluoride and chemical free and have healthy oral probiotics in them so they prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Here are the best tooth whitening products that not only quickly whiten your teeth and remineralize your teeth but also improve your oral and whole body health and prevent future painful and expensive dental visits. Here is how to whiten teeth naturally at home: 

  • Oral Probiotics. Regularly use oral probiotics like ProDentim to prevent and heal from tooth enamel loss, cavities, gingivitis, cavities, abscesses and build stronger teeth and gums. Also freshens your breath naturally!
  • Essential Oil Whitening Enamel Building Toothpaste (Rebuilds healthy tooth enamel and whitens your teeth and removes harmful tooth decaying bacteria, naturally freshens your breath with organic essential oils)
  • Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening (Whitens Your Teeth, Freshens Your Breath, Boost Your Immune System)
  • Ionic Toothbrush (Doesn't erode tooth enamel like an electronic toothbrush, but removes plaque ionically. I haven't needed a tooth cleaning in years since using this toothbrush! It's proven over 3 times more effective and removing plaque and even tartar than an electric toothbrush or traditional toothbrush)
  • Steel Bite Pro is a holistic nutritional supplement that makes your saliva highly anti-bacterial so it stops your tooth infection immediately. It also provides pain relief, rebuilds healthy gums, strengthens loose teeth and reverses tooth decay naturally. It will make your teeth healthy and strong and white too. You will feel the results quickly and you will be amazed how fast it works, and the fact that it actually works! It rebuilds a healthy oral environment with restored gum line and teeth strong as “steel.”

Using these natural dental health products you will learn how to whiten teeth naturally at home. You will know how to whiten teeth naturally. It brings you dazzling whiter teeth, kissing fresh breath, and improved oral health. Imagine how you will look and feel with healthy whiter teeth!


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