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Hair Loss Treatments

Let’s face it: Hair Loss and premature graying of the hair is a Major Problem in our Modern World. Many people are deathly scared of becoming bald, both male and female. They begin to worry when they see any amount of hair in their tub after brushing or shampooing. Do not stress out over this! Your hair naturally loses about 50-100 hairs per day.

This lost hair often stays on our head. So when we take a shower we see a lot of hair in the tub, but the truth is this hair had probably been shed earlier. Bald or thinning spots may be one of the signs but there is no assurance for it. There is a sure-fire way to find out if your hair is really starting to thin.


Try the “Tug test”, using your thumb and index finger, hold about 15-20 strands of hair. Pull it firmly and slowly. If more than 6-8 hairs were removed, you can say it is starting to get thin.


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Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by heredity or major illness. Hair loss is generally a major problem for adults. But in some cases, teens even start to loss their hair too. It is a great sign that there is something going wrong. Hair loss in adolescence stage is frequently caused by changing hormones, illness or improper diet.


It can also be caused by medical treatments, like chemotherapy. Wearing hairstyles that pulls hair also causes it, like braids, because there is tension on it. Losing hair can be a frightening experience, especially for teenagers and women that are concerned with their appearance. Nothing is more beautiful and more noticeable than a full head of natural hair and I can show you how stop losing anymore hair to your drain or brush!


Help for Thinning Hair?

Thinning hair can be a frightful thing to witness. You go to the mirror, or even worse a friend or relative tells you that you have what looks like a bald spot forming, and notice all your precious hair follicles in the sink or stuck in your hair brush. This happened to me and it had me searching for answers immediately! I know how Samson of biblical fame must have felt.


I now have more hair than I did when it was falling out like I had radiation exposure or some severe disease. I’ll tell you what I did, and it made all the difference in the world. Nothing is more humbling than losing your cover, Especially if you’re a woman! There is very safe and highly powerful treatment that causes your own hair to grow quickly and easily, it’s called Laser Hair Therapy.


Laser Hair Therapy

This is the newest technology that has is showing extreme promise as it’s already restored the hair loss in men and women quickly and painlessly. It works on the sub-dermal level (below the scalp) and awakens clogged and inactive hair follicles to kick-start them into regrowing your own natural hair fast. Thousands of people are restoring their own hair and looking many years younger. It has been shown on major news networks like NBC to skeptics that became dedicated customers after it restored their hair. Watch the following video to see what I’m talking about here, and how it can help YOU restore your hair and confidence:

This Laser is the “jackpot” of natural hair restoration treatments.


Laser hair treatment stops you from stressing and restores your hair regrowth laserown natural hair within a few short weeks:

  • Low Level Lasers unclog blocked hair follicles and grows your own hair back
  • Reverses hair loss and begins new growth quickly
  • Causes thin hair to regain full thickness
  • Causes the hair to reduce graying and return to natural color
  • Ads luster and shine to your hair

Home Laser Treatments are easy to use and very effective too. You can find the best laser to regrow your natural hair and stop hair loss here. Use these natural techniques as the core of your hair regeneration program. You can also supplement your diet with hair friendly nutrients that will keep the main hair growth treatment working indefinitely!


Hair Loss Products For Women and Men

It is not as simple as simply using a “one size fits all” type of product. There is no such product available. There is a method that works together as a system that you can use at home to grow your own hair back. This is using the Laser Hair Treatment if you’re a good candidate for it (it can help most people) and using a system of nutrition (internal hair regrowth) that stops imbalanced hormones and feeds your hair follicles what it needs to grow like a blossom.


Listen to how a Doctor became a Patient, and later advocate of the Evolution Laser Treatment that naturally restores lost hair and regrows your own natural hair back quickly and painlessly:

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Restoring Hair Loss in Women

Many women inherit genetic pattern hair loss, commonly triggered by stress that creates hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, childbirth issues, as well as changes in methods of contraception and certain prescriptions that actually cause you to lose your precious hair.

This new laser hair restoration program has shown remarkable results by reversing:

  • Female genetic pattern hair loss
  • Hair loss because of hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
  • Hormonal imbalance because of birth control pills or female related changes
  • Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland)
  • Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland)
  • Telogen Effluvium Condition

This is the before and after hair restoration transformation that Alicia Flores discovered that was beyond what she thought was possible for her:

female hair loss treatment

“Path to perfection! From the staff to the personal service and products and most importantly, my overall RESULTS!  The results achieved were much more then Will Gaunitz said I would attain on my initial consultation.” – Alicia Flores (2008)

Watch the transformation of a woman in serious mental anguish as she didn’t want her youthful hair gone forever. Here is Aubrie McCall’s amazing story of natural hair regrowth:

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Then combine it with some topical natural hair growth products and you’ll see results staring back from your own bathroom mirror. And, I’m sure you’ll smile like I did. Here’s what you can do right now and stop your hair loss right now:


Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

A mans hair is his crown, and like Samson he instantly feels diminished if his hair begins looking like a high-low shag carpet. That is what male pattern baldness and excess hair loss in men can do to a guy. Fortunately this system was made exclusively for men. It later was expanded to women due the success of the laser hair regrowth being seen in men of all ages.  Here’s what it did to save the pride of one man:


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Hair Growth Products

You can grow back your natural hair quickly Here is a list of the best natural hair growth products as kits, showing the most powerful treatment first:

Begin using the hair restoration kit that suits your needs and you will stop the hair loss and actually regrow your youthful hair back. There are many before and after pictures and video testimonials that show how different people are experiencing better than expected results – and their own hair back!


The Best Hair Regrowth Products

Imagine how you will feel to be seen with a full head of luxurious hair (that’s your own natural color too, it removes the gray and brings back your own natural color) and have your lover run their fingers through your hair without worrying about having it fall out in their hands?


I’m sure you’ll agree that your confidence (and attractor factor) will skyrocket. It’s quick, it’s easy and you can regain that youthful look once again. Don’t take chances and lose your hair follicles for good, you don’t have to! You can save your hair (and the self-confidence and sense of natural pride that go along with it) and save your hair now!

Click on the Evolution Hair Treatment banner below and you’ll be running your fingers through your own full head of hair (with less gray too)!

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