How to Freshen Dogs Breath

how to freshen your dogs breath

How to Freshen Dogs Breath

How to Freshen Dogs Breath? Your dog, pet or “best friend” needs to keep his or her teeth clean not only for good looks but also for their ability to chew food properly as well as have healthy teeth bacteria to predigest foods. Poor dog oral health can lead to many serious diseases, not just bad dog breath! There is a new remarkable discovery that shows how using healthy oral bacteria, crowds out the bad guys that destroy gums and teeth. If you also have a cat, you will wonder the same thing How to Freshen Cats Breath? And the answer will be the same, oral probiotics! 


This works not only for human teeth (Probiotic Oral Care) but also for your cats and dogs teeth and breath. It is probably one of the best products to help you and your pet keep close without that OC (old chicken) breath making you turn your head like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Your pets teeth are an overall indicator of good or poor health. Fortunately this new Pet Probiotics Oral Care product has nature working to what it does best, keep a healthy balance.

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Probiotics for Dogs

If you want to really help your dog, cat or even an exotic pet stay really healthy, then you should look into the benefits of using tooth probiotics for dogs superior oral health (beautiful healthy teeth, gums and fresh breath.)

Harsh tooth cleaning chemicals, particularly fluoride, are actually toxic and dry your mouth allowing harmful bacteria and pathogens the space they need to work. Like a healthy garden using bees and ladybugs to crowd out more harmful critters, using an oral probiotic does the same for our teeth, gums and breath. Here's what people who are now using this to keep their “best friend” happy and healthy:


“My 13 year old dachshund has horrible teeth. Before using probiotics, tartar would appear on her teeth a week after having them professionally cleaned. I started using probiotics 6 months ago and her teeth are beautiful; with no tartar at all. I sprinkle it on her food once a day. It doesn't seem to effect the taste because from the first day I added it to her food, she has eaten her food without hesitation. I highly recommend this product!” – Linda B


Thank you so much for this miracle product! Our 2 girls have had terrible breath but after ONLY 1 WEEK of using this daily their breath is no longer appalling. We are much happier to get dawggie kisses these days… 🙂 – Laurie Bassett


I was skeptical that this would work because we've tried many different things to cure our Boston Terrier's horrible breath. This product has worked incredibly well, though. After just two days, her bad breath is gone. I can't believe that it has worked this quickly. I highly recommend you give it a try. – K. Johnson


Click on the Pet Flora Breath Fixer below and say Goodbye to stinky pet breath!


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