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Stop Smoking Help


How To Stop Smoking For Good

quit cigarettes with katherine hegelCigarette Smoking is so addictive because it affects our whole nervous system (including how we think, the mood we are in, and how we perceive what is happening in our lives. And that is why it is difficult to tackle alone without some form of quit smoking help. Sometimes a simple true story is more powerful that all the no smoking campaigns in the world.


The Story of the Marlboro Man

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the Marlboro Man, who bought the hype that “smoking is healthy” and became the official spokesperson for smoking. He called non-smokers “wimps and weaklings.”  However, we know how he spent his short retirement. It wasn’t roaming the open prairie, it was roaming the surgical, radiation and chemotherapy wards of hospital after hospital, and suffered in pain and agony in a nursing home.


On his deathbed, he scribbled on paper (he could no longer speak – his throat muscles were cut out) how he had been misled by the tobacco company, and he wished he could have his life back again. He won a huge settlement against the tobacco company, but his life was over – he could never get that back. All his money was spent on painful hospital treatments. His last painful years were spent without being able to eat normal food (through a straw), no more kissing or enjoyment of love making, or even intimacy. Even a kid could push him over. – So much for that wimp theory!


If you’re serious about moving ahead from smoking cigarettes (it’s the inhaling of smoke that is the most dangerous part of smoking), I’m here to make sure you don’t have to do down that road.  My parents were both smokers, and both are no longer with us. They were not even that old, but they did look so because of heavy smoking.


Benefits You Get When You Stop Smoking Cigarettes:

  Look Better than You ever have
  Power & Control over your life (you can ditch the crutches)
  Increased Self-Confidence and Will Power
  Attract over twice as many friends and partners
  A Lot of Money (more than $1,000 extra per year in your pocket)
  Lower insurance premiums
  Being able to sit where you want in a restaurant, bar or anywhere with no stress
  Greater Health, Fitness and Endurance
  Look more attractive
  Be able to savor the flavor of white potatoes (most smokers can’t taste it)
  You’ll sleep better at night

Here’s What You Lose When You Quit Smoking?

  Cancer Risk reduces by 1700%
  Heart Attack and Stroke Risk Reduced
  Chance of getting your Limbs Amputated
  Emphysema, COPD and Bronchitis Risk Reduced
  Sluggish Brain (Oxygen is deprived from the bloodstream and brain)
  Yellow Teeth and Brown Finger Nails
  Wrinkled and Old Looking Pale Skin
  Doctor’s Visits (you’ll reduce your overall need to see a doctor)

girl smokingEverybody knows what eventually happens to people who chose to smoke: Cancer (Lungs, Mouth and Throat), skin wrinkling, brown or yellow teeth and nails, loss of the sense of taste and smell, weakened immune system and you’re prone to getting sick and just not feeling very good frequently. And, that’s just from the smoke, we haven’t touched the Nicotine yet!

The Nicotine Addiction

The in Nicotine in cigarettes immediately stimulates and relaxes the body at the same time. It’s almost like Irish Coffee or Red Bull and Vodka. But because cigarettes are inhaled, it takes only seven to ten seconds to reach the brain — twice as fast as intravenous drugs and three times faster than alcohol. Once it hits the brain, it induces the actions of adrenaline, a hormone, and acetylcholine, a powerful neurotransmitter that sets off the brain’s waking state and puts in on alert.


After taking a few puffs, the nicotine level in the blood skyrockets, the heart beats faster and blood pressure increases. Result: smokers become more alert and may actually even think and react faster to certain things. In addition, nicotine may produce a calming effect by triggering the release of natural opiates called beta-endorphins. Thus a smoker literally commands two states of mind — alertness and relaxation. That’s why it’s so important to address the nicotine connection first. Just step into a new socially alive scene with your high tech e-smokes. 


Nicotine’s Double Bind

Nicotine affects the whole body and mind of the person who chooses to smoke. It starts constricting blood vessels and starts slowing down circulation in the body and face (that’s why you see a red face in when someone is smoking) and diminishes circulation in the extremities, often causing the chills in the arms and legs. It relaxes your muscles and suppresses the appetite for carbs, and you’ll notice a lot of smokers are thin. The body doesn’t store nicotine but smokers maintain a constant level in their blood by smoking regularly. It controls our moods and performance and that’s what makes it so powerfully addicting.


Even with all this going on in our bodies and minds,we can stop smoking cigarettes if we have a complete smoking help program in place, and we do here. Although ex-heroin users have reported that tobacco’s grip was harder to break than their illicit drug habit, 43 million Americans have managed to quit smoking, mostly succeeding on their own. Increasingly, though, the one-third of all Americans who still smoke are seeking smoking help and support programs, which generally stress that the tobacco habit is a treatable addiction. Thomas Kottke, a senior consultant at the Mayo Clinic says the Best way to Quit Smoking is to combine several approaches with plenty of long-term support for the struggling nonsmoker.

Easy Ways to Stop Smoking

It’s important to read encouraging stories of other previous long term smokers who have quit smoking cigarettes completely. Also, it is wise to find an alternative to the nicotine (the addictive substance in cigarettes) like a patch, electronic cigarettes or herbal homeopathic support, which will give the body a substance that looks like nicotine, but non- addicting, allowing you to break free from the smoking habit completely!


Homeopathy is a very unique system of medicine because the ingredients are used at levels that are not toxic, with no negative side effects and are effective at releasing the taste and desire to smoke. The science of homeopathy is over 200 hundred years old, and is based on the premise that certain natural substances can stimulate the body’s own healing systems – allowing the body to heal itself. Use this nicotrol pack to get relief before, during and after your stop smoking. And you stay quit!


Hypnosis and NLP To Quit Smoking

I totally recommend NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) or Hypnosis to Quit Smoking to help you change habit behaviors and memories (triggers) that seem to cause you to have to smoke.  This is re-inventing yourself at the core level.  This is where this change, or any change (even phobias) can be successfully changed once and for all.  This is deep stuff, but will help every aspect of your life.  I personally use it every time I have an issue that is brought to my attention that I really want to change.  Using this I can do it every time!


There are even brainwave entrainment for nicotine addiction frequencies that can help you quit smoking cigarettes by interfering with the brain waves that are shooting out “the jitters” that normally call for a smoke break.  Do this and you’ll get a break from smoke instead, and feel really good about yourself!

Ready To Quit Smoking Now?

If you are a smoker or are helping a smoker break free, then “How to Quit Smoking” is a powerful ally.  It will help you in the “between times” replace your cravings with an activity and make the healthy switch naturally.  It will give you step by step instructions on how to stop smoking cigarettes quickly and permanently. Just click the banner below to begin your new exciting life and break free today!


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