Natural Remedies for Cold

natural treatment for cold

Natural Remedies for Cold

Most people “catch” the common cold by being exposed to it from a family member, friend, co-worker or children if you are around children that are exposed to it. The common cold is really a mild to moderate viral attack that can leave you feeling low on energy with mind fog as well as cough, sneezing, sinus congestion or runniness, headache and mild body aches. Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu can help you prevent, treat and get relief from the common cold symptoms without needing to resort to harmful vaccines.

If you visit a hospital or doctors office you're at a higher risk for catching a cold. If you've gotten any vaccines or are around those that have had them recently, make sure you keep your natural immunity boosted so you can fight it off before it causes you to feel down and out. The cold and flu vaccines actually make it more likely you get the cold or flu and weaken your immune system. See: Is Flu Vaccine Safe? Use the natural remedies for cold and flu relief shown at the bottom of this page to protect yourself and your family.

common cold virus name

Common Cold Virus

The common cold virus name is coronaviruses or rhinoviruses. The common cold symptoms are caused by host of different strains of the common cold virus. Most are of the Rhinovirus type (rhino referring to your nose), with a few of them being of the Coronavirus or Carno virus type (corona referring to your head or crown of your head) and they can affect both people as well as animals.


The Rhinovirus causes sinus congestion or the constant runny nose that you need to have a box of tissues by your side till it passes. The Coronavirus causes that plus a sore throat and mild headache and body aches. The common cold is a viral infection (different treatment than a bacterial infection) that usually affects the upper respiratory tract (nose, sinuses, throat, inner ear, lungs.)


It is sometimes called nasopharyngitis, rhino pharyngitis or acute coryza. The cold typically lasts about a week, with it being most severe the first two days and then lessening. You can cut down the severity and duration (length) of your cold symptoms by using the natural remedies for cold and flu at the bottom of this article.

cold vs flu

Cold vs Flu Symptoms

How to tell the difference between Cold vs Flu Symptoms? Both the cold and flu are respiratory ailments caused by viruses, although they are different ones. They are very different from bacteria infections (they are many times smaller) so antibiotics will not affect viral infections at all. In fact getting antibiotics may actually do more harm as it will weaken your immune system. That is definitely not what we want. We need to strengthen our immune system naturally so it can not only stop your flu or cold symptoms but prevent them from coming back.


Viral Flu Symptoms usually appear very quickly (within 3-6 hours) and consist of a fever (sudden onset flu fever), body aches, dry cough, and extreme tiredness. Viral Cold symptoms are less severe and people experience a stuffy nose, productive cough, slight tiredness, and limited body aches. Both can be transmitted by air (cough, sneeze, talking) so unless you are keeping your immune system boosted, avoid people with the visible signs of cold or flu. Use the natural remedies for cold and flu below and you will cut the severity and duration by a lot. 

prevent a cold

How to Prevent Colds

How to Prevent Colds the natural way. The holistic method for prevention of common cold symptoms takes a common sense approach. If you currently have it, then cover your mouth with your sleeve or handkerchief when you sneeze or cough. Avoid using your hands as you may shake someone's hand, touch a doorknob or glass and pass it around and have a lot of others come down with it.


If you notice someone who has it coughing or sneezing without covering up, then keep your distance, unless you have built a core of solid natural immunity, which I highly recommend you do. Don't depend on antibiotics which only work against bacterial infections and make your body antibiotic resistant anyway. Same with vaccines, they rarely work and usually cause you to end up with the exact thing you are trying to avoid, and they can be very harmful and even lethal. Always use the natural remedies for cold and flu prevention and relief!


