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Radiation Protection

  Radiation Protection


radiation exposure


Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure, particularly from a nuclear explosion is extremely dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. It is showing up in our rain water here in the United States at levels 1,333% above safe levels of cesium radiation. What this means is that where a lot of the whole world’s food production is now contaminated with radioactive isotopes, as well as the water that goes into the water supply. There are some good Radiation Protection tips you need to know that can save you from getting sick with radiation sickness or cancer.


That means crop irrigation as well as drinking water for all those south of the mountains where the western U.S. gets it drinking water. You can test the level of radiation in your own area by getting a simple hand held radiation detector. Here is some charts that show how radiation affects the body:


how radiation affects the human body

To see how radiation affects the body by amount click here


Effects of Radiation Exposure

Here are some of the most common effects of radiation exposure:


  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Hair Loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Digestive Problems
  • Fertility Problems
  • Trouble Swallowing
  • Skin Rashes and Irritation
  • Radiation Sickness


The effects of radiation sickness and poisoning can be extremely harmful to all living things. The effects of exposure to radiation include cancer, genetic DNA and reproductive damage, hormonal damage, and thyroid blockage. We are told by the “medical experts” to take potassium iodide and that will keep us safe. It is purported that potassium iodide will clog up the thyroid gland and stop radiation from spreading throughout our bodies. This is simply not true.


Potassium Iodide is not a solution at all. It is actually an toxin to our systems, it is the same thing as simple table salt (KI, the kind your doctor warns you to not take too much of). It it not Sea Salt, which is the healthy alternative and not a toxin. It is used to sell potassium iodide (potassium iodine) tablets primarily. I would not have a problem with this if it worked, and if it was not toxic. But it is so I would steer clear of this toxin. There are far better solutions that are not only non-toxic but actually work!


Radiation detected in foods and drinking water in California:


Radiation Sickness

You can become seriously ill if you do nothing about this! It can cause cancer, radiation sickness, physical deformities in your body, and your children, and yet to be born children. Please take a few precautions and stock up on a few items that can help you and your family avoid being contaminated with this radiation.


Full avoidance may not be possible, but there are measures you can take if you do get exposed to some of the toxic radiation. There is one type of natural substance that can trap and detox harmful nuclear radiation from your body and water. These special radiation pills made of natural zeolite (for the body ) or Adya Clarity to purify water can very well save your health and even your life.


liquid zeolite


Radiation Pills

The best Radiation Pills are called zeolites. Zeolite is a natural crystal mineral that has the unique ability to attract, trap and remove radiation particles from your body safely. They are the best supplement for radiation protection you can find. They even make a water filter with radiation absorbing radiation in it for those that live near a contaminated area or one with toxic heavy metals.


It is highly recommended for exposure to heavy metals and radiation by David Wolfe, a naturalist and master nutritionist, and major naturopathic and homeopathic physicians. It is by far one of the best natural remedies for radiation on the planet. They have either liquid zeolite or zeolite powder, as well as Adya Clarity which you add to your water supply. I prefer the powdered myself because that is what was used in Chernobyl and proved effective in detoxing nuclear radiation poisoning.


Adya Clarity

Black Mica is formed when volcanoes erupt and react to the sea water below. Zeolites are formed as well as black mica from which Adya Clarity is extracted in a purified form. David Wolfe highly touts it’s benefits to detox from Radiation Exposure, sickness or poisoning. It should be in every first aid or emergency survival kit. Black Mica and Adya clarity minerals are natural water purifiers and the zeolite it forms detox your body of radiation, viruses, heavy metals, cancers and toxins in general.


Add it to any water that you think may be exposed to radiation, bacteria, viruses or other toxins. You can get Adya Clarity 2oz bottle for travel, and have the Adya Clarity 16oz and Adya Clarity 32oz bottles at home to refill the travel bottle and to put in your survival kit. Highly recommended in these uncertain times with contaminated water. Make sure your water is safe to drink – buy black mica extract or Adya Clarity and have clean drinking water anytime, anywhere. Click on the bottle below for the size you need.


