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Zeolite California Dosage Limit? Most Zeolite is now not allowed to sold in bulk zeolite because the FDA is restricting how much pure zeolite powder can be purchased at one time in California and Iowa. It seems to be in places where there is a huge cancer industry (they make trillions of dollars off treatments of cancer, never cures) so, duh, they want no competition from something natural that works, in a large enough dose that can prevent or heal from it. 


Here is the letter I got when trying to order some zeolite powder, the formula Zeolite Cancer (a must have for emergencies) I take as a preventative or before I go visit a sick friend/relative, going to a large public gathering, around sick kids or going on a cruise ship:

After 12 years of being on the market and helping people with no issues or consumer complaints, the FDA is looking at our products to say the active mineral zeolite is not safe (even though it is on the GRAS list, used in food products, used in pharmaceuticals, water filtration, animal feed, etc.). There seems to be some hidden agenda here that no one knows about, but it is clear that the FDA and pharmaceutical companies don’t like natural products that are helping people. In the spirit of cooperation with the FDA, we voluntarily halted sales until we can show all of the safety data to them and they have had a chance to analyze it. We hope to have some resolution soon. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and will contact you as soon as we resume selling.


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They want us to eat unhealthy foods (margarine, trans fats, industrial chemicals) but herbs, food, raw milk, natural foods without pesticides and antibiotics, and minerals, not on your life. Since I've discovered the impact of unhealthy chemical foods on my diet, I even use Organic Vitamins and supplements because I want to build health, not destroy it with chemicals. A prominent US Senator has been challenging their unethical methods of getting money from the chemical and GMO companies and trying to stop it. 


Zeolite for Cancer

Zeolite for Cancer works and that's why it is a threat to the cancer industry in CA because why would they want something for sale in therapeutic doses that actually stops the cause of cancer, so you don't need endless treatments (that cause cancer) that they make trillions of dollars off of!


Unfortunately when something natural like zeolite really works, (cancer cures, cannabis oil, etc, it is prohibited, because the chemical companies lose money if it actually works and cures people.) Annie's Organics and Bert's Bees are the latest examples). News sources also get corrupted, National Geographic was just bought out by Rupert Murdoch.  


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You can see how valuable this natural mineral is to your health. I haven't been sick in over 30 years, other than occasional sinus allergies (no vaccines either!) and regularly take Zeolite Detox.



Get Zeolite in California

Fortunately you can get zeolite-Av, which is the same high quality micronized zeolite pure powder, pharmaceutical and therapeutic grade! Just click on the banner below and get the gunk out of your brain and body and protect/restore your health:


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It's a friggin shame that we have an organization that is supposed to protect us against harmful things, and they instead approve the harmful things ($$$ are involved for sure) and natural foods and herbs can't be sold or have listed the health benefits (almonds, walnuts, hemp, apricot seeds, that kill cancer cells) and now zeolite (a natural mineral.)


I'm sure they don't want us to have any good protections for the cancer causing crap they are putting into our food (GMO and pesticides), Vaccine Dangers (mercury, viruses, thimerosal), Drinking Water Toxins (fluoride, pharmaceuticals, brain eating amoeba, etc). I'm glad I discovered the benefits of protecting myself with natural liquid zeolite and formulas that protect against heavy meals, radiation, and viruses.


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Listen to what Gary Null, Phd. (Holistic Health Researcher, Natural Health Advocate) has to say about why the FDA does not want natural remedies to be used (they call walnuts, almonds, apricots, herbal remedies and homeopathic medicine “unhealthy and harmful” while Doritos, Junk Foods, Radiation, Vaccines, Chemotherapy and Pharmaceutical Medications are Healthy” WTF? (what the frock, lol):



Zeolite Benefits

Pharmaceutical grade Zeolite Benefits. Zeolite has a whole lot of health protecting and restoring benefits that you need to know about: 

  • Natural Cancer Fighter (smothers out tumors safely, without toxic chemicals)
  • Natural Anti-Viral (coats viruses and pathogens so your immune system can detect them and kill them the way they are supposed to)
  • Safe Heavy Metal Detoxifier (removes, radiation particles, fluoride, mercury, lead, aluminum and many other toxic metals safely and quickly)
  • How to Boost Your Immune System so you're rarely ever sick and equipped to fight off whatever “bug” of the month is going around
  • Makes your body healthy Alkaline (disease is acidic)
  • Removes Free Radicals that cause aging and things like Alzheimer's and Arthritis
  • Now being shown to help diabetics remove excess glucose from the body

Zeolite is a natural mineral that is formed when a volcano erupts and the hot lava meets the cool sea water below. Nature has created something for almost any disease, illness or condition a person (or animal) may be exposed to. You can find out more about how zeolite works, and why it is the most important natural remedy and should be in your first aid kit at: Zeolite Reviews


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