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EMF Protection

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is classifying the microwave radiation from Cellular Phones and Towers as a carcinogen (a cancer causing agent) and advises either avoiding or limiting usage, and using Electromagnetic Frequency. The Best EMF Protection devices to limit what your brain and body is absorbing.


These types of electromagnetic radiation waves has already been shown to be harmful to all living things. It has fatally affected birds, fish and bees and is probably a culprit for Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD, where bees become disoriented because of the microwave frequency cell phone towers and cellular phone radiation and can’t make it back to their hives. This is really not good for the balance in nature, as well as our food production. It is also very dangerous to infants and children whose brains are still developing.


In a report issued today, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is an arm of the WHO, said it now lists mobile phone use in the same category as lead, gasoline engine exhaust, and chloroform. Officially, cell phone radiation is listed as a “carcinogenic hazard.” Cnet, News – June 1, 2011


emf radiation devices


What is EMF Radiation?

Exactly just What is EMF Radiation? It is usually a particular band of EMF waves called microwave radiation that is causing our brains to heat up when it is close to our head, particularly if we are holding up to our ears. It interferes with our thoughts and can even negatively influence us (hearing thoughts in your head, or feel a burning sensation in various body parts.) It can be used to lower brain wave frequency and cause us to feel ill or burnt out. Microwaves, the same kind that cook food when close, can actually damage our body tissues by overheating them.


The towers that transmit them are farther away, so it won’t “cook us” but will cause residual damage, day after day. It has been demonstrated in laboratories that measure brain wave disruptions and heat indexes that it short-circuits part of our brain and also heats it up significantly. Be wise and protect your health, because without that you won’t be able to enjoy anything else! Health is true Wealth in this world. You can actually measure the EMF radiation around you and how good your EMF protection is working by getting an inexpensive EMF Tester.



EMF Detector

You can also get a simple EMF detector (some are under $20 now) and see the levels that are being emitted and the level of protection you are receiving from any emf protection device. I highly recommend this as you can see if the devices you are using actually protect you. You won’t have to rely on what others say, but you can see if you’re actually being protected. This is very important, as your mind is your most important asset in the world.


You can also use a simple multi meter and test yourself as you approach a live cell phone or WiFi device or other appliance, and you will see the readings rise as you get closer, unless you are wearing some EMF protection in that case you should see a huge drop instead. Watch this report on how this WiFi, Cellphone and EMF radiation is affecting us all, particularly the elderly and our children (and what to do about it):




EMF Protection for Home

There is a whole lot of EMF radiation waves going through a modern home, office or even outdoors now because of free WiFi everywhere now. You can get EMF Protection for Home or that you take with you to stop being literally fried by these harmful cancer causing penetrating waves. This is exactly what a microwave oven does at a very fast pace. We need to keep some distance between our brains, bodies (children and pets too) and this type of radiation. Cordless phones are even twice as worse! Our energy companies have been putting in “smart meters” that are emitting harmful EMF waves as well.


Excess EMF radiation severely weakens your energetic field (the body’s electromagnetic field) which can be measured by EEG (electroencephalograph) for the brain, and EKG (electrocardiogram) for the heart, and the human Aura or energy field for those attuned to seeing it. It can also be measured by Kirlian photography and heat measuring devices, and that’s how we know for sure that it is heating up our brain as we can see it while being around or using EMF devices like cell phones, WiFi equipment, Smart Meters and other “smart devices.” Getting proper EMF protection is critical if you want to not develop Alzheimer’s, have a stroke or get Cancer!


home EMF protection


EMF Shielding Device for Home

EMF Shielding Device for Home. Your home should be your safe place, your castle. EMF waves can be quite high inside your home, usually more than when your outside. Most homes have a smart meter that penetrates your home (so the electric company can see which devices you are using most and when.) There are also all kinds of smart devices that use wireless, Bluetooth and microwave radiation and zapping your immune system and nervous system. You should wake up feeling refreshed, not tired. You also have large array antennas, power lines, satellite dishes, and new 5G repeaters being installed so that every home will be accessed remotely, whether you approve of it or not. It is your right to shield harmful, cancer causing frequencies from your home, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


