Hormones and Weight Loss

Hormones And Weight Loss


hormones and weight gain


Hormones and Weight Gain

Hormones and Weight Loss vs Hormones and Weight Gain. Do hormones affect how we store fat and keep it there? Is there a type of natural human hormone that does the opposite and causes you to lose weight instead of keeping it on? It’s all about proper hormonal balance in men and women. Cortisol is called the stress hormone, and when it is high in your body, your body holds on to weight because it feels it’s in survival mode.


Human growth hormone (HGH)is the opposite of cortisol. It makes you feel calm yet energized. It uses your fat stores as energy instead of breaking down you muscle tissue for energy as cortisol does. If naturally maintained at healthy youthful levels, it can insure an attractive and fit body. If you don’t quite keep it up to healthy levels, it will lead to love handles, beer belly, low muscle to fat ratio, low libido, high blood sugar, low energy and metabolism, bad cholesterol and aged looking skin. Well, what exactly is human growth hormone (HGH)? It is the natural hormone that is produced by both males and females in different ratios. Using HCG drops can help your get your hormones balanced and turn off the fat storage switch naturally.


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Human Growth Hormones

Human Growth Hormones are “master” hormones of sorts, in that it controls or regulates how your other hormones respond to your daily life. It’s your environment and how you perceive it, that ultimately leads to healthy or low levels of this important hormone.  It has been referred to as the “fountain of youth” because it is present in our bodies at high levels when we are young, flexible and adapting.


This is just the start with natural Human Growth Hormone for weight loss and youthful radiance. That being said, there is one problem that we encounter when as we begin to age – the healthy human growth hormone levels begin to decline, and the opposite of the benefits becomes our new stark reality. But there is a simple way to get your hormones to work for you instead of against you. It’s called Natural HGH Supplements.


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HGH Benefits

Here are some of the HGH Benefits that you you can get by increasing your natural human growth hormone levels (which also decreases your stress hormone levels, and fat storage):

  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass to Fat Ratio
  • Speeds up Your Metabolism and Natural Fat Burning Furnace
  • Burns Abdominal Fat as Energy
  • Elevates Your Mood Level
  • Stabilizes Triglycerides (blood sugar)
  • Increases Healthy HDL Cholesterol and Lowers Unhealthy LDL
  • Keeps Your Mojo High
  • Gives You Boundless Energy

 Once you reach the age of 35-40 years, your natural human growth hormone (hGH) levels will have dropped to those of most seniors. We quickly begin to lose critical muscle mass, bone density, youthful skin and flexibility and our libido has us screaming for that little purple pill!  Our triglycerides (blood sugar) rises to unhealthy levels, our unhealthy LDL cholesterol skyrockets, and we begin packing on weight like we’re stranded on a desert island.


And we can’t seem to get it, or keep it off.  In fact we try diets of all kinds only to feel discouragement when we discover that diet and exercise alone aren’t working for us. You’re not alone on this, it’s a reality for most people in the world. It doesn’t have to be that way, and I’ll show you why.


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As you can see in the above picture Betsy has transformed her body and is looking and feeling better than she did 2 years ago. She not only lost over 80 pounds of fat, she added lean muscle mass, increased her bone density and improved her heart and cardio function. Natural Human Growth Hormone is a must-have supplement after you hit your 30’s (although professional athletes use this all the time for better performance and recovery).


You can and would be well advised to naturally elevate your growth hormone levels to a healthy and youthful state. You can’t do this effectively using external HGH supplements or even HGH or HCG injections. Although these do work and are very powerful, they also shut off your body’s human growth hormone production. So when you are not taking the stuff, you decline rapidly, and gain even more weight that when you started. Leading to more and more shots that become less and less effective.


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Weight Loss Hormone

A recent study by “The Palm Springs Life Extension Institute” using the weight loss hormone HGH to lose excess body fat, produced some very exciting results for those looking for a real solution to their weight loss goals and desires. Here is what they discovered over a two year period studying human growth hormone and weight loss results in the real world, with average Joes’ and Jills’ of all ages and backgrounds. Like the Richard Dawson of the Family Feud TV show used to say “2,000 people were surveyed and the actual results are…:”

  • 88% developed lean muscle mass
  • 84% demonstrated increased energy
  • 83% increased exercise intensity and endurance levels
  • 78% reported a greater overall sense of well-being
  • 72% experienced a huge decrease in stored body fat WITHOUT dieting
  • 61% experienced faster healing of injuries
  • 53% demonstrated and increase in flexibility

It helped them increase their HDL cholesterol levels to healthy youthful levels and raised their metabolism so they naturally burn more calories, even when they’re sitting at home reading a book, or showing off their new pictures to Facebook friends. 


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Increase HGH Naturally

Once you increase HGH Naturally you can start feeling more clear, have better skin tone with youthful elasticity and increase your natural mojo (Bob Dole would even be jealous.) In short, they became who they knew they really were on the inside. Now the outside appearance and attitude reflected it back to them in the mirror. Imagine hitting up your old lovers now, and showing them your new results! Dating sites (or even re-kindles flames) here I come!


And now it’s your turn to benefit from this remarkable human growth hormone for weight loss natural supplement. It is working for thousands of people, why not you? This formula is called Thin Mist and it will take your game to a whole new level. Watch this short video on Dr. Oz’s presentation on why you might want to try and boost your natural growth hormone levels to decrease fat storing cortisol:



HGH Supplements

Using natural HGH Supplements can get your fat burning hormones turned on and your fat storage hormones turned off. Thin Mist is a natural growth hormone activator. It will bring all the positive health, beauty and longevity benefits you’ve probably been looking for. Nutrition and Exercise are highly important to a healthy lifestyle. However diet and exercise alone will not get you there.


It’s time to take advantage of what science and technology are showing us about ourselves and use it to make our lives happier, and more productive. It doesn’t hurt to look and feel like your internal image of yourself wants to show off. Well, now you can. Thin Mist works on it’s own, and it can be supercharged if you also decide to choose healthy meals with some enjoyable body movements (walking, exercise, swimming or even Yoga/Tai-chi). 


Thin Mist

Get Thin Mist today and stop trying so hard, just get science on your side and experience a healthier and happier way to be the “You” that you know you really are. Click on the Thin Mist bottle below to start dropping excess body fat and looking and feeling your best – Guaranteed!


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Thin Mist Benefits:

  • Lose Abdominal Fat
  • Normalize Blood Sugar Levels
  • Balance Hormone Levels
  • Elevate Your Metabolism
  • Improve Your HDL Cholesterol
  • Curb Your Appetite
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • Tone Your Entire Body
  • Increase Bodily Flexibility
  • Increase Physical Endurance
  • Boost Your Libido and Mood
  • Experience More Energy!

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