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What is Omega 7? Benefits Inflammation and C-Reactive Protein.

What is Omega 7? It’s Benefits are Lowering Inflammation and C-Reactive Protein.


Omega 7 Benefits

Natural-Omega-7-Palmitoleic-AcidOmega-7 fatty acids are a recently discovered type of healthy fat (fatty acid) that is usually in a purified palmitoleic acid form. This ultra healthy fatty acid is a pure anti-inflammation nutrient and has powerful heart protecting benefits as well.


It’s a well documented fact that most of our diseases are ultimately caused by our bodies being in a prolonged state of chronic inflammation. Anything we can do to de-stress our lives, particularly in our diets can add years to our lives and probably even save it from heart disease.


The Benefits of Omega 7:

  • Rapidly Reduces Chronic Inflammation
  • Lowers C-Reactive Protein
  • Decrease Insulin Resistance (diabetes, metabolic syndrome)
  • Protects against Atherosclerosis and Arteriosclerosis
  • Lowers LDL Cholesterol (the bad kind that can clog arteries)
  • Helps Relieve Impotence
  • Improves Cardio Function

What’s even better is that there are no side effects to taking Omega 7 Supplements. They are a highly purified form of the healthy omega fatty acids, that quenches the burning inflammation in your cardiovascular system as well as your whole body.


Who is Recommending Omega 7 Fatty Acids?

dr. mike rozienThe Healthier You Doctors; Dr. Oz and Dr. Rozien, that’s who. Among many others, including those who discovered it at Harvard Medical School and other Cardiology research centers like the Cleveland Clinic (where Dr. Rozien practices), and the Universities of Hawaii and Japan.


Just by adding this one natural omega 7 supplement to your daily diet, you can drastically lower your chronic inflammation (which will also help ease and even prevent arthritis buildup in your joints), lower your C-Reactive protein, raise your healthy HDL Cholesterol and Lower your unhealthy LDL cholesterol levels.



Dr. Rozien on What Causes Atherosclerosis and Chronic Inflammation:

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You will be quenching the excess acidity in your body and getting a cardiovascular cleaning that will have you feeling much better, as it will lower your blood pressure over the long term. If you add some daily activity to your supplementation, then you will add many years of quality as well as quantity to your life.


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