What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic Health

What is Holistic Medicine?

What is Holistic Medicine? Holistic Medicine (commonly referred to as Naturopathic Medicine, Alternative Medicine or Complementary Medicine) is vastly different from our “traditional” or conventional medical model practiced in westernized countries. Allopathic Medicine (your standard Medical Doctor or Hospital) relies upon the concept of identifying diseases or their associated symptoms, and then prescribing drugs to manage or combat those conditions. The medical system is a system that considers the disease or symptom to be the actual problem, bypassing the underlying causes that produced the disease or symptom in the first place.

What is holistic health? Holistic health uses holistic medicine as a foundation for optimum wellness on all levels of your being (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.) Instead of focusing on disease it focuses on balance, harmony, happiness and health. 


The Medical Model vs. Holistic Medicine (Common Sense Medicine)

Allopathic Medicine

What is Allopathic Medicine? Allopathic medicine refers to modern medicine and it's use of prescription drugs, radiation therapy, surgery and body part replacements. It is your common medical system and their practitioners are called medical doctors. They all take the “Hippocratic Oath” that basically says “First, do no harm.” Unfortunately it does frequently harm the body (and sometimes cause death) with what we term side effects.


If you look at some of these “side effects” you can see that they're not side effects at all.  It uses a wide variety of precise tests, procedures and equipment to identify diseases and symptoms, and is the actual strength of this system. This model considers bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, cancers and other foreign invaders to be some of the main causes of our illnesses; therefore, antibiotics and prescription drugs, chemotherapy and radiation are prescribed to kill them, or they are surgically removed.


Allopathic medicine treats one part of your being but not the whole as in holistic health. They're Big Effects! When they harm or kill someone, this is referred to as Iatrogenic (physician induced) medicine, and it is actually the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States! 



Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory. Germ theory tries to kill the germs to stop the symptoms. Terrain theory says keep a healthy immune system, microbiome (gut bacteria) and alkaline pH level in your body instead. The medical system vaccinates the fish, whereas holistic medicine cleans the tank instead. When you have a clean tank there is no reason for disease (dis-ease) as your whole being is in a state of ease or complete balance. That is holistic health pure and simple. Compare that with natural complementary medicine (herbs remedies, etc) and you can see what is really happening.


Have you noticed like I have, that most of these doctors are highly unhealthy, and usually sick when you see them! No coincidence there! If you want to experience peak health, then it is most wise not to take things into your body that will cause you mental, emotional and physical harm and cause you too look like your 80 when you're 40. Holistic medicine restores your natural balance so you look and feel your best naturally.


alternative medicine


Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine works beyond the limits of allopathic medicine. It's called complementary because it helps where allopathic medicine has no answer. It is also helpful for relieving the harm caused by allopathic treatments, particularly in chronic health conditions like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Traditional cancer treatments use radiation, chemotherapy and surgery (which are all actually cancer causing as well.) The holistic health model uses natural supplements like zeolite, which not only helps reduce cancerous tumors but also relieves the really bad side effects of chemo and radiation sickness. 


It is also beneficial for the side effects of the medical treatment of cancer (chemotherapy, prescription pain killers, antibiotics, radiation, surgery) and can help reverse a lot of the damage caused by these treatments. It also makes use of homeopathy, herbal remedies, movement therapy and energy medicine. What is called alternative or holistic medicine is actually the original medicine that has been used since the dawn of time on this earth.


Chemical medicine are the new kid on the block, and have not gone through the rigors of time (time tested wisdom) and you can see that in all the fatalities and side effects that are worse than the original conditions. Modern medicine does shine in one area – emergency medicine. It can save your life. There is a place for chemical medicines. For chronic issues, you can use a complementary medicine approach or holistic health approach and it will serve you well.




Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is nature based holistic medicine that is found in nature (plant, mineral, vitamin, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine and energy medicine.) Naturopathic Physicians and Holistic Practitioners seek to find the source of imbalance in the whole person and recommend changes that bring the person back to a state of optimum health, on all levels.


This is accomplished first through a state of being (we are human Beings, not human Doings) finding the source of dis-ease (the absence of a state of ease, our natural state) and coming into alignment with our body’s wisdom. 

As Albert Einstein stated, we must solve the problem (dis-ease) at a higher level than its manifestation. If you just mask the symptoms of illness, and do not change the behavior, environment or underlying condition, it will surely return.

