How to Get Rid of Head Lice

How to Get Lice & Nits Out Of Your Hair


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Pediculosis is the medical term for Head Lice. Headlice spend their entire life in the scalps of people and only feed on human blood. These little vampires (head louse) attach eggs to the scalps of unsuspecting people. They can also attach to pubic hair (called crabs or crab louses). After they hatch they remain attached to the shaft of the hair until physically removed by abrasion (usually with a lice comb) or special shampoos.


If left untreated they can take months or years to get rid of. Lice combs may leave the eggs (nits) and should be used with a natural, pesticide free shampoo for safe and effective long term results. Nits become immune to the poison but it still harms the body, so choosing a natural remedy is by far the best solution for complete relief!


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Nits or Lice in Your Hair

A Nit refers to a louse egg or nymph. They multiply and lay eggs quickly so it is best to treat it as soon as you notice it. They can spread by jumping on the clothing or bedding and jumping on to the next person. They can cause itching, flaking and swelling of the scalp and can introduce disease into your body. They are usually treated with dangerous pesticides, but fortunately natural treatments are actually safer and more effective – both short and long term!



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How to Remove Lice & Nits From the Hair or Body

The best way to get the lice out of your hair is to drench them in a natural solution or aromatic oil that causes them to rise to try and breathe. Some suffocate by doing this step alone, but always use a lice comb to comb them completely out of your (or your children’s hair.)


Coat the hair in a natural solution (organic olive or almond oil can work if you don’t have a lice and nit shampoo, it may take a little longer but it should still work.) Use your lice comb in sections and comb thoroughly.  Do this for a week and verify that they are completely gone. Remember to wash the comb and towels used in hot water and bleach, then rinse well.


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Since you’re working withe scalp and you want to use something that is gentle because it will go into the scalp and can enter the brain. Pesticides are extremely harmful to humans and should be nowhere near the brain! Some children (and adults) have allergic skin reactions to essential oils, so It’s preferable to use a hypo-allergenic solution, like QuitNits to gently and effectively get them out!


Quit Nits is a natural homeopathic shampoo that safely removes lice and nits from your hair and body (pediculosis or crabs) overnight, without the use of harmful pesticides which can be absorbed directly into your brain! It even comes with a free specialized medical grade lice comb. 


Here is what Quit Nits does for you:

  • Quickly and Safely Begins removing lice and nits from your entire home and body
  • Soothes irritated skin quickly, including inflammation, itching, sensitivity, swelling and soreness
  • Gives you a holistic, safe solution to lice infestation without the use of dangerous pesticides


Natural Lice Shampoo and Comb

You can stop the infectious spread of these little vampires before they infest every corner and crevice of your home. Don’t sleep with uninvited guests getting in your hair. Get it and get rid of nits now. Lice are history. Use Quit Nits and Lice and you’ll quickly get those nasty lice out of your hair for good (comes with free lice comb, for nits too)!