Premature Ejaculation

Does your fortune cookie read “come too soon?”



Premature Ejaculation

male enhancementIf you’re tired of your lover calling you “the minuteman?” How would feel if they started calling you the “marathon man” instead? Plain and simple, we will show you how you can last longer in bed. It’s not rocket science, but we can show you how to blast off at the right time so your mission is accomplished every single time!

I’m sure you know that your lover will probably share their intimate secrets with their own circle of influence.  Don’t get graded with an “incomplete” on your report card!  If you follow these tips on how to prolong ejaculation (long ejaculation) your masculine stock will soar, and you will be the envy of most every other person who is “all show, and no go!”


Pre Ejaculation Precoce

To combat pre ejaculation syndrome, (erectile dysfunction or ED) you must make your mind your best friend first.  This is about learning to not only control but master your body’s timing signals. I recommend practicing visualizing how your scenario usually unfolds for you (how the sexual routine usually begins and ends). Now, you will want to learn when you’re about to “shoot the moon” and quickly switch to performing math calculations in your head.


You can learn to be in complete control by using binaural beats mind machine which uses USB light and sound control to practice timing your release and sustained pleasure moments. Once you get this, you can use it on almost anywhere you need help or to get a definite advantage from now on.


When you get your left brain into it, you’re right brain won’t be running on auto pilot, and you won’t blast off prematurely and you can increase ejaculation time. Natural Testosterone Boosters and Brainwave Stimulation Beats (they have one specifically for help stopping Erectile Dysfunction) can make for the winning combo and get you right on time, every time.


Premature Ejaculation Treatment

There is also a premature ejaculation treatment that will help make the process last like long, hard satisfying workout, where both people are experiencing ecstasy at the same time.  Time to enlist Enlast, to help you pound the pavement like a marathon man, not a minuteman!  Enlast is a natural herbal formula that many call the premature ejaculation cure.


Last longer in bed

You can learn how to completely control how hard and how long you last. It’s always wise to have a plan “B” just in case you haven’t learned how to do it yet, or have just gotten into an argument at home. In this case having a little sure fire hardener can make you last when it’s absolutely important to. Discover it today, and give your lover more than they can swallow tonight!  


Stop Premature Ejaculation

Practice with your visualization and including the adding, subtracting or multiplying for a minute or two. You will get the best results if you practice this when you are at rest, particularly first thing in the morning before you get up, or right before you go to sleep. Your brain wave pattern will move into a phase called “alpha” or “theta” which is where the subconscious mind takes over and makes this “new habit” the one that happens, replacing the old habit of premature ejaculation.

That will train your body to not shoot till you see the whites of your partner’s eyes! Master the male ejaculation technique and you will have your lovers wanting to give you a whole night of passion. You can combine this technique with some natural herbs that can be topically applied to have your weapon clip load up, but not fire until ready. You will be amazed at how good this really works! And so will your partner!


Don’t leave your future up to chance, learn how to be hard and stay hard when you need to. She won’t slip through your fingers anymore. Have her tell her friends about how good you were and not the other way around!


This time you’re going to actually be able to enjoy the women of your dreams – from the hot start to the “asleep in your arms” incredible connection you just made.  Your services will be in demand again, and again! Click The Ejaculator Trainer below and find out exactly how to be ready tonight for anything that comes up – like that hot babe you just invited over!

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