I always recommend using the natural remedies for cold and flu relief and some natural precautions like using some natural Immune Boosting Herbs before I go on a vacation, to visit a sick friend, out where there are lots of children or where you are going to be in a large group of people, particularly from other regions (they will have virus strains your body may be unfamiliar with and if you're not protected, you can catch it and have a harder time getting over it.) 

cbga immunity booster

Best Natural Remedies for a Cold

Here are the Best Natural Remedies for a Cold. It's always good to do what nature tries to do, burn the infection out of your body naturally. Your body will use elevated heat (fever) to help stop the replication of the viruses and bacterial infections. You would be wise to do the same. Take hot baths with Epsom salts, hot showers or sit in a hot sauna for at least 15 minutes at a time. Three times a day if you can. Drink plenty of alkaline water or beverages. Use the heat with the following best natural remedies for a cold:

  • Immune Support herbs are natural remedies for cold and flu relief. It is a natural immunity booster that boosts your white blood cells against viruses, bacteria and harmful pathogens. It includes the most powerful herbs, fruit extracts and antimicrobials that are proven to keep you safe from infectious pathogens. It even has the Essiac Herbs that are highly anti-viral and protect you against cancers.
  • Zeolite Powder – Zeolite is a powerful parasite scavenger and will help flush them out of your body quickly along with microbes like viruses as well as heavy metals, radiation and is a natural cancer remedy as well.
  • C60 Cellular Regeneration is one of the most potent natural anti aging supplements ever discovered. It is the Most Potent Antioxidant, Antiaging and Radiation Neutralizer C60 infused with olive oil increases your lifespan and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and protects the nucleus of your cells DNA from free radical damage and radiation damage including nuclear, EMF or EMR radiation from cellular and Wi-Fi devices. It also protects and can help prevent metabolic syndrome, diabetes, weight gain, inflammation, osteoarthritis and nerve damage. It prevents and can reverse UV damage (a major cause of aging and skin cancers.) It is also a natural immune system protector and booster.
  • Near Infrared Light Therapy Near Infrared Light or NIR is one of the top 3 natural anti aging supplements and a major breakthrough in cellular regeneration and healing of tissues. It penetrates through your skin and even into your bones to help bone density (osteoporosis) and also induce stem cell production. It is also a natural immunity protector and booster. It can be used on your scalp to regrow your own natural hair and even help your brain and neurons heal and regenerate themselves and reverse damage in neurological condition. It heals and rejuvenates your skin from the dermis up to the top layer. It is even a natural mood enhancer and is safe for long-term use.
  • Liposomal Vitamin C Liposomal C is the best Vitamin C supplement that can quickly eradicate most viral infections. It is the one that can cross the blood brain barrier to protect every cell in your body from bacterial, viral and mycotoxins (yeast, mold, fungal) infections.
  • Mushroom Supplement is a potent immune system boosters and health protectors. (You can also make a tea out of these like Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Chaga and Turkey Tail, although the flavor is a little rough for me so I take the caps if I have them)
  • Colloidal Silver Water: is a powerful anti-microbial, anti-bacterial (Interferes with the reproduction cycle of harmful germs trying to replicate inside your body). You can also get a Colloidal Silver Maker and make your own for pennies on the dollar for years to come.
  • Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in your body, mostly in your gut that help you digest food and protect you from harmful microbials that make you sick. If your body is saturated with probiotics, harmful pathogens won't have a space to replicate and live in. The higher the CFU (amount of probiotic strains, the better it can protect you. Look for formulas that have Billions of live cultures.)
  • Oil of Oregano Organic oregano oil is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial that helps break up the symptoms of the common cold quickly.
  • CBDa is a potent precursor to CBD that is the most potent immunity booster. It works particularly well against SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19) spike proteins and the parasites that cause viral infection.

natural remedies for cold

Best Natural Cough Remedies

Here are the Best Natural Cough Remedies that stop your unproductive cough and help you feel a whole lot better naturally:

  • Essential Oils for Cough are very powerful natural cough suppressants that can loosen phlegm and and congestion from your throat and chest. Use them with some Maunka Honey.
  • Get some throat lozenges that have Slippery Elm Bark in it, as that will naturally coat your throat and are easy to take with you when you are out and about.
  • Use Fresh Grated Ginger in a hot tea with Manuka Honey. Add a teaspoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar a few times a day.
  • Eat some vegetable soup (vegetables are alkaline, all meat is acidic) with pink Himalayan salt in it (salt kills pathogens on contact and draws moisture in.

An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of treatment or cure. Use the above natural remedies for cold and flu relief. Keep your immunity boosted and you won't have to worry about colds, the flu or even the coronavirus!

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