Glyphosate Toxicity

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Glyphosate Toxicity

Glyphosate Toxicity is a major concern as people are experiencing greatly increased levels of digestion and gut discomfort, including IBS, IBS, Crohn's, Celiac's and Colitis to name a few. It is also causing serious digestion system problems (you feel sick and bloated after eating, and are lethargic.) Glyphosates, pesticides and GMO's are also a leading cause of bowel, rectal and colon caners. The risk of eating GMO foods that are high in glyphosates are extremely high now.

Don't think GMO's, Glyphosates and Pesticides are all that dangerous to your health? Why do you think they have to wear space suit type uniforms as to not breathe the fumes or touch their skin? But it's perfectly ok for You and Your Family to take into their bodies? I don't think so! In fact, Jeffery Porcaro, the drummer of the musical group Toto was killed from glyphosate toxicity as he was spraying (Round Up) it on his lawn without a mask! 


Roundup Dangers


What is Glyphosate?

What is Glyphosate exactly and why should you be very concerned about it? Glyphosate is a herbicide created in a laboratory by the chemical company  Monsanto. It is more commonly known by the brand name it is marketed under: Roundup. Roundup is the most common herbicide used to help prevent weeds from taking over a desired plant’s growth, while producing conventional produce (non-Organic) as well as GMO’s. It is sprayed on wheat before it is harvested to let it soak in deeply. People are being diagnosed with “gluten intolerance” but it is almost always “glyphosate intolerance” that is the issue. I thought I had it, but since I've switched to organic (glyphosate free) I can eat it all day without discomfort now.


You will commonly notice the people who spray these chemicals on the crops are dressed like beekeepers with space suits on! They are not supposed to let it come in contact with their skin, ears, eyes or nose, or they will become very ill. There are very real and serious health risks not only to humans but to the bees (colony collapse disorder) that is causing food shortages and will cause much higher prices too. Glyphosate toxicity causes a lot of pain and illness. 


Glyphosate and GMO Foods


Glyphosate GMO

There is a very harmful and toxic Glyphosate GMO connection. Glyphosate or the most common brand Round Up is sprayed onto your food producing plants to allow the plants to survive while the surrounding “weeds” are killed. The conventional non-organic and GMO crops have genes that make internal pesticides (BT Toxins), that kill insects and are resistant to the Roundup pesticide poisoning. But are GMO's and glyphosate safe for human and even animal health?


What is GMO? GMO is an acronym that stands for “genetically engineered organisms”, also referred to as GE or “genetically engineered” or GMO Foods. It can also be called BT or bio-tech foods because they are biologically engineered in a laboratory and have not been proven safe for human or animal consumption. Actually the opposite is now known to be true – that it is highly harmful to human health. The answer will shock you, particularly when you know it is in you and your children's food.


glyphosate and autism


Glyphosate Autism

Is there a Glyphosate Autism connection? The incidence of autism, a rarely know condition before GMO crops, glyphosate pesticide spraying and vaccination (many vaccines actually have a chemical like glyphosate in them.) Can glyphosate toxicity be causing autism as well? Look at the above graph showing the rise of autism with glyphosate use. It's in all your non-organic foods in high levels, and even in organic foods in lower levels because of water run-off. GMO, Glyphosate and Autism are highly linked!


gmo wheat gluten intolerance


Glyphosate Gluten Intolerance

The largest danger of glyphosate, beside cancer and autism is the Glyphosate Gluten Intolerance connection. Gluten intolerance is running rampant in the countries that have regular glyphosate spraying on your produce. Ever wonder why almost everyone has intestinal problems and even leaky gut syndrome now days? Or gluten intolerance? Wheat gluten is natural and you should not be intolerant to it.


What is really happening is that your wheat has been sprayed with the harmful pesticide glyphosate AFTER harvesting it, so it marinates and then is dried and concentrated into your foods. Here is an interesting observation from Andrea Bartels, a holistic nutritionist from Canada on this issue:

Several of my non-Celiac nutrition clients who say they are gluten-intolerant have told me that somehow, they were able to eat glutinous pasta and breads while overseas with no ill effects.  For a while, I attributed this to the fact they were on vacation, and therefore were experiencing a lot less stress in their lives (rest increases tolerance for dietary stressors.)  However, a couple of them were actually on business trips to Europe, where the wheat (if not imported from Canada or the U.S.) is NOT treated with benzoyl peroxide nor glyphosate.  How interesting!

You can be gluten intolerant, and if you are you can take specific gluten digestive supplements like Gluten Guardian that can help your body deal with gluten.


