Yeast Infection Natural Remedies

natural remedies for yeast infection


Yeast Infection Natural Remedies

Yeast Infections are becoming more common by the day! There are plenty of reasons why this is happening and how to not be one of the people who suffer through this sometimes embarrassing and unhealthy condition. By choosing Yeast Infection Natural Remedies, you will learn how to not only stop and reverse chronic yeast infections, but how to prevent them (and many other serious conditions) as well. Yeast infections can happen to infants, children, men and women. They are most common in women and infants. When they happen to men, it’s usually called Thrush (an oral yeast infection.)


Yeast infections are actually fungal infections! It is an external response to a mostly internal condition whereas the body has become too acidic or from the use of prescription medicines and particularly antibiotics, which wipe out the healthy bacteria (probiotics) that usually prevent yeast infections. Oral yeast infections are also called Thrush, and men are most susceptible to this kind of yeast infection. Women usually get the candida variety or candidasis vaginal yeast infection. Men can get the penile yeast infection where you see some type of discharge that lets you know “Houston, we have a problem.” The causes of yeast infections are many but the cure for yeast infections is pretty simple. 


candida overgrowth symptoms


Causes of a Yeast Infection

There are many causes of a yeast infection. They can be internal or external. It depends on the type of candida symptoms you are experiencing. Most candida infections are referred to as candidasis. Here are the most common candidasis causes:

  • Overuse of Antibiotics (wipes out healthy bacteria that would normally protect you)
  • Taking Prescription Medicines
  • Radiation or Chemotherapy treatments
  • Steroid use
  • Wearing tight clothing in warm moist or wet conditions
  • Wearing inorganic clothing (rubber, synthetics)
  • Infrequent undergarment changes
  • Lowered immune system function
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Poor hygiene

If you are taking antibiotics or other strong medicines, make sure you do an internal cleanse, and then take probiotics to help your body’s internal system to be healthy and balanced again. If you are pregnant, try and give yourself a towel bath in all “wet areas” frequently or ask a friend or relative to help you. Look at the following symptoms of candida yeast infection to see if you are being affected by candida or thrush.


Candida Overgrowth Symptoms


Symptoms of Candida

The easy way to tell if you have any symptoms of candida overgrowth is to see if you are experiencing any of the following candida signs that usually get worse when you’re feeling a lot of stress:

  1. Candida usually shows up first on the skin. You may notice that you now have unexplained skin rashes or irritation, athlete’s foot, jock itch, hives, dry patches, psoriasis, rough skin on your arms, ringworm, tapeworm.
  2. Increased Genital or Urinary System Problems: vaginal discomfort, irregular menstruation, infertility issues, impotence, prostatitis, UTI infections or burning in that area, and vaginal or anal itching.
  3. More Allergies: mostly to food, but also to environmental toxins like smoke or exposure to chemicals.
  4. Fatigue: continual, but often more noticeable after eating.
  5. Gastrointestinal: poor digestion (constipation or diarrhea, gas, bloating, cramps, heartburn, nausea, gastritis, colitis, etc.)
  6. Excess carbohydrate cravings, for sweets and things like potato chips or crackers.
  7. Respiratory Issues like bronchitis, asthma, COPD, nasal or sinus congestion.
  8. History of skin problems
  9. Circulation issues, cold feet, feelings of arthritis joint pain, chronic and inflammatory conditions

These are the common signs of yeast infection. If you notice any of the above symptoms you should do a body cleanse and follow the natural treatment for yeast infections suggestions below. 


natural remedies for yeast infection


Yeast Infection Acidic or Alkaline?

Is a Yeast Infection Acidic or Alkaline? Like most chronic illness, diseases and conditions, yeast infection or candida are an acidic condition. Having an acidic body makes it likely you will get a yeast infection. Not only that but also you are a willing host for cancers, viruses, chronic illnesses like arthritis, gout, fungal infections, mold infections, diabetes, heart disease and painful inflammation in your body. They feed off the acids, which are usually due to eating too many carbohydrates, particularly those that are starchy or simple sugars and not enough fiber or healthy fats to move them out of your body quickly.


The best way to stop and prevent future yeast infections is to keep your intestinal flora (your body’s environment) balanced and healthy. Make your body more alkaline so it is no longer a good host for yeast, mold and fungal infections to thrive in. Natural remedies for yeast infection help you do just that, in a way that will stop it from coming back. Prescription yeast infection medications try to poison and kill off all yeast cells allowing mold, fungi and other harmful mycotoxins to take over. So you never fully recover and have recurrent yeast infections. You need some yeast to keep harmful bacterial in check. It is all about balance. Like they say in physics “for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.”


