Whole House Water Purification Systems

Whole House Water Purification Systems

 whole house water purifier



Water Purification Systems

Safe drinking water is a necessity of life! You can live without food for at least a month, but without clean drinking water, you have only days. You will discover the very Best Whole House Water Purification Systems, as well as the excellent Portable Water Filters that you can use on the go.


Water Filters are a necessity as they remove radiation, fluoride, pathogens and the prescription medications that other people are flushing into our water supply. Tap water is proven to be harmful to your health as it may contain brain eating amoeba – Don’t gable with your, or your family’s health. There is an easy solution, every house or backpack should have one in it. It’s a way to purify water, wherever you find it.


Our Tap water not only has harmful chemicals added like fluoride and chlorine, but also brain eating amoeba, flushed prescription medications like birth control pills that mess up your hormones and cause you to act emotionally or mentally unstable. This is serious stuff here, that most people don’t even realize. Dr. Mercola and Dr. Oz even showed segments where they tested the local tap water and found it unsafe for human consumption.



At the bare minimum everyone should be prepared for any energy stoppage at anytime. When the power goes out, so does the water district’s tap water filtering and even your home water purification.


Portable Water Purification Systems

Making sure you have at least a Portable Water Filter on hand, in your car, RV, camping kit or bug out kit, will be the best investment you make in you and your family’s health in case of any emergency or water system failure. Always make sure you have one (I have 3, because next to clean air, drinking water is the thing you will need access to first.)


You can be assured that even in the worst case scenario that you and your family have safe, clean water to drink by getting a Katadyn Pocket Water Filter or and Life Straw, that you can take with you (in your backpack, back of your car, or at least in storage). When a power outage or time when you can’t find safe drinking water, you’re totally prepared and can won’t experience the panic that others will have to face.


I recommend the Katadyn outdoor water filter to keep in your emergency kit, as it’s easy to travel with and is very durable. They also have the smallest 0.2 micron filtering (meaning it gets to the protozoa level of filtering) and is used even on muddy water! These are very solid units, and the only ones that have lasted. They have plastic models that are cheaper, and break within 7 months.


You can’t afford for it to break right when you need it! Berkey also makes some beautiful gravity water purifiers that can make and store a good amount of fresh clean and purified drinking water. They are the water filter to get if you need to get fluoride out as well as filter water from any source into clean, pure and great tasting drinking water. They last almost forever too, and look the best as well.


portable water purification system


I would still add some water purification tablets or substances like Zeolites if you are using the Katadyn just in case you run out and have to drink water that you’re not sure is completely safe. And don’t even think about using Brita or Pur for Contaminated Water or Radiation Exposure, it will do nothing for it at all!


Store the water in a stainless steel BPA free container, ceramic or other BPA free container. Use water purification tablets, but not Potassium Iodine (which is what makes iodized table salt) so dangerous. This salt is toxic, ask your doctor! Natural sea salt is beneficial. A little difference can make a big difference to your health.


iodine water purifier


Water Purification Tablets

Use the following natural water purification tablets or portable water purifiers to make sure that you don’t get really sick drinking water that contains radiation, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful toxins. These are very powerful, especially when you combine them.


Take them with you when you travel and you’ll not only save some money but you may also save your life. Finding a hospital in time, when you travel is not always guaranteed. The following are the best water purification tablets for making safe drinking water from any water source:


You should always have one or more of the above at your disposal to ensure you and your family have clean safe drinking water at any time. 


The best water purifiers are Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems, Water Distillation Filters and Alkaline Water Ionizers. You will see the benefits and drawbacks of each type of whole house water purification system below.



ro water filter


Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

Get a Top Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System that you can use at home and store the water in stainless steel, ceramic or BPA free plastic containers. You can also purchase water from a facility that does reverse osmosis or distillation, but you’re putting your faith that they have changed their filters regularly. Some do not!


I like to be sure myself, especially if there is radiation or some other chemical spill near my area. The following is a really good whole house reverse osmosis water purification system that I recommend to remove the radioactive toxins and chemicals from the tap water: Reverse Osmosis Water System 


best water distillers


Water Distillers

You can get a counter-top Water Distiller system, that will distill water – a few gallons a day. This is probably the easiest way to purify your water. These units usually come with other filters as well as the distillation process. It’s more plug and play than Reverse Osmosis. One of the things I like about it is that you can take it with you wherever you go, on trips where you don’t know how good the water quality is. It doesn’t remove all the fluoride or radiation particles as well as Reverse Osmosis but it’s more cost effective for those on a budget.


It’s great when you’re detoxing, as it removes most all minerals. Just remember to not use it long-term, as it will remove the minerals from your bones and body. It’s good to remove excess calcium from your pineal gland, arteries and blood vessels, and even helps with arthritis by cleaning out the deposits in your joints. Remember to add your ionic minerals to re-mineralize and alkalize the water if you plan to use it long-term. You can also get a portable water alkalizer (which makes ionic water – puts the minerals into it automatically). You don’t have to guess.


countertop water ionizer


Alkaline Water Ionizers

This is by far the best thing you can do. Ionization creates the highest quality and best tasting drinking water. It is highly purified and highly alkaline drinking water, that can help your body heal from many conditions just by drinking it regularly. You can re-mineralize and alkalize regular drinking water with ionic minerals.


This also goes for water treated with reverse osmosis or distilled water, because all the minerals have been filtered out, making the water extremely acidic and unhealthy. You don’t need to do this for ionic water, as it is already in it’s most energetic and mineralized state. Listen to what a brain injury specialist has to say about how it transformed her own health, from highly inflammatory to very healthy:



The best overall method for water purification is getting your own home water ionization countertop water ionizer. I like Tyent USA’s selection of water ionizers, as they are the best at transforming ordinary tap water into healing and rejuvenating, deliciously hydrating water.


These water ionizers purify your water of pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoa), change your water’s pH structure to alkaline, and transform your water into a powerful antioxidant.  If you are on a budget and still want superior water filtration without the higher cost of a water ionizer, then I highly recommend the PureEffects Water Filter. It has zeolite powder in it that can filter out radiation, heavy metals, bacteria and even viruses.


shower filter

Shower Filters

The last part of our water purification and filtration system is a good shower filter. You absorb about 2 glasses of water (and all the things in the water, like chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical products, pesticides and many other harmful toxins) each time you take a shower. Even more for steam baths and showers. The warmer the water the more you absorb.

It is important that you catch this before it enters your body. Many allergies (and skin rashes) actually come from using untreated tap water showering and bathing. This connection has already been made for asthmatics using public pools with just the chlorine and fluoride in the water. Get a really relaxing shower or bath with a water purifying Shower Filter or Bath Water Filter.


best water purifiers


Best Whole House Water Purification Systems

The Best Whole House Water Purification Systems have separate stage filters that are powerful enough to remove all contaminants, including radiation, fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals, sediment and can improve the taste, odor and pH levels of your family’s drinking water. Alkaline water is optimal too because it has very powerful health benefits, like anti-aging, cancer and disease prevention, muscle soreness and recovery and actually refreshes completely!


The AquaSana water system is the best one I’ve ever seen. It does all of the above and it’s made in the US and is even BPA free! Click on the Aquasana Water Filter Review below to see what they remove and how you can get one installed and improve your health starting now!


best whole house water filter


We are what we absorb, so start absorbing the best water you can get and FEEL the difference – Mind, Body and Spirit!



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