Fluoride Toxicity

is fluoride toxic

Fluoride Toxicity

Is Fluoride Toxic? Fluoride toxicity is a real concern in our “civilized world.” Fluoride is a type of Heavy Metal (elemental heavy metal.) Heavy metals are a type of metallic substance that is toxic to your health and can cause all types of brain, nervous system, immune system and fluoride poisoning symptoms. Doing a fluoride detox (shown at the bottom of this page) safely and effectively gets rid of toxic fluoride safely and naturally. 

If you are using a fluoride toothpaste or are drinking fluoridated water (most city tap water is fluoridated) as is most bottled water. You need to do a Fluoride Detox so you can clear up a lot of “mystery” conditions in your body that are not commonly diagnosed, particularly skin issues, headaches, lowered immunity, brain fog and low energy. They are in many prescription medicines and even in vaccines.


The problem is not is fluoride toxic but how to avoid it and get it out of your body if you have accumulated fluoride in your body and brain. Sodium fluoride toxicity is a fact, it is a harmful poison and was a way for the chemical companies to get rid of the heavy metals released when making aluminum products.

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Sodium Fluoride Toxicity

Sodium fluoride toxicity. There are two main types of fluoride (natural fluorine and sodium fluoride.) Fluorine is a natural form of fluoride and should not be a problem for most people. Sodium fluoride is a toxin, particularly to your brain, nervous system, DNA, and immune system, but is sodium fluoride (not natural fluorine) accumulate (get stuck) in your body.


Particularly in your organs and fat cells, slowly poisoning you and damaging all your cells. It is important for your brain and immune system to cleanse the fluoride out of your brain and body safely and effectively so you don't get fluoride poisoning symptoms. There is a way to prevent fluoride toxicity and remove fluoride naturally and safely as you will now discover below.

is fluoride toxic

Dangers of Fluoride

Dangers of Fluoride. Toxic heavy metals like sodium fluoride are those metals that destroy you brain (Alzheimer's) shut off your immune system (Immune Disorders) accumulate in your joints (Arthritis) and even lead to cancerous tumors. Fluoride toxicity can build up in your body and cause hormone and immune system challenges. You will want to avoid fluoride in water and fluoride in toothpaste completely.


If you live in a city with fluoridated water use a water filter that removes fluoride. If you have mercury fillings, get them out safely! See a holistic dentist and have them replace them with safer and better looking ones. Use Zeolite, before and after so you don't get sick when you get them removed as many people do as it is a very effective way to Heavy Metal Detox naturally.

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Fluoride Effects on Brain

Some heavy metals are so toxic to the human body and cause genetic damage, immune system damage, nervous system and brain damage and even cancer. When you first ask yourself is fluoride toxic you will discover that it really is. Look at Fluoride Effects on Brain and nervous system tissues. Sodium fluoride accumulates and is stored in your organs, brain, joints, skin and fat cells.


Eventually they harm your immune system, and cause many illnesses like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, dementia, memory problems, nervousness, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, restless leg, liver disease and even organ failure.


You find toxic fluoride poison in your dentist office (mercury amalgam fillings, sodium fluoride, x-rays), in the water you drink and bathe in, and in the prescription medicines (Prozac) and vaccines you are encouraged (or forced) to take. Doing a zeolite based fluoride and heavy metal detox can help you feel much better, physically as well as mentally, usually in a day or two. You will most likely even lose a few pounds by doing the heavy metals detox.

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What Does Fluoride Do To Your Body

What Does Fluoride Do To Your Body? There are many negative effects of fluoride in your body. The harmful side effects of fluoride poisoning can be fatal (as shown on the label of any fluoride containing products, including rat poison!) Here are a few serious fluoride dangers:

  • bad abdominal pain
  • excessive salivation
  • nausea and vomiting
  • seizures and muscle spasms
  • inability to speak
  • numbness
  • autism

Sodium fluoride is a toxin. It is not there for your health. If you regularly use fluoride, you will always need dental work, and have headaches, constantly lowering intelligence (IQ) and weakened bones and immune system. You can also develop cancer and neurological conditions like Alzheimer's (dementia) or Parkinson's Disease

Fluoride in Toothpaste good or bad

Fluoride in Toothpaste

Fluoride in Toothpaste Good or Bad? Knowing the dangers of fluoride and the side effects of fluoride poisoning, you should now know that fluoride is bad for you. It does not help your teeth, it hurts your teeth by weakening tooth enamel, causes gum erosion and wipes out your immune system. Your teeth are directly connected to your brain and nervous system, that is why a toothache is one of the worst kinds of pain on the planet.


