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How to Use EFT

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How to Use EFT to Feel Better Now


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How EFT Can Drastically Improve Your Life

Modern Medicine and Science has finally caught up to what really makes us tick, or sometimes even tock. Recent medical studies have clearly shown that acupuncture meridians actually exist, in exactly the locations that ancient traditional Chinese medical doctors have known and used successfully for thousands of years. It can be tested and shown that there is electrical stimulation that can be measured to be exactly where it was said to be centuries ago, now validated by current scientific testing and evaluation.



What’s even more groundbreaking is the fact that you don’t need to go to an acupuncturist office to get a treatment using needles and pins. You merely tap on specific acupuncture points and actually re-program the source of the problem so you no longer have any symptoms. Gone in an instant!  With this Tapping Therapy the problem is removed from the source, meaning no more symptoms for good.


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Here’s What EFT Tapping Does For You:

  • Stop your body from an Anxiety or Panic Attack Instantly
  • Permanently Remove Life-Long Phobias in an instant, even PTSD
  • Fear of Flying? No More! You will actually laugh at Turbulence!
  • Water Phobia? Gone. You are now at ease, even in the deep end.
  • Public Speaking Paralysis? No more having to imagine people in their underwear!
  • Arthritis – Helps with Arthritis Stiffness and Pain (Can Help with Back Pain too)
  • Weight Loss Cure – Reprogram the Body’s Response to Food – No Need for it to Store Excess Calories any longer
  • Asthma Attacks? Stop the unnecessary immune response and wheezing in seconds.
  • Depressed? Reprogram the ANT’s (Automatic Negative Thoughts) AND Replace Them Permanently
  • Unstoppable Self-Confidence that You Control at the Tap of a Switch
  • Superior Performance (Athletic, Sports Performance, Social, Educational) Just Tap In!


This is just scratching the surface of what you can do with the newest Tapping Solution DVD. It is now being used in major medical communities and hospitals now. EFT Tapping is continuing to evolve and with it, the understanding of how to heal whatever ails the human condition. This method is helping many others just like you right now heal conditions and personal phobias that they have been unable to cure or even face for their entire lifetime.


Stanford Geneticist Dr. Bruce Lipton on EFT


Dr. Bruce Lipton, a world respected cellular biologist and best selling author of “Biology of Belief“, is about to explain to you why he considers EFT to be the key to “unlocking your personal genius.”


Do Not Miss This Video! It is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and explains why this is so important to the future (and now) of humanity. Did you know that your thoughts can make you sick, broke and unhappy? Bruce shows you why regular “positive thinking” doesn’t work and how you can use EFT to reprogram your mind to get what you want in life.


Other people who are successfully using this to re-engineer their health, finances and social networking skills are: Jack Canfield, Cheryl Richardson, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joesph Mercola, just to name a few.. You can find some excellent books on the subject as well, here is one of the easiest to use with good illustrations: EFT Tapping Guide


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