How to Lose Your Belly Fat Fast

How To Lose Your Belly Fat Fast


hot blonde doing fat burning exerciseWant to Lose Your Belly Fat Fast?

There are a lot of silly terms used to refer to the excess fat we carry around over our belly. You may have heard the following terms:

1.    The Spare Tire
2.    Love Handles
3.    The Beer Belly
4.    The Michelin Man
5.    The Pillsbury Dough Boy

These are just a few of the many terms you may hear if you’re currently sporting some excess baggage around your midsection. You don’t need to despair as you can certainly watch it melt right off your body, like butter melting on a hot summer’s day. It’s exactly the same principle at play here: Thermogenesis (or heat caused fat burning for energy.)


I’m sure you’re aware of all the contradictory advice on how you can lose 10 pounds in a week (you can, if you get really sick but we don’t want unhealthful fat loss). What you’re about to discover is a fail-safe method to kick in your natural thermogenesis mechanism in the body by eating specific foods that you love and combining them properly for healthy fat loss.


The No Quick Fix Fat Loss Method

It’s all about making choices, your choices. It doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it’s the easy diets that work! The key is not to immediately stop bad eating habits but rather choosing a couple new ones and adding them in as you go about your day. It’s actually exciting as you are learning a new way of relating to the vast array of delicious foods, some you may have never even heard of.


You’ve heard all about fats, carbohydrates and proteins as being what you need to limit. Really, really, what is true is that there are good fats, bad fats, good carbs, bad carbs, good protein, bad protein. Or more correctly nutritious macro-nutrients (fats, carbs and protein) and nutritionally dead macro-nutrients. The nutritious variety are vibrant and full of energy. Energy that is directly used to build your body structures and used thermogenetically as energy.


The Thermogenetic Value of Foods

The type that has no nutritional value, actually robs your body of minerals, health and quickly ages you. It makes you fat too. It does not perform thermogenesis but is nutritionally dead, and just sits in your body taking up space and creating energy and circulatory blockages that lead to ill health and disease. It makes you fat too.


This is not about willpower or being strict, it’s about munching on some live foods throughout your day. You’ll feel the natural balance, increased energy, sharper mind, lighter on your feet, and of course your love handles will be shrinking, and your actual love increasing. Why, you just look and feel so much better, that your mood is naturally elevated and you start attracting other positive and successful type people.


A Couple of Tips on Natural Weight Loss

The overall best thing that I started doing was eating the highest vibration food (most thermogenetic activity) I could find. And it was actually very easy to do. I asked around and found a local farmer’s market and began looking at the vibrant colored foods there (real foods, not manufactured, genetically engineered, irradiated toxins) and asked them how they combine their foods to make it taste good. And the number one tip was…..


Juicing to Lose Weight

Yep, it give you all the nutrition from the most nutritious, anti-aging, fat burning, energy giving foods in the world. Things that you may not be able to get a taste for raw, but in juicer – It was the most delicious juice I’ve ever had in my life! And it had kale, Swiss chard, spinach, an apple, a couple of stalks of celery and one large carrot. I added a pinch of sea salt and bingo, That’s how I started my day!


I add some organic hemp protein (sometimes whey and greens protein) to it on my bodybuilding or workout days. I don’t lack for energy and feel so much better than before. I sleep better and I just feel all around better.


Exercise for Fat Loss

You may have heard that it is 70% diet and 30% exercise and that is pretty much true. If you choose nutritionally dead foods then you don’t feel like working out. When you choose nutritious foods, you want to get off your feet and do things. Exercise is easy, fun and you have a great time doing it. A little exercise and activity goes a long way. Interval training is great for fat loss as it tones you as well and the workout are short. Join your local gym, hit the beach, trails or get even exercise at home. When you begin doing this, an internal shift takes place, and you will never return to your dead old ways. Too much to life to enjoy. Well, what are you waiting for, live, love, laugh and juice it up!


For more info on juicing check out my page on the best juicers to get, and what to not waste your money on. Hint, 1000 watts and avoid plastic models, as they break easily!

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