Tap Water vs Bottled Water

tap water vs bottled water facts

Tap Water vs Bottled Water

Tap Water vs Bottled Water facts. We all know that our planet, body and even brain is about 75% water. The fact is that Water is essential to life on our planet. We particularly need fresh, non-sea water for our drinking, cooking and bathing purposes. Without proper water hydration in our bodies, we can't perform at our peak levels, we look older, our skin becomes wrinkly and dry, we get dandruff and keep toxins inside of our body. Disease quickly follows. That's why it's important to discover the real Tap Water vs Bottled Water Facts so you can choose wisely.

You know that you need clean pure drinking water for optimum wellness and performance. The Tap Water vs Bottled Water debate. Is the reverse true, or is neither one a really good choice? Well, the answer may surprise you: Neither! Unless you filter and bottle the water yourself you are not getting the best quality drinking water that is free from all toxins, fluoride, microbes and not acidic water either. 


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Is My Tap Water Safe?

Tap water vs bottled water. Is my tap water safe? It depends on where you live and what your water district adds and removes from your tap drinking water. Most water districts add chlorine and fluoride (they say they do this to help remove pathogens and help your teeth stay strong.) Chlorine will help kill off pathogens but it will kill off your healthy mouth and gut bacteria and leave you susceptible to infections and autoimmune conditions.


Tap water also contains sodium fluoride (not natural fluoride) which is a neurotoxin (brain and nervous system toxin) that also calcifies your pineal gland (which you need for whole brain thinking as it lies between both hemispheres of your brain.) And it doesn't help your teeth one bit, it does cause dental fluorisis (or pits or small holes in your teeth.)


Let's see what is in unfiltered tap water:

  • Fluoride
  • Mercury
  • Heavy Metals
  • Radiation Particles
  • Bacteria
  • Brain Eating Amoeba
  • Pharmaceutical Products (flushed medications)
  • Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Antibacterial
  • Perfluorinated Compounds (Gender Bending Hormone Disrupters)
  • PCB's (Plastic Compounds in Bottled Waters that are Gender Benders)

These are only some of the chemicals that have been found in most tap water vs bottled water. Much is still unregulated, so you're taking the word of the city/bottler that it is really “safe” for you. You and your family's health is far too important for guesswork.


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Why is There Fluoride in Water?

Why is there fluoride in water? Is sodium fluoride (the main ingredient in RAT POISON and Prozac) good for you? There are warnings not to give your infants fluoridated water because it can kill them. What do you think it does to adults and animals? Poisons them slowly but surely! But it's good for my teeth right? That's what the “Dental Experts” have always said right? Fluoride is good for your teeth? Don't think so!


Avoid it in your toothpaste too. You can find non-fluoridated toothpaste in some supermarkets now, and at your local Sprouts, Whole Foods or Trader Joe's Stores as well. People who use fluoride in their toothpaste have to visit their dentists a lot more, and pay them money for your pain. Are your kids getting cavities yet using this toothpaste? I thought so! Ditch it now and let them keep their poison to themselves!


I would also highly recommend that you fluoride free toothpaste and even baking soda instead, because they not only make your teeth celebrity white, but they also prevent gum disease, tooth decay, heart disease (yes heart disease is related to harmful tooth bacteria). This is the future of dentistry, no more expensive and painful drilling just to have root canals later. Not any more! For more information visit Holistic Dentistry.

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Tap Water

Tap water vs bottled water. Tap water is the least expensive of all and some researchers say that it is no more harmful than bottled water for drinking purposes. But is that a true statement? Lets look at some of what is really in the tap water you may be drinking:


Pros of Tap Water vs bottled water

  • Least expensive source of water
  • Removes a few harmful pathogens
  • Removes some contaminants
  • Readily available everywhere
  • Clean enough to drink very short term


Cons of Tap Water vs bottled water:

  • Fluoride (dangerous chemicals and harmful food additives – lead to lethargy, Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's, ALS, MS and tooth decay – you read this right!)
  • Chlorine (dangerous chemical – causes asthma, allergies, rashes and brain damage)
  • Pharmaceuticals (dangerous chemicals – depends on the drug in the water)
  • Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides (Kills cells bad and good – leads to digestion and brain problems)
  • Calcium (excess calcium leads to arthritis, atherosclerosis, tumors and osteoporosis)
  • Lead (dangerous heavy metal – poison to the nervous system)
  • Plastics (harmful chemicals in some plastics lead to cancer and tumors)
  • Bacteria (some bacteria are harmful and lead to illness)
  • Heavy Metals (brain and nervous system poisoning)
  • Tastes pretty bad in most areas
  • You still need a container to travel with


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Bottled Water

Most bottled water is simply tap water, ran through a low end carbon filter similar to that of a Brita home filter. So they are essentially the same. It helps it taste a little better because it usually has the smell of chlorine reduced (but not the chlorine), and has all the same harmful chemicals as the traditional tap water, particularly toxic sodium fluoride.