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Mycotoxins Test

Most of the yeast, fungus and mold (mycotoxins) are hidden in the foods you are eating. These spores may also be harmful to human because they produce toxic metabolites known as mycotoxins. Most mycotoxins are not destroyed during food processing or home cooking so you need to rinse your foods well and dry them off before cooking or eating. Certain mycotoxins cause allergic reactions and infections in those who have lowered immunity or an unhealthy intestinal flora. Younger and more mature people are more at risk as are those that are taking prescription medicines, chemotherapy and antibiotics. There is a much better way. If you are not sure, you can get a home Mycotoxins Test (pictured above) that will let you know for sure if you are being exposed to it from your foods or your home. They can be a little pricey but if you need to see if the mycotoxins are in your body or in your home you can get get rid of what is sapping your energy and health and finally feel better.


I discovered my chronic sinutitis (frequently due to mold and yeast fungus) and excess mucus were coming from mold and fungus in certain areas of my home. Like everything in this life you need to keep a natural balance to be in optimum wellness and prevent excesses that cause health challenges like excess mold, yeast and fungal infections. There is a natural probiotic based spray that you can use to prevent mold and fungus buildup that causes stuffiness and excess phlegm. It is called ProbioClean and it really helps.


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Skin Yeast Infection Rash

If you have itchy, scaly dry skin on any part of your body it is likely due to a fungal skin infection or Skin Yeast Infection Rash. They can show up on your face, body, hands or feet. I’ve had one of these before and they are particularly nasty. It was on my face and rather embarrassing and even painful. They are hard to get rid of it using powerful anti-fungal topical creams, essential oils like tea tree oil, castor oil and gloves. Nothing worked long term. I was suffering with this fungal / yeast infection on my face after going to a barber (must have been a dirty razor) and it affected me for 4 months. I had the answer in my home and didn’t even know it.


I had previously gotten a small jar of Organic CBD Cream and forgot about it. I had a dream about it and woke up with the idea to try it. It cleared my really bad scaly skin rash on my face in a few days! It is a natural pain reliever so I didn’t itch, it is a deep healing ointment so it stopped the dryness, it is antimicrobial so it stopped the skin rash infection from yeast or fungus. So now I highly recommend it for yeast or fungal infections on the skin over anything else, period! You can get the one I use and recommend by clicking on the following link: Organic CBD Skin Cream.


Holistic Yeast Infection Treatment


Best Treatment for Yeast Infection

The Best Treatment for Yeast Infection is knowledge of how to stop the lifestyle habits that allowed it to overtake your natural immune function and which natural remedies you can use to stop it now. There is a great holistic method in which you can prevent yeast infections and fungal infections for good, so they never return. It’s called Yeast Infection No More, and it gives you the exact guidelines to stop yeast infections for good. It’s highly recommended as you won’t need to take supplements as you will know exactly how to prevent fungal infections and yeast infections like candida naturally and for good. For more information click here or on the image above.


Here’s the absolutely most effective way to treat a yeast infection naturally:

  • Mycozil – Herbal Blend (Organic & Wildcrafted) Breaks Yeast Cell Walls and Stops Candida Growth, Reverses Fungal Infections, Toenail Fungal Infections, Yeast and Fungal Rashes.
  • Oil of Oregano – Organic Oil of Oregano is a natural antibiotic, anti fungal and anti yeast powerful natural medicine.
  • colloidal silver liquid – Chelated Silver is more absorbable than colloidal silver, and is the best antifungal silver you can get. It is also known for it’s ability to stop chronic UTI Infections when antibiotics fail.
  • Ellagic Acid is a natural antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. It also is a cancer preventative and tumor reducer. It is safe for your immune cells but causes aptosis (cell death) for cancer cells. It also is lethal for yeast infections and parasites.
  • Silver Oxide Ointment – Use this Organic Silver Oxide ointment on fungal rashes, fingernail or toenail fungal infections. It works when nothing else does. Can be combined with Mycozil and they will end any yeast or fungal infections on your skin. 
  • Oxy Powder – (use activated oxygen to stop the yeast causing sugars that are hiding in your intestines and feeding the mycotoxins that are stealing your health)
  • Add more Fiber to your diet
  • Take a daily bath with Epsom or Himalayan Pink Salt
  • De-stress your life (stress causes your body to become more acidic

The Mycozil is so important as from personal experience it is the thing that worked for me, when nothing else did. Including prescription anti-yeast and anti-fungal creams and medicines. They simply did not get rid of it completely. Mycozil (and Oregatrex) actually did. See the reviews of people that are using it successfully to stop and reverse their yeast and fungal infections quickly:



It is recommended to take 3 bottles of Mycozil. I started with one bottle, and it made a significant difference in my fungal infection. After I saw it working so well, I decided to get the other 2 bottles and it absolutely did what nothing else did (3 years with this problem!) Finally, finally get rid of your yeast infection. For more information click on the image below or Here!



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