What is Ionized Alkaline Water?

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What is Ionized Alkaline Water?


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Ionic Water

Drinking Ionic Water is by far the number one best thing you can do to greatly improve your health and fitness performance level. Our bodies are affected at a very deep level by the quality (or lack of it) of the water we bring into them. Studies show that most illnesses are inflammatory in nature, and the main cause of inflammation in the body is because it is overly acidic. Most foods and drinks we consume are very acidic and lead us to look and feel “tore up from the floor up” so to speak.


Alkaline water ionization is making a huge difference in my own life, as an amateur bodybuilder and health professional, the way I look, feel and perform means EVERYTHING!  Ionized water creates the highest quality (structured, micro-clustered, alkaline and mineralized) and best tasting drinking water.


None of the other water purification systems does it all. Water can be acidic (low pH levels) or alkaline (high pH levels.) Acidic foods, drinks and water causes your body tissues to oxidize rapidly (age and lose their healthy electrical quality) which rates high on the oxidant scale measured in ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential).


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The higher the number, the faster it will age you and cause disease in your body. That’s why you have to take anti-oxidants to help stop the rapid cellular aging and disease if you consume acidic high +ORP foods and drinks, including tap and bottled water.


Alkaline Ionized Water (Ionic Water) is the antidote to high acidosis and helps decrease cellular aging. It has it’s full electrical potential and will fully hydrate you, much better than any sports drinks (which are usually highly acidic). Take a look at the ORP chart below to see how water and some beverages stack up:

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Benefits of Drinking Ionic Water

Discover why something as simple as drinking Ionic Water makes such a huge difference in your life:

  • Creates Health in all body tissues (removes excess acidity)
  • Deeply Hydrates all cells in your brain and body
  • Makes blood less sticky (and prone to anemia)
  • Energizes you (has natural electrolytes and is highly alkaline PH level)
  • Removes the cause of many illnesses and conditions (anti-inflammation)
  • You can think, move and perform at your best

Listen to what Jason Fowler (a prominent microbiologist) says as he demonstrates the power of using a powerful Water Ionizer by analyzing the blood oxygen level in a woman, before and after drinking ionic water:



Alkaline Ionized Water vs Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Water

Water treated with a reverse osmosis filter or water distiller are great for removing impurities but they leave the water acidic and unhealthy. They are unhealthy because all the minerals have been filtered out, making the water extremely acidic and unhealthy. They are still much better than tap water because of all the toxins, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, radiation, heavy metals, giardia and other pathogens in tap water. My advice is not to risk your health, and get the best water ionizer you can. It will be something that you can look back to as a turning point in your health and productivity!


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How to Make Ionic Water

It is highly purified and highly alkaline drinking water, that can help your body heal from many conditions just by drinking it regularly. There are a couple of things you can do to immediately improve your health and that of your family. You can re-mineralize and alkalize regular drinking water:

  • Ionic Minerals (remember to use after RO or Distillation to re-mineralize and alkalize – not needed for ionic water)
  • Alkapod – Portable water ionizer for those on the go (has Zeolites in it)
  • Hybrid – Home or travel unit (very high quality)
  • Genesis – The highest quality home water ionizer
  • Revelation – Under sink completely installed home unit (Set it and forget it!)

Bottled water that is ionized can be a quick fix but should not be the staple of your drinking water. The plastic bottles bleed plastic into the water, especially if the temperature is warm or your bottle is in direct sunlight. There is also the huge pollution problem along with the cost to the environment and waste disposal. You can help by using BPA Free (the cancer causing chemical in most plastic water bottles) stainless steel or thicker bottles that you can wash and reuse (filing them with your own ionic water, of course!)


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Alkaline Water Ionizers

You don’t need to add anything for ionic water, as it is already in it’s most energetic and mineralized state. Listen to what a prominent brain injury specialist has to say about how it transformed her own health, from being highly inflammatory to extremely healthy:


The best overall method for water purification is getting your own home water ionization unit like the Genesis Ionizer or an Alkapod Portable Water Ionizer. Water for Life USA sells the best alkaline water ionizers: devices that transform ordinary tap water into healing and rejuvenating, deliciously hydrating water.


These water ionizers purify your water of disease causing living pathogens (viruses, bacteria and protozoa), change your water’s pH structure from acid to alkaline, and transform your water into a powerful antioxidant.


Ask any arthritis  or gout sufferer who regularly drinks ionic water. They improve dramatically! The quality of Water for Life USA’s products are proven through dozens of scientific papers and thousands of healthy, rejuvenated athletes and clients. Click here to learn more about the health and rejuvenation benefits of drinking ionized water.


We are what we absorb, so start absorbing the best water you can get and FEEL the difference – Mind, Body and Spirit!