It's like having your mechanic unplug the warning light and then tell you that the problem is now “fixed.” This may sound ridiculous but that's exactly the type of treatments we typically encounter at conventional medical facilities.


That’s why most cancer’s return after surgery, chemotherapy and dangerous prescription medications because the source of the problem has yet to be investigated. Naturopathic medicine doesn't poison your body to get rid of disease, it restores balance so there is no need for any disease or symptoms to appear in the first place. 


herbal remedies


Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is a nature based holistic medicine that is found in the wild, or grown in your own backyard. It is the basis for chemical medicines that extract an “active ingredient” and discard the rest. Dr. Deepak Chopra says this is like extracting a small piece of information from a plant but throwing away the inert wisdom of it. Every major and minor dis-ease or disturbance has a solution. Plants have always been referred to as the “wisdom keepers” of medicine men and women since the beginning of time.


Herbs are powerful medicine; some can harm (hemlock, poison ivy) and some can heal and soothe your mind, body and spirit. Most herbal remedies have been tested for thousands of years and the best uses for each herb are well documented, unlike chemical medicines. You can find a natural herbal remedy for a whole lot of dis-eases that need to be brought back into healthy balance in our bodies. See Herbal Remedies for more information on the best herbal medicines.




Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine is a holistic medicine that is founded on the unity of mind, body and spirit. It is directly in line with modern quantum physics and mechanics, as well as modern biology. Quantum physics demonstrate clearly that everything has a wave/particle duality that is in essence a vibration. And that everything is in essence connected and not separate at all. Therefore you cannot “kill” or “remove” one part of a physical body without affecting the whole. That is holistic medicine in nutshell.


Our body’s natural state is wholeness and balance, and is always seeking balance. Our bodies are the true healers; we only need to listen to what it is telling us through the symptoms and feeling that we experience. Homeopathic remedies are specifically beneficial in conditions that involve the mind or emotions like anxiety, ADHD, depression, neuropathy, skin conditions to name a few. It is also good for conditions like arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, pain relief and brings your whole being back to a state of balance. For more information on why and how it works so well visit: Homeopathic Medicine.


energetic medicine  

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is another form of holistic medicine that is based on the foundation that we are energetic beings as can be demonstrated by using and EEG or electrocardiogram that measures your electrical brain waves or frequencies. The same thing is done with the heart using and EKG or electrocardiogram that measures your heart's electrical impulses or heart waves frequencies. Your blood and cells are also energetic and use negative and positive ions to keep your body alive and healing itself.


Calcium and Potassium are called electrolytes because they have electrical potential. When you no longer have any electrical potential you are not among the land of the physical being any longer. When you have no brain waves, you are considered brain dead. When you have no heart waves on the EKG you are clinically dead.


holistic health


Modern science also shows that our hearts, and gut, as well as our entire body has inherent intelligence “a non-local brain” that gives off energetic waves that can be measured with electronic equipment. This is called the “Wisdom of our Body.” Ancient cultures knew this and sought to provide our bodies with a balanced approach to wellness.


Your mind has the power to direct energy (thoughts and intentions) to overcome physical illness and disease. Using these techniques (prayer, meditation, Prana healing, breath work, quantum touch, distance healing) can have a very real positive effect on your health. Holistic health makes use of all these forms of integrative medicine to keep your mind and body in a state of optimal health; mind, body and spirit!


holistic medicine


Holistic Health

The foundation of optimum peak health is one based on the holistic health health model, which uses holistic medicine to keep your mind and body in a natural and healthy balance. This includes keeping your body and mind moving through regular movement, resistance training and exercise, even if it's just daily walking. It can help you stay healthy, look years younger, feel years younger and perform at your highest level, all without a lot of stress.


In this informative and educational website you will find many ways to bring your whole life experience back to a natural state of wholeness, happiness, and deep spiritual peace. Your body will show the complete balance in your life, and you will look and feel like a totally revitalized vibrant person! Improved health (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) usually also has a surprising side effect – vastly improved relationships. 


You will begin to attract others who will be attracted to the positive healthy vibrations that you will now be radiating. You can truly Be, Do and Have anything you desire when you have Vibrant Health! For more information see our resources on the main menu or the front page at: Holistic Health.

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