The EMF home shielding device protects you whole home (or office) from these brain and immune destroying frequencies. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, an American inventor (and hero) proved that frequencies can heal or kill. He built frequency generators that zapped cancer and viruses with their own frequency, exploding them. The medical system didn’t not want his device stopping their medicine sales (trillions) so they shut him down and discredited him. Same with Tesla. The frequencies used on the EMF, and Microwave scale literally cooks you. I’m sure you know what a microwave does. You can effectively shield your home from these invisible but very real invaders. You can see the device and how it works here: Whole House EMF Protecton Plug


Smart Meter Cover


Smart Meter Hack

Smart Meters are not smart at all! They can penetrate your living spaces with harmful radiation waves. The electrical companies won’t allow you to remove them without a huge fight. However, you can do your own Smart Meter Hack by using a EMF Shielding Smart Meter Cover that will protect you and your family from the harmful effects of smart meter dangers. The electric companies have no business affecting your health and telling you what you can do on your property.


They are harmful to your health and they just don’t care. As long as they can use them to see what devices you are using, and if they deem you are using too much of a certain type (television or computer equipment) they can charge you higher rates or turn your power off. The heck with them. I have protected myself and my home from all the most common types of EMF radiation and you should too.


iphone protection


Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Cell Phone Radiation Protection Devices. Since most of us use our cell phones closest to our brains when we talk, that is the most critical area of EMF Radiation Protection you should use asap! Cell phones, especially the 5G radiation band of EMF waves is a microwave type radiation that can fry your brain and damage your DNA. It is so important that you use iPhone and Android Protection is a EMF ray scrambler that protects your brain and body from absorbing the harmful EMF waves. You can see the official Neutralizer here: Cell Phone EMF Protector


EMF Protection Test


The above is what happens to your blood cells before, during and after using a Zorb EMF neutralizer on your cell phone. You also can ground yourself while talking on your cellphone by making contact (touching) a tree or being barefoot on the sand or in water. It helps the harmful radiation go through you instead of into you.


There many more type devices available, as jewelry and for health, energy and sports enhancement as well. If you use a laptop or notebook type computer (especially if you are pregnant or nursing) you can get an EMF Shielding Blanket. It protects you against absorbing EMF and electricity (dirty electricity) by blocking it completely. You can use an EMF meter and the reading will go down to zero when you are between the blanket and cell phone or WiFi devices!


Shungite EMF Bracelet and Pendant


EMF Protection Devices

EMF Protection Devices use technology that called EMF Shielding and scattering that allows the waves to pass around you instead of through you. If you use a cell phone regularly, yeah who doesn’t now days, then you can simply add an EMF absorber to the back of your phone. It doesn’t interfere with your signal but prevents it from harming your DNA. You can also wear a pendant or Shungite bracelet for greater protection from cell towers, 5G, Smart Meters and home WiFi devices. I personally use Shungite mineral stones in my water containers because they also help prevent mold build-up. See the Zorb EMF Protection shungite devices pictured above. 


Wearing an EMF protection pendant, or piece of jewelry that uses shungite, scalar or quantum energy (like a quantum pendant) can offer you a great deal of protection. There are also devices you can place on your cellphone and Bluetooth connector that add protection between these devices and your brain and body. There are other devices that you can place on electrical and WiFi appliances in your home to insure protection. The best that I have seen are the Quantum Scalar Energy Pendants because they also add free negative ions (quench free-radicals just as an anti-oxidant does).

radiation pendant

Best EMF Protection

Best EMF Protection Devices. Like radio waves EMF waves are all around us now. They are expanding daily into more harmful frequencies like 5G wireless! If you don’t take some preventative measures till this technology can be made safer, you risk DNA damage, cancer, immune system disorders, dizziness and not being able to concentrate normally.  

  • EMF Pendants (Pictured above, scrambles harmful waves so they go around you instead of into you, endorsed by Dr. Masaru Emoto)
  • EMF Bracelets (Particularly those using Shungite mineral stones like the Zorb can protect you against all forms of EMF Radiation)
  • Whole House EMF Protection Plug (These devices protect your home from internal and external sources of EMF, Microwave, 5G, and dirty electricity)
  • Zorb Cell Phone EMF Protector (These protect you while talking on your cellphone, the most common EMF health risk device)
  • EMF Shielding Blanket (This is a specially filled and coated blanket that you can use when you want to shield your body from radiation – Good for women expecting or people with pacemakers.)
  • Zeolite – Natural Zeolites are powerful radiation and cancer fighters (natural supplement)
  • Nascent Iodine (Protects your thyroid from radiation uptake and spreading into your body)
  • Earthing Pad – Grounding or “Earthing” allows EMF waves to pass through instead of into you (like the static pad you use when you’re on a computer.) This can be tested to show how when you’re touching it while using a WiFi device the meter reading drops down to almost zero!

