How to Reverse Gray Hair

Reverse Gray Hair Naturally

How to Reverse Gray Hair

Graying hair is a normal part of getting older, or is it? Although some people experience premature graying that happens as early as twenty years of age. If you do nothing to stop it, your hair will absolutely turn gray, it is inevitable! How to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally? There is a lot of new natural remedies like little known herbs from around the world, specific minerals and essential oils that can delay premature graying and even reverse the most common causes of gray hair in men and women. If you also have hair loss you may want to look at Natural Remedies for Hair Growth as well.

I use the words “grey” or “gray” interchangeably here as they have the same meaning even though people tend to spell them differently. People have used either word for a long time now so they will be used here (both words) because people are searching using both words.


So what causes your hair to become prematurely gray or even turn grey over your adult lifetime? So how to reverse gray hair naturally? There are specific reasons why your hair starts turning gray and the most common causes for gray hair will be shown below along with the best method to restore your natural hair color. It really works too.


causes of graying hair


Why Hair Turns Gray

You need to know Why Hair Turns Gray and what you can do to prevent if from happening to you, or even to reverse it naturally if it is going rampant in your hair. As show above, uncontrolled stress is a direct cause that turns your hair grey much faster than it should. Stress lowers your natural melanin and catalase levels and hydrogen peroxide takes over and makes you look older than you should look.


Nothing wrong with it if you want the “mature look” but a lot of people (myself included) wanted to learn how to reverse gray hair naturally. Some people can pull off the gray hair with style like Sean Connery, George Clooney or Meryl Streep. High stress levels turns those hair color protecting enzymes off and you get sandblasted with almost instant gray. Here are the leading causes of graying hair:

  • High Stress Levels
  • Anxiety
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Buildup 
  • Lowered Melanin Production
  • Low Catalase Levels
  • Smoking
  • Prescription Medications, particularly Chemotherapy (a cancer causing treatment) will make you go gray a lot quicker and even cause it to fall out
  • Vitamin Deficiency (particularly the B Vitamins)

Most of us have some form of stress in our lives, unless we live life as hermits. Here's what you can do right now to not only prevent but revere a head full (or graying roots) and look the way you choose to. Begin with essential oils for grey hair that you gently massage into your graying areas. They influence your melanin to produce more cells and break up hydrogen peroxide so it moves out of your hair follicles. 


supplement for stress relief


Stress and Gray Hair

Stress and Gray Hair? Almost everyone now is aware that stress causes a lot of problems in your life. It can damage relationships, hurt your career and wreck your health, and in this case cause your hair to turn gray and even fall out. This is due to the hormonal imbalances caused by unresolved stress. Hormones like cortisol (the stress hormone) turn off your youth hormones (growth hormone) to try and protect you from a perceived danger (fight, flight or fright syndrome.) Working out can help if you do it daily. You can also use a natural supplement for stress relief called Stress and Cortisol Relief (pictured above) that stops cortisol from causing chronic health problems and turning your hair grey prematurely.


If you want to discover the best way how to reverse gray hair naturally and keep your hair as thick, full and natural color as possible, you must get your stress levels under control. There are healthy ways to transform daily stress into a positive force so it will add life to your years and years to your life. Relieving stress will also help you restore your natural hair color and fallout to a crawl.


Try practicing relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and even changing your normal word choices to more positive ones. Stress comes in many forms but is something you can totally control. If you don't earn to control it, it will raise your cortisol (quickly ages you and stops muscle growth, lowers your bone density, zaps your immune system and prevents melanin production so your hair turns grays before it should.)


Melanin is a pigment in your skin and hair that is needed to keep your natural hair color. When you are under uncontrolled stress it replaces melanin production with hydrogen peroxide (which is used to bleach your hair.) It also lowers the enzyme that protects your hair from converting to a graying cycle – catalase. Learning how to reverse gray hair naturally is now doable and it doesn't take long. 