Adya Clarity, 2 fl. oz. (Magnetic Sulfate Minerals)
Adya Clarity, 16 fl. oz. (Magnetic Sulfate Minerals)
Adya Clarity, 32 fl. oz. (Magnetic Sulfate Minerals)
Adya Clarity 2oz
Adya Clarity 16oz
Adya Clarity 32oz


Radiation Detox

If you can get a Geiger Detector and test the level for yourself. If you just want to be sure, here are the best ways (listed in the order of importance) that you can protect yourself from nuclear radiation poisoning’s harmful effects by doing a regular Radiation Detox:

Zeolite Detox: Get some natural zeolites (zeolit)

Nano-Colloidal Nascent Iodine (Detoxes, Protects and Energizes Your Thyroid Gland)

Ginseng: A good Blended Ginseng modulates the body’s ability to remove radioactive debris

Kelp: (bio-available Iodine – one of the natural foods that fight radiation exposure. Make sure to get this from clean sources farthest away from radiation spills – North Atlantic Kelp is the best.)

Humic Acid: (Humic and Fulvic acids break down radiation and heavy metals accumulated in the body.)

Ashwagandha: Use the full spectrum tonic herb that helps the thyroid remove radiation (converts T4 to T3)

Organic Sea Salt: Choose a fine ground sea salt for natural protection to help your body detox radiation

Medicinal Mushrooms: Very Powerful Immunity Builders


earthing kit


Radiation Protection Products

Use these excellent Radiation Protection Products to keep the radiation from staying in your body and damaging your DNA, bone marrow, immune system and organs. Grounding: (also called Earthing, read the book by Dr. Sinatra and you’ll be blown away by how this can positively affect your health, even arthritis!) Earthing will allow radiation to flow through you into the ground, and lessen it’s affect upon your body.  I sleep and use my computer using these earthing pads and they are saving my health!


I learned about this important natural detox method by watching the longevity now videos series by David Wolfe. What earthing or natural grounding really means is being in direct contact with the earth, sea, lake, grass, dirt, even concrete (not asphalt as it contains insulating materials). The earth’s energy field gives off electrons which fuse with disease causing oxidants and radioactive materials and allow them to dissipate into the ground.


emf protection device



EMF Radiation Protection

They give you superior EMF Radiation Protection. You can even see the results of these grounding pads with a simple voltmeter and see when you’re connected how the harmful EMF’s (you an test this for yourself with a simple home EMF Detector) drop when you’re in contact with them! Or a sleeping pad which will rejuvenate you as you sleep. It even helps with back trouble, arthritis and insomnia. Try earthing 45 minutes a day if you can.


Wearing a EMF Pendant can also help when you’re near WiFi devices or using a cellphone. It mimics the effect of barefoot contact with the earth and magnetic field, or even touching plants or trees. You can use your EMF Pendant when you’re going to be around a high tech area to keep yourself safe. Check out these pendants that you can wear that will let those harmful EMF waves pass through you, instead of into you. For more information visit EMF protection.

nascent iodine


Foods to Eat During Radiation Treatment

If you or someone you love are going through a harmful medical radiation treatment, then there are specific foods to eat during radiation treatment that can help minimize the sickness and cancer causing effects of the treatment. Eating these foods help anyone who may be going through a modern cancer treatment like radiation, surgery or chemotherapy. The chemicals make you sick because they are poisoning your body.


Zeolites and specific radiation foods can really help protect your body and immune system from being damaged irreparably. Anything from the sea is a natural source of iodine, all seafood and sea vegetables that are from a clean area. Sea Salt and Nascent Iodine (Detoxadrine) are great additions as well. Click the following link for a complete list of foods that fight radiation sickness.


zeolite water filter



Radiation Water Filter

If your water may be contaminated get a radiation water filter like the pure effects water filter. It has natural zeolite crystals in it that remove radiation better than anything else. You an also try using reverse osmosis (RO) and then adding Adya Clarity which is black mica extract (which a lot of it naturally and paradoxically comes from the volcanoes of Japan) to your water. Don’t use Brita for Radiation exposure, as it will not do anything for it at all! For more information see: Reverse Osmosis System Reviews.


You can however pray or add positive intention into your water (proven by the brilliant humanitarian and scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto to improve the structure of the water.) If you take the necessary precautions you can come out of this with complete health. Other than moving to an uncontaminated area, this gives you by far the best chance of not becoming sick with radiation poisoning.


Also, do not take Potassium Iodine tablets, as they may be really harmful and have a lot of negative side effects as well as not being effective against nuclear radiation sickness. Use Nascent Iodine instead as this is the one that that will protect your thyroid from taking up radiation and keeping you healthy.


Visit the following page for a complete guide to portable water purifiers and Whole House Water Purification Systems. You most certainly can come out of this with your health!  Please remember this quote in times of challenge “And This Too Shall Pass.”


pure effect filters



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  3. Get a geiger detector and make sure where you live and the foods and water you drink is safe. If it detects radiation, immediately use Naural Zeolite to make sure you get it out of your body asap!

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