Filtered tap water vs bottled water is a much different story though. Bottled Water comes in many shapes, sizes, tastes and purity levels. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) warns about drinking most bottled water because of the fluoride still in it! Is it really better than tap water for drinking? Let's look at the pro's and con's of most bottled water (they will all vary according to manufacturer):


Pros of Bottled Water:

  • Greater Filtration than tap water
  • More control over quality
  • Greater convenience – take it you anywhere
  • You can get it delivered
  • Taste is much better


Cons of Bottled Water:

  • Up to 500% more expensive
  • Same great chemicals as in tap water (lol)
  • Causes environmental damage due to processing and trucking of water
  • Added plastic molecules into the water
  • Leaves some pharmaceuticals
  • Leaves some heavy metals
  • Leaves some fluoride (unless it's reverse osmosis)
  • Leaves some chlorine
  • Leaves some heavy metals
  • Removes some necessary minerals making it more acidic



Water Store

Your local water store or roadside kiosk. Is their water any better than tap water vs bottled water? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the water store:


Pros of the Water Store or Kiosk Systems:

  • Removes almost all pathogens
  • Removes almost all pharmaceuticals
  • Removes almost all pesticides
  • Removes almost all heavy metals
  • Removes almost all fluoride
  • Removes almost all chlorine
  • Tastes really good


Cons of Water Store or Kiosk Systems:

  • You have to travel to get it and bring your own bottle (Gas $$)
  • Can be inconvenient at times, as you are dependent on their hours
  • Quality levels vary, depending on filter checks and whether a kiosk or actual store
  • Can remove all minerals making it more acidic (some have alkalizing balancing)
  • In a Gas Shortage, you might not be able to get this (if you have no home filter, then you're stuck!)


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Water Filter Pitcher

Using a Water Filter Pitcher require no installation. You just pour tap water into the top of a pitcher and water will be filtered by a carbon filter, which traps large particles from entering the drinking water. Does it really work to make safe clean drinking water? Well, Brita doesn't remove much other than the odor of chlorine and some of larger particles. Zero water is middle of the road but there are better choices like Berkey, Cerra and Epic Water Filters do. 


Pros of Brita Water

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Traps large particles from entering drinking water
  • Filters some of the chlorine out of the water
  • Filters some of the calcium out of the water
  • Makes it taste a little better, but not much


Cons of Brita Water

  • Does not remove Fluoride
  • Does not remove heavy metals
  • Does not remove all toxins
  • Does not remove pharmaceuticals
  • Does not taste very good
  • You still need a container to travel with


If you're going for a good portable water filter, here are the very best you can get:

  1. Berkey Water Filter (has fluoride filters to get all the nasties out, best value, lasts forever!)
  2. Cerra Alkaline Water Pitcher (great filtering, antioxidant producing and leaves your drinking water a healthy alkaline pH)
  3. Epic Water Filter (removes fluoride, heavy metals and pathogens)

I use the Big Berkey myself and absolutely love it! It looks great, removes the fluoride and everything else, and has lasted me for about 10 years now and counting! 


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Home Water Filters

Now let's look at home water filters and filtration systems. You should get a Fluoride Water Filter to get the toxic fluoride out of your family's drinking water. An alkaline Water Ionizer is a good choice because it makes your drinking water a great tasting and healthy high alkaline pH. The best home water filters are Pure Effects Filters.


Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter systems are also great because they are powerful enough to remove the toxic fluoride that is added to most city tap water coming into your home. Distilled Water is good except it concentrates the fluoride and some can end up in your drinking water.


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Best Home Water Filters

You can just avoid the tap water vs bottled water choice because neither are good choices. The pure effect water filter my personal preference (best home water filter) because it is a lot easier to install and change filters than a RO system and far better than tap water vs bottled water choices that have toxic fluoride in them.


Pure effect water filters are much better than choosing between tap water vs bottled water choices. They also has the benefit of using natural zeolite crystals in it that remove radiation, heavy metals like lead, aluminum, mercury and viruses.

  • Pure Effect Water Filters (My personal Favorite Choice because of ease of installation and best purification)
  • Reverse Osmosis System (The gold standard in water purification)
  • Water Ionizer (Makes your water a healthy Alkaline pH, plus adds micro-clustering which makes the water particles smaller so they can go deeper into your cells for optimum hydration. They also make antioxidant rich water with a high ORAC rating. They add elemental hydrogen h2 water. There is nothing else like it. It is high performance water used by athletes, even weekend warriors like myself to heal tissues and prevent dis-ease like infections and cancers that need an acidic body to thrive in. It gives you far better water than tap water vs bottled water could ever do.)

Here are the pro's and con's of DIY home filtration systems for water purification:


Pros of Home Filtration Systems vs tap water vs bottled water:

  • Removes pathogens
  • Removes pharmaceuticals
  • Removes pesticides
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Removes fluoride
  • Removes chlorine
  • Removes PVC and plastic molecules
  • Tastes really good


Cons of Home Filtration Systems vs tap water vs bottled water:

  • More expensive at first (gets less expensive as you use it)
  • You still need a container to take it with you if you travel
  • Can remove all minerals making it more acidic (Unless Your using a Berkey or Pure Effect Filter)


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Best Tap Water Filter

Tap water vs bottled water, pass on both! Get the best tap water filter you can, and at the very least DO NOT DRINK THE TAP Water vs Bottled Water, use your own filter! I recommend the pure effect water filters if you want a kitchen or whole house water filter. Don't let your local water district do it for you, if they start cutting their budgets, then it will get even worse. You don't need to count on them! I'd recommend a commercial grade water purification system for your house if you really can. 


If gas prices get too high you will be even smarter not having to go out to get your water and avoiding the tap water vs bottled water dilemma by getting the Best Water Filter you can. This is one of the best health decisions you could possibly make! You can also get some Zeolite and add them to any water (tap water vs bottled water) to make it safer. Hope this helps you make a better choice when it comes to you and your family's health. 

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  1. Actually, the CDC thinks fluoride is important — that it’s good to have in water. See:


  2. Yes, it’s very important to them! Not really good for people though, it is a poison that is extremely harmful to human health and will actually cause dental flurosis and damage your nervous system. It does make lots of money for the people who fund their research – the fluoride peddlers! http://www.fluoridealert.org/

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