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How to Reverse Grey Hair Naturally

How to Reverse Grey Hair Naturally: I've been using this two step process for 3 months now and it has reversed my graying hair on the sides of my head and in the front by about 80%. As long as it's working this good I will continue. This is one of the main ways I've learned how to reverse gray hair naturally by using the organic essential Essential Oil for Gray Hair and it gradually turns your hair a few shades darker (your natural color) by rubbing it into your scalp daily.  It gives your hair all the nutrients it needs directly into your scalp and graying areas and prevents hydrogen peroxide from prematurely graying your hair. 


This oil blend kind of smells like a light forest type fresh scent, but is pleasant. The best thing however, is that it actually works! It is best to use it with a cortisol blocker like the Stress and Cortisol supplement above, because getting it from the inside is better than having to go outside in. I use it together with a special herb, mineral and anti-graying blend which will be shown below. You will see results in the first week, of use.


Combine it with the catalase building nutrients below and you have an easy to use system that restores your natural hair color in a way that looks totally natural. Use it with the best herbs, minerals and vitamins and you will discover how to reverse gray hair naturally, and you will look and feel much younger too.



how to reverse gray hair naturally


Herbs for Gray Hair

Here are the best Herbs for Gray Hair. These are used to stop the process that is making your hair turn gray. It prevents the conversion of melanin and catalase into hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicles. Discover how to reverse gray hair naturally using these best herbs for grey hair:

  • Foligray (The overall best how to reverse gray hair naturally herbal formula, with vitamins and minerals that stop the cause of gray hair. It uses a natural blend of all the above hair color restoring herbs and minerals in the right levels for natural hair color restoration)
  • Best Black Seed Oil Organic black seed oil (nigella sativa, cumin seed) is a powerful natural anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune system balancer. It is a natural hair tonic that helps you maintain your natural hair color. It is also a proven natural hair regrowth nutrient that stops premature hair fallout and helps regrow new hair. It heals skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. It has potent cancer healing benefits (even from the medical treatment of cancer like chemotherapy and radiation sickness. It is also good for arthritis, diabetes, blood sugar, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and improves skin texture)
  • Saw Palmetto Extract. Saw Palmetto possesses 5-Alpha-reductase inhibitory activity (same as finasteride or Rogaine, without the harmful side effects). It prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, preventing BPH or prostate enlargement and premature cancers). It helps stop male pattern baldness and also hair loss due to excess DHT in women as well protecting your melanin.
  • Astaxanthin Supplement (Works extremely well with Saw Palmetto extract to prevent DHT from causing hair graying, hair loss and fallout. The most potent antioxidant, and anti-aging natural supplement by a wide margin)
  • Fo-Ti (Also called He Shou Wu (or black haired Mr. He, because this 70 year old Chinese man who harvested the natural herb had a full head of natural black hair)
  • Nettle root (Used for centuries for shampoo and hair tonics. People also used it as a spring tonic, after a dark winter with no greens. After careful harvesting, it was often steamed for a green vegetable like spinach, or combined into soup. Use an extract to strengthen and grow new hair)
  • Stress and Cortisol Relief (How to reverse gray hair naturally by stopping the stress hormones from raising your cortisol levels and insulin levels, aging your skin, tissues and causing your hair to turn gray prematurely)
  • Maintain – Organic essential oils from natural herbs that you massage into your hair follicles and leave in. It nourishes your hair follicles and keeps the melanin in and stop your hair from producing the hydroxy that causes the bleaching and graying associated with aging.)

You will discover how to reverse gray hair naturally using the natural methods shown above. You can take any of the above herbs and get some natural grey hair reversal, although I highly recommend using them together as herbs and minerals work best when taken with other symbiotic herbs.


When I discovered how to reverse gray hair naturally I used to take some of them individually and got a little gray hair reversal, but using the essential oils for gray hair rubbed into my hair follicles and taking the Foligray, actually gives you visible results pretty quickly. The natural gray hair reversal  formula has it all in one capsule and with other things that made it work much, much better and faster than ever before!


People don't even notice because it's gradual, unlike dying your hair which everyone knows what you did. You will discover how to reverse gray hair naturally and it really works. Just use the Maintain and Foligray and (shown above) learn how to reverse gray hair today!

how to reverse gray hair

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