You should look into Holistic Dentistry where they use safe and effective tooth decay prevention and treatment as well as natural toothpaste that is poison fluoride free. You can reverse some of the damage by using natural tooth enamel restoration kits shown in the natural dentistry website above.

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Fluoride in Water

Why do they put Fluoride in Water? They fluoridate your tap water because “scientists” say it kills bacteria. Well it does do that. The problem is that it kills healthy bacteria and your immune system too. It poisons your brain, nervous system, bones, causes dental fluorosis or pits and cracks on your teeth. It is rat poison. It is really fluoride poison on tap and causes fluoride toxicity symptoms! It is very important to use a good water filter, do not leave it to chance.


Particularly for infants, children, seniors and even your pets. Fluoride is damaging to your brain, immune system, nervous system and leads to cancer. Removing fluoride from your water, rinsing your fruits and vegetables with pure filtered water and not using fluoride in toothpaste will help you avoid fluoride toxicity symptoms. You can prevent fluoride toxicity and also detox fluoride from your brain (particularly your pineal or 3rd eye gland) that allows you to experience vivid dreams and restorative sleep.

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How to Remove Fluoride from Water

How to Remove Fluoride from Water naturally. You will want to avoid drinking city tap water as most city water districts and municipalities fluoridate your water. Use the best Fluoride Water Filter you can get. I like the Pure Effect Filters for home water filters that remove fluoride and Berkey's for portable units. Always drink filtered water (get a Pure Effect Water Filter (shown above) for your sink or whole house fluoride removing water filter.


You can also use a portable gravity water filter called a Berkey Water Filter (#1 portable water filter in the world) because they remove toxic sodium fluoride. They also remove heavy metals like lead, mercury, flushed pharmaceuticals and vaccine ingredients, radiation (it has a zeolite filter in it) and leaves the water a healthy alkaline ph. Below is the best natural method to get rid of fluoride toxicity symptoms from your brain and body.

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How to Remove Fluoride from the Body

How to Remove Fluoride from the Body naturally. You can you protect your body by doing a regular Natural Fluoride and Heavy Metal Detox and that will detox fluoride toxicty from your brain and body. There are specific natural plants, herbs and minerals that trap and absorb fluoride toxicity from your body while not causing them to release into your bloodstream. If they did when you detoxed you'd get very sick or even become mortally ill.


I took these to prevent fluoride toxicity and as a natural heavy metal detox before I got my toxic mercury amalgam fillings removed (a whole mouth full) and didn't even get a headache. If you are using a fluoride toothpaste consider upgrading to a fluoride free toothpaste. If you are drinking tap water don't! They are filled with heavy metals that accumulate in your brain, shut off your immune system, cause infections in your body and zap your health!

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How to Detox from Fluoride

How to Detox From Fluoride.  Fluoride toxicity starts with your organs which store toxins (fluoride toxicity), your liver, your kidneys, and your thyroid can hold on to them until they get clogged up. You need to flush fluoride out of your brain, body and organs so they can do their job in keeping you healthy.

  • Zeolite Pure – The best natural supplement against radiation and toxic heavy metal poisoning, fluoride toxicity and exposure. Best way to detox fluoride from the body and brain.
  • Thyroid Support is a natural blend of the top herbs, minerals and nutrients that protect your thyroid from fluoride and radiation uptake and boost thyroid and metabolism
  • Maximum Detoxify It is a safe and natural fluoride and heavy metal detox supplement that gets toxins out of your fat cells and tissues
  • Tulsi Holy Basil extract is a natural Ayurvedic herb that is a natural heavy metal remover, it is particularly good at removing fluoride from the body
  • Pure Effect Water Filter – These water filters have zeolite in them so they can absorb radiation particles, heavy metal particles, as well as viruses! Chemtrail residues are now in our water supply as it’s sprayed into our tap water source. This filter absorbs heavy metals, including radiation and fluoride, glyphosates, chloramines, chemtrail chemicals, PCB’s, Morgellons's fibers, superbug viruses. Get it out of Your drinking water!

Use any combination of the above herbs and natural supplements to cleanse and remove fluoride toxicity safely out of your body. Restore your health and feel the benefits in a day or two. Very powerful way to clear your body and mind, and even drop a few pounds!

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