If you get a really good pendant then it can protect you from all EMF radiation waves and you won’t need the cellphone radiation protection device below. It does cost a lot more, so if you’re on a strict budget then you can opt for the cell phone radiation protection devices below. It will protect you from cell phone waves only, but this is a big part of protecting your brain from being fried!  


  1. Cancer to the left and cancer to the right, it’s a lot less rare these days than it ought to be. What’s up with all that, yo? Have to share that I just learned that as of May last year (2011) CELL PHONES have been linked to glioma, a.k.a. brain cancer by none-the-less than the W.H.O. (that’s the World Health Organization) and A.C.S. (American Cancer Society). We need to get wise, people, and reduce exposure as best we may. The diodes and pendants have been proven to have a negligible effect on radiation reduction. I’m sharing a link with more info — and YES, it is now my business as I feel called to link my friends, family and the world with a real solution to this growing issue of the big “C” afflicting so many!!! Please check out my site to learn more — http://emf.lemuriangirl.com/ Mahalo, Lemurian Girl 😉 <3

  2. Thank God this information is starting to be taken seriously.

  3. You are confusing radiate with radiation. A candle radiates heat for example. Microwaves cannot cause radiation poisoning anymore than your frying pan.

  4. no wonder why cancer are spreading like fire

  5. Dear Friends, The choice is yours to choose. Prevention is better than cure.

  6. Count me in. I’ve seen the damage that these frequencies can cause. I even sleep on a grounded pad too. I don’t want that type of pollution in my life.

  7. Studies have proven that consistent low level earth based or solar radiation is not harmful. What IS harmful however is HIGH dose radiation in a SHORT period of time. This has a dramatically different effect on the body.

  8. It seems evident to me that as the amount of radiation has gone up all over the developed world that if it was dangerous we would see signifcant sickness, death, problems, etc in the people who were around it the most.

  9. Christopher Elliott

    No one really cares for their health until death comes knocking then it will too late.

  10. How many inventors think for the safety on the health of the users ? They think more on self profits rather than the danger of the users’ health. They do not truely understand what is morality. They know only greediness and egoism.

  11. What kind of microwave radiation? The kind we use to nuke our food every day? If so, I can see rats being damaged.

  12. For every piece of technology you bring into your life,
    You give up a piece of your humanity.
    Marshal McLuhan

  13. no wonder why cancer are spreading like fire

  14. Like smoking and asbestos the effects are cumulative, and we won’t know the full effect for possibly decades. Some of the issue is toxic load, some may not be bad, but add to other forms of EMF radiation and at some point the body hits its limit and that’s when illness happens.

  15. Energy and can immediately say if something is harmful to the body or not. In every test it shows the pendants as beneficial to the body and NOT harmful.

  16. There is ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Microwaves are a form of non-ionizing radiation.

  17. Our precious life is precious. Know how to use it well. Thank you.

  18. The World Health Organization has now declared that Microwave Radiation from cell phones and WiFi is possibly cancer causing. IT’s OFFICIAL! So take precautions…

  19. The amount of microwave radiation from outer space is very small compared to what we generate artificially. If we were bombarded with microwave radiation from outer space it would interfere with our communications.

  20. You will be amazed once you read the research on both hormesis and threshold “theories” that this information has been suppressed. The only studies we hear about are “FUNDED” studies by interested parties trying to get their way and have no interest in the truth being revealed.

  21. My Opinion ? if it ain’t natural its dangerous. If waves go through walls etc..
    then what do you think it will do to your insides. Well cancer is a big killer in the world. Well do the math and take your chances.

  22. This of the difference between keeping your hands near a fire and warming them and then sticking your hands INTO the fire! It’s the EXACT same situation in terms of how the body will respond.

  23. i dont think microwave radiation is that harmful.

  24. Umang, it cooks foods! It’s harmful to living beings.

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