Neti Pot for Sinus Infections

neti pots for sinusitis

Neti Pot for Sinus Infections

Everyone who gets a bad sinus infection will hear about the benefits of using a Neti Pot for Sinus Infections. Neti Pots can be very helpful for clearing away excess mucus and giving your sinuses some relief. There is one serious warning you need to pay attention to before using a neti pot for sinusitis. Never use tap water in a neti pot for sinusitis!


Your nasal cavities allow most substances to pass through your blood brain barrier. You only want very pure things entering your brain! That's why your nasal cavities are filled with tiny hairs and thick sticky mucus so it traps things before they can affect your brain and mental state. Your sense of smell is your strongest sense because of this fact, and certain smells can trigger deep emotions, like remembering a certain smell from your childhood or a perfume your dear grandma once used. 


In News Reports: Tap Water Has Been Found to Contain Brain Eating Amoeba That Enter The Brain Easily When You Irrigate Your Sinuses or Use a Neti-Pot:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Jewish Health in Colorado both have issued a warning about nasal washes after two people have died from using tap water to do their sinus rinse.

Health experts say it’s safe to use nasal washes. It’s not about the rinse, it’s about the water. They warn that a mixture from a faucet could be fatal. Health News.


Always use purified water, from your own water filter at the minimum. Distilled water is the best water for using a neti pot or making herbal preparations because it is empty water. It is slightly acidic because it has no minerals but it is pure h2o. Distilled water draws stuff out of your body, in this case an allergen, excess mucus or toxins. Get a water distiller or buy it at your local health food store and use it for your neti pot. See the dangers of tap water in your neti pot. I wouldn't drink tap water ever because it can still poison you or make you sick and the chemicals like fluoride shut off your immune system.


Neti Pot Sinus Infection


Neti Pot for Sinus Pressure

Using a Neti Pot for Sinus Pressure can work in most cases, although you may have to do it every hour or so. You can use fine salt (saline solution,) colloidal silver and a tiny pinch of medicinal grade Himalayan pink salt if you have it. I've suffered with chronic sinusitis symptoms for years till I discovered two things that really worked for severe sinus headaches and pressure. If you have been diagnosed with Nasal Polyps, then check out this natural nasal polyps treatment to treat it naturally without surgery! Sinus Drain techniques need to be changed to make sure they don't allow tap water to be used in them.


The contaminants in tap water are dangerous to human and animal health. They are harmful especially in nasal washes because they enter the blood/brain barrier relatively easy, and bypasses your immune system. Colloidal Silver is what absolutely did the trick for me. Now I breathe clearly without being stuffy afterward. It's a natural Sinus Infection Treatment that works better than any prescription medicine or OTC medicine for sinus problems. Those are cover up's that work for a short time then leave you feeling more stuffy and congested that before.


Benefits of Colloidal Silver


Colloidal Silver for Sinus Infection

One of the best natural remedies for sinusitis is using Colloidal Silver for Sinus Infection. It is a natural mineral that neutralizes harmful organisms and bacteria that cause sinusitis is what you really want to do. Treating the symptoms of sinus infections is very helpful, but getting rid of the cause of it is by far better. Colloidal Silver Water is one of nature's wonders that has actually helped my sinuses. I've just started taking it after hearing about recommendations on it. I'm on my second bottle and my sinuses (that used to keep me up at night) are much improved. It has the added benefit of helping boost your immune system and removing harmful pathogens that are deep in your body. 


You can even make your own colloidal silver at home with a simple Colloidal Silver Generator (shown at the bottom of this article.) You can make hundreds of gallons of nanosilver (tiny particle size) and adjust it to your individual needs in parts per million (PPM). The higher the concentrate PPM, the more powerful the antibiotic properties. I use about 20 ppm for sinuses. For a bad infection you can go a lot higher and get nip an infection or outbreak in the bud quickly and safely. 

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