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What is Nutrition?



Nutrition is Energy.  It is the is your body’s building blocks and the cornerstone to your health. Everything that you put into your body becomes your body. If you want a better looking body, one that performs at maximum peak level, and one that is energetic, then be careful of what you allow into your body.


Healthy Diet GirlChoose Organic produce and food sources as much as possible. Genetically Modified or Genetically Engineered foods are harmful to your body, and will slowly poison your body, particularly your mind. They weaken your muscles, clog up your arteries, age you quicker, make you sicker, and even unravel the strands of your DNA so you can’t even create normal healthy cells again. These will age you, make you feel lethargic and sick, and eventually kill you and your loved ones.  Stay away from them as much as possible.


Avoid dietary toxins like Fluoride, Chlorine, and pharmaceuticals in your drinking water – get it purified. Avoid Aspartame, also known as NutraSweet and Equal. Avoid extra MSG. Read labels on the foods you purchase, and look for healthy alternatives. Also, do not feed this to your kids, it is the actual CAUSE of ADD, ADHD and other common childhood disorders (along with the toxins it the vaccinations).


Detoxify your body by going on a healthy diet and nutritional program. Exercise and saunas help your body release stored toxins and help repair broken DNA from GMO foods.


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Be Fit and Healthy and you will also be Happy!