We may not all be gluten intolerant but we all are glyphosate intolerance from glyphosate toxicity! I thought I was gluten intolerant and went on a gluten free diet, and it did nothing. Because I was still eating grains being sprayed with glyphosate toxicity pesticides. When I switched to organic wheat, all of the sudden no more “gluten intolerance.” And a lot of other chronic problems went away, like IBS, skin rashes and brain fog after doing a glyphosate detox and switching to mostly organic. It's hard to get organic when you eat out, but if you find it, your health is worth it.


glyphosate toxicity


Glyphosate Cancer

Is there a Glyphosate Cancer link? You betcha! If you are eating primarily organic and at least Non-GMO then you are far better off, but still at risk getting cancer from glyphosate containing and GMO filled foods. Glyphosates are showing up in organic foods, and even in the organic wine I drink. To protect against glyphosate toxicity you should do a pesticide detox regularly. So for sure I do a glyphosate detox regularly, as I don't want to be one of the chemical companies guinea pigs and end up with cancers and ill health.


Glyphosate toxicity is really nasty. You are much larger than bugs they are killing, so it takes longer to feel the effects, but you are being slowly poisoned. You will notice everyone who eats non-organic foods will have some level of intestinal disorder or feel discomfort after eating, if not regular indigestion and GI problems. These glyphosates and pesticides not natural or healthy for you. You must continually detox these harmful chemicals out of your body or risk severe health risks. See the glyphosate toxicity detox cleanse at the bottom of this page to prevent this from happening to you or your loved ones.


Glyphosate toxicity


Glyphosate Poisoning

Glyphosate Poisoning is happening to everyone, particularly those that eat GMO Foods, and non-organic foods. But as you've seen above, these toxic pesticides are even spreading into our pure organic crops. Bees are carrying the pollen from these “frankenfoods” and spreading them. And dying off by the millions (colony collapse disorder) because it is killing them like it does everything else!


You need to learn about glyphosate toxicity and how to Detox GMO's, pesticides, particularly glyphosates from your body as they change your DNA instructions so they begin making deformed cells in your body. Your tissues develop abnormalities and ugly growths inside and on your skin. it leads to cancer and even mortality! 


Poisoned Fields - Glyphosate, the underrated risk? (HD 1080p)

See this list of risks associated with glyphosate usage.


Glyphosate Dangers

Glyphosate Dangers are a real concern to all those who consume non-organic or GMO foods. It is even now a concern to those who are choosing organic foods because there is runoff from the GMO farms into organic farms and the toxins are being spread into people's foods who are actively trying to avoid it.


Glyphosate toxicity affects animal and  human health, and there have been a number of fatalities associated with it. You can begin by selecting Organic or non-GMO foods. Organic is much better as non-GMO still has pesticides in them. It is even leading to an epidemic in autistic children, the little ones who have no idea they are being poisoned by their own loved one!

Here is a list of glyphosate toxicity affects:

  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Anencephaly (birth defect)
  • Autism
  • Birth defects
  • Brain cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Cancer
  • Celiac disease and gluten intolerance
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Colitis
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Inflammatory Bowl Disease (“Leaky Gut Syndrome”)
  • Liver disease
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Pregnancy problems (infertility, miscarriages, stillbirths)
  • Obesity
  • Reproductive problems
  • Respiratory illnesses

The glyphosates pesticides kill bugs the same way it is poisoning you, your children and your pets: by creating perforations or holes in your intestines. That is what glyphosate toxicity is.


Detox from Glyphosate


Glyphosate Detox

A Glyphosate Detox is a Virus Detox, Chemical Detox and Toxin Detox in one. It rids your body of these harmful environmental chemicals that destroy your health and damage your DNA and immune system. It causes all kinds of problems in your body, including what most people think is gluten intolerance but it is really glyphosate intolerance. Who is not intolerant to poisons? If you value you and your family's health you should be doing regularly to keep these glyphosates, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and larvacides from damaging your organs and giving you cancer! 


After your first glyphosate toxicity cleanse you can detox from glyphosate when the season changes (seasonal detox) that way it is easy to remember and do. Your kids and even pets can use the same natural supplements to detox pesticides from glyphosate toxicity out of their bodies using smaller amounts. And it helps that you drink distilled (or empty) water during this detox as it will draw these chemicals out faster and prevent DNA and organ damage.

  • Peak Biome (Restores healthy gut bacteria and your microbiome system that allows a healthy immune system, proper digestion and elimination.)
  • Zeolite Powder (Proven Cancer, Virus, Radiation, Heavy Metal, Chemical, Pesticide and Glyphosate Detox supplement, with exceptional results. Not only detoxes glyphosates, pesticides and GMO's but also protects your gut and immune system from the damage caused by them. It can also help stop cancers forming, as GMO foods and glyphosate cause cancer.)
  • Liver Support Plus (Powerful Herbal Liver Cleanse that gets the pesticides and chemicals out of your liver)

You should do a seasonal detox because of all the chemicals and glyphosate toxicity that are now in your daily environment, food, water and air. It is a different issue than what our parents ever had to endure and we need to keep ourselves healthy and strong as our physical and mental health is all we really have.


You can protect yourself from glyphosate toxicity and GMO pesticides by using any of the above natural toxin detoxes. I highly recommend using the GMO Detox Kit and the Peak Biome as they are clinically shown to remove the harmful glyphosates, pesticides and GMO residues from your body. 


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