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Norovirus Treatment

 Norovirus Treatment


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Norovirus Outbreak

There is a rash of recent norovirus outbreak reports that it is affecting large gatherings of people, particularly at sporting events and even luxury cruise ships. It is something that you should most definitely prepare for, because you can take some simple preventative and precautionary measures to make sure you and your family and/or loved ones don’t get affected by this particularly nasty form of viral outbreak. Use the natural Norovirus Treatment guidelines in this article to help you prevent and recover from any norovirus contact.


At a local Cheerleading competition in Washington State, about 230 people got very sick from a Norovirus outbreak as reported on MSNBC:

Health officials confirmed Friday that a fast-acting gut bug known as norovirus is responsible for an outbreak of illness that sickened more than 200 people gathered for a cheerleading championship in Washington state last weekend. For the complete story visit MSNBC


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What is Norovirus?

What is norovirus? The Norovirus (previously called Norwalk Agent, or Nora Virus) is the cause of over 90% of epidemic non-bacterial viral outbreaks of severe and intense bouts of gastroenteritis worldwide. We are not immune to it through normal norovirus vaccines or rotavirus vaccinations. This norovirus virus is resurgent and has become particularly resistant due to our widespread overuse of anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaning agents being used in homes and public places.


Here is a short video explaining what noroviruses are and how to help prevent it from spreading like wildfire:

It is typically spread through person to person contact by one contaminated person, who may touch other commonly touched objects like doorknobs, tables and other shared items. It is rapidly spread through food workers, who do not wash their hands with hot water and soap. Chlorine Bleach is lethal to the Noraviruses and Rotaviruses as is high temperatures. In the case of Norovirus Outbreaks, it is best to thoroughly sanitize common areas with hot water and chlorine bleach as soon as possible.


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Symptoms of Norovirus

Norovirus symptoms tend to come on fast and furious, and doesn’t give you a chance to do anything other than run to the bathroom before you double over in severe pain, and vomit on the way there. Here are the most common symptoms of norovirus to look for in yourself or others to see if they are experiencing it:


  • Acute Gastroenteritis (24-48 hours after exposure, lasting 24-72 hours)
  • Rapid Nausea Feeling and Dizziness
  • Forceful Vomiting (severe stomach contractions)
  • Watery Stools (acute diarrhea)
  • Severe Abdominal Pain (and cramps)
  • General Body Weakness
  • Lethargy (Your body is being robbed of energy fighting this critter)
  • Body wide Muscle Aches
  • Low Grade Fever or Severe Head Aches
  • Cough and General Irritation
  • Loss of Appetite and Loss of Taste


You may feel like you want out of this life. But do hold on, because in most cases it will pass in a few days. You should immediately begin drinking alkalizing liquids (like ionized water, or water with sea salt in it, or the juice of a squeezed lemon.) Avoid table salt, because of it’s high chemical content. Natural sea salt is highly alkaline.


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Norovirus Prevention

You do need to be careful and use norovirus protection if you’re in a suspected infection area because the norovirus infection spreads rapidly and kills over 300 people a year in the U.S. alone. You don’t have to be a “germophobe” or one that is obsessed with being germ free, but you do need to take a few simple precautions. Wash thoroughly when you visit a wet area like restroom. If you’re a camping fanatic like I am then you can take some colloidal silver with you and drink a shot of it, and also wash your hands with it.


Norovirus can be spread by sharing drinking glasses or even contaminated tap water. Never drink tap water unless it’s the only thing around, chose filtered alkaline water if you can get it. Viruses, Bacteria and even Cancer can’t live in a highly alkaline body, they need an acidic body to thrive. Be Alkaline!


In fact drinking highly alkaline or ionized water alone can make it hard for any virus to survive, they need an acidic environment, and alkaline is the opposite and what we need more of in your lives. I drink alkaline water and rarely ever feel ill, even when everyone around me is. Do get a whole house water filter if you possibly can, and they even have a Portable Alkaline Filter you can take with you, put on in your backpack or the back of your car for emergencies. It may just save your life!


You will cut down the severity and duration of the illness if you do these things quickly. Also, you would be wise to keep some Zeolite Powder on hand – BEFORE you go on a cruise ship or are away from home on vacation for any length of time. It greatly helps against travelers sickness and Montezuma’s Revenge!


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How to Treat Norovirus Naturally

Use this natural Treatment for Norovirus (as a preventative or during symptoms of norovirus): 


  • Zeolite or Zeolite AV: Natural Anti-Virus, Heavy Metal Detoxifier and Nuclear Radiation Detoxer. This is the top First Aid Item – and it’s recommended to take some before you leave. You can take a small bottle off Liquid Zeolite with you in your purse or backpack and be protected.
  • OxySilver: Has a high concentration of colloidal silver.  Natural anti-viral agent, anti-bacterial (Interferes with the reproduction cycle of pathogens trying to replicate like rabbits inside your body).
  • Get a Colloidal Silver Generator. You will have emergency medicine for pennies for years to come. Great for emergencies as you will always have something for viruses, bacteria and outbreaks like Ebola!
  • Get a Hulda Clark Terminator Zapper and use it immediately! This is a small handheld device that use a simple 9 volt battery and zaps pathogens with an electromagnetic frequency that disrupts their breeding and weakens their membrane (outer skin) so they literally explode much the way a singer can break a wine glass when she hits the same pitch as the glass membrane! Your white blood cells (macrophages) then clean them up. That’s why it’s important to drink plenty of alkaline water to keep them moving our of your system afterwards.
  • Use Organic Mushrooms – they are very potent immune fighters and health protectors. (You can also make a tea out of these like Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Chaga and Turkey Tail, although the flavor is a little rough for me so I take the caps if I have them)
  • Astaxanthin Supplement (#1 Antioxidant, DNA protector and Immunity Booster)
  • Vitamin D3 (The sunshine vitamin builds natural immunity)
  • Immunity Plus – A Natural Homeopathic Medicine that builds your immune system naturally
  • Wash your hands with Regular Soap (not anti-bacterial as it creates bacteria and virus resistant pathogens in your body) and Hot Water after you touch things in a large public gathering.


Do these few things and you won’t have to worry about being sick and miserable when you wanted to have a great time instead.