Natural Remedies for Anxiety

natural remedies for anxiety and depression

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human emotion that we may all feel at some time in our life. We tend to feel anxiety or panic most when we feel a situation is out of our control, and we are powerless to act. It can cause us to act in typically three ways: Fright, Fight or Flight. We either freeze up and do nothing (fright), Attack the perceived threat (fight), or Run to the Hills (flight.) There are many prescription medicines for anxiety, but the side effects are sometimes worse than the anxiety. Fortunately there are Natural Supplements for Anxiety and Depression Relief that actually work, and are safe too.

Feeling stress and anxiety is part of our human makeup, also known as the reptilian brain, that helps us out if we are suddenly faced with a tiger in the woods. It can still help us if we are faced with a robber with a loaded gun, but usually it causes us to not make the best decisions. Usually the anxiety or sense of panic does not match the situation and the perceived stress wreaks havoc on our bodies and minds. If left untreated it can turn into full on depression. Choosing natural remedies for anxiety relief give you calm and peace of mind and body.


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Anxiety Symptoms List

Here is a quick Anxiety Symptoms List or anxiety self test, that you can use to see if you are experiencing clinical Anxiety or even depression. If you answer “yes” to any of the anxiety symptoms depression list below then you may be experiencing an the symptoms that can lead to a panic attack:

  • Do you become easily annoyed or irritated, even by small things?
  • Do you feel like you are in a constant state of worry over a particular situation?
  • Do you feel like the worst may happen in a given situation?
  • Are your palms sweaty frequently?
  • Do you feel heart palpitations when you are in a stressful situation?
  • Do you find it hard to fall asleep at night or fully relax during breaks?
  • Do you know that an anxiety attack is eminent, but feel powerless to act?

If you answered “yes” to any or a number or even all of the above questions, then you're in the right place. Natural remedies for anxiety can help you take off that feeling that has you on edge.


Cure for Anxiety


How to Cure Anxiety Disorder

How to Cure Anxiety Disorder? General Anxiety Disorder or GAD is the common name given to the nervous reaction to a perceived stressful situation, social anxiety or anticipated negative future event. Not knowing how to respond to these events will cause your body to exhibit and release stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, also known as stress hormones. This is why your palms get sweaty when you feel anxious or nervous about anything, particularly in social settings or if you have Social Anxiety. Natural remedies for anxiety relief can be very helpful when these feelings happen.


These stress hormones squeeze blood from your brain, and move it to your heart and extremities (arms and legs) so you can make a fast getaway from a perceived danger or uncomfortable and uncontrollable situation. The way to cure anxiety disorder is to realize the symptoms that are precursors to triggering an anxiety attack, and stop them before they even start. 


Your form of anxiety can be general as in GAD, or specific as in Social Anxiety Disorder, where you feel overwhelmed by even the thought of having to meet new people, or heaven forbid talk in front of them. Using natural remedies for anxiety can stop your feelings of doom or panic quickly! 



How to Cure Social Anxiety

How to Cure Social Anxiety? Social anxiety and public speaking create some of the most anxiety filled moments you will ever encounter. I used to have serious stage freight, I even failed my speech class 2 times, till I finally went through a program that helped me deal with it effectively. There is a natural holistic based program that is highly regarded by leading psychologists called the Overthrowing Anxiety. It releases the triggers that cause excess nervous stimulation that brings on the freeze up of a panic or anxiety attack, particularly from social situations or stage fright. The best medicine is really preventative medicine.


Learning how to stop the automatic responses that lead to stress, anxiety and even full blown panic attacks. Learn the techniques that have been tested in a real world setting, before you go out on the social scene.  Sometimes you just need a little guidance in what to do in specific situations in your life. Do things the natural way and you won't have to do them over again.


Natural remedies for anxiety are not just a Band-Aid but actually stopping the cause of your anxiety or panic attacks before they happen the next time. It is a natural method that re-wires your instinctual nerve reaction into a calm and clearly focused positive response instead. Using the natural remedies for anxiety eases away your anxiety and panic symptoms before they cause an attack that could be humiliating or even cause you harm. 


How to Relieve Anxiety


Anti Anxiety Music

Music can soothe away anxiety and even lift one out of depression. Anti Anxiety Music p can light up your brain in a very deeply relaxing way. I'm sure you know how music calmed down Frankenstein! Practicing meditation to deal with the thoughts and emotions that can lead you to overthinking and worry. When you don't have the time or place to meditate easily you can try using brain wave audio's that you listen to. These natural remedies for anxiety and depression bring your brain from over-stimulation into relaxation by using relaxation binaural beat frequencies that really work. 


It is a newer form of positive psychology tools called Brainwave Entrainment for Anxiety. It uses CD's or mp3's that will bring your state of anxiety down to a calm level.  The best way that I've personally discovered is learning to work through panic attacks before they happen!  Yes, that means working on what is causing your anxiety and making an active plan to respond to them in the privacy of your own home, not out on the road or in business or social settings. You can use them with the stress relieving natural remedies for anxiety too.



Best Anti Anxiety Medication

The Best Anti Anxiety Medication is to take a natural approach that works with your body and not against it. There are safe and effective vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements for anxiety that calm the triggers before an anxiety or panic attack takes control over your body. You can take any of the following Natural Remedies for Anxiety to help you not lose control when you feel an anxiety attack about to happen (or better yet, to prevent it happening to you again) in the order of effectiveness by ratings. 


Here are the best natural remedies for anxiety and depression that help lift your mood so you wonder why you were feeling down in the first place. You can feel better now and these can really help you be the happiest version of you. 

  • Stress Support Formula (Best natural remedies for anxiety. Non-addictive natural stress relieving herbal remedy that calms your mind and soothes your nerves and emotions.)
  • Organic CBD Oil (These Organic CBD hemp seed oil extracts are potent natural healing medicine, they excel at easing anxiety, depression, PTSD, Bipolar and even heal the physical body of chronic stress related conditions like Cancer! 
  • Lithium Orotate (Dr. John Gray, world famous natural psychologist and bestselling author of “Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Mars” recommends this highly!

I would highly recommend that you use safe natural remedies for anxiety first, as they're non-addicting and have almost no side effects, unlike traditional prescription medicines, that give you side effects worse to what you're using them for. They can even be lethal! These natural remedies for anxiety depression really work and can get you feeling much better in a short time. 

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