Fukushima Radiation California

 Fukushima Radiation California


fukushima radiation


California Radiation Levels

Fukushima Radiation California. Radiation Levels are still rising because Fukushima is still being allowed to dump nuclear waste into the pacific ocean rather than clean it up or store it somewhere safe. Increases California Radiation Levels are being detected in California and the Pacific region from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant toxic spill. How it is affecting California Radiation Levels? Here is a link to show the current California Radiation Levels as well as that of the whole world up to the current minute. 


Is it safe to be around that area, drink tap water from Southern California or eat seafood off the Pacific Coast anymore? This is not a good thing for people or sea life or those that depend on it.  California had a scare a few years ago with the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station leaking radiation into the surrounding areas. The good thing now is that I hear it is closing down. Not soon enough for me. I used to swim in the once pristine waters of Oceanside, California, which is just a few miles from San Onofre.


I hope they stop this lethal experiment that is causing irreparable damage to our oceans, sea life, seafood and water supplies.  In the mean time we should do everything we can to protect ourselves from radiation exposure as it causes radiation sickness, leukemia, cancer and DNA genetic damage just to name a few. 


california radiation levels


Why is Radiation Dangerous?

Why is Radiation Dangerous? The Fukushima nuclear power plant is planning on dumping radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean. Their “experts” say its safe! If you believe this there is this oceanfront property in Kansas I’d like to sell you. They don’t want to pay to dispose of it so they just dump it and let mother nature (and us) deal with it.


Radiation is dangerous because exposure to it harms your DNA and bone marrow in even small amounts. It can cause nausea, weakness, infertility, impotence, low sperm count and hair loss all from just mild exposure. Larger levels of exposure include radiation sickness, leukemia, cancer, bone marrow destruction, organ failure, skin lesions and eruptions, cataracts, blood disorders, burns inside and outside the body and death. Limiting radiation exposure from any source is a wise choice.


Medical therapies like radiation therapy are harmful and actually destroy your immune system and cause cancer not cure it.  EMF radiation (from cellphones, WiFi devices and towers, Airport full body scanners, Electric Company “smart meters” that they force you to have, and microwaves all cause radiation exposure and damage to your body and brain.


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Effects of Radiation Exposure

Here are the most common effects of radiation exposure:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Hair Loss
  • Skin Burns or Rashes
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Low Red Blood Cell Count
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Weakness and Fatigue
  • Brain and Nervous System problems (jitters, shaking, dizziness, disorientation)
  • Severe stomach and intestinal aches
  • Damage to blood cells, bone marrow and DNA
  • Infertility, Impotence
  • Infections
  • Poor Wound Healing

These radiation symptoms happen in increasing levels depending on the exposure and incubation times. You can stop and reverse the damage by immediately stopping radiation exposure and using natural radiation protection as shown below towards the bottom of this article.


why is radiation dangerous


Radiation Sickness

You can get radiation sickness after radiation exposure from any source. Especially medical treatments. If you live near any nuclear plants or now days near the Pacific ocean then make sure you’re not drinking harmful tap water as it may contain concentrated levels of radiation, fluoride, heavy metals and even brain eating amoeba. Keep yourself and your family safe. You can’t always control what’s in your environment, but you can take a few precautions that will save your life as well as those of your loved ones.  


The best things you can do besides staying as far away from any radiation source is using natural radiation protection supplements like Zeolite and Nascent Iodine. These are natural remedies that are radiation specific and protect your body and cells from getting radiation sickness, cancer and severe illnesses. Also consider not drinking unfiltered tap water, and most bottled water unless you are sure it doesn’t have radiation and fluoride filtered out, most don’t. I don’t trust any of them, and like to filter my own with a zeolite filter like the Pure Effect Filters.


liquid zeolite


Radiation Protection

Best Radiation Protection. Zeolite is the only known natural substance known to modern science that has the power to bind, encapsulate and deactivate harmful radiation particles (many which last for millions of years). This is the same stuff that they used to clean up the Chernobyl and Fukushima spills. Also, taking iodine, and particularly in the form of Nascent Iodine blocks absorption from your thyroid gland, so you won’t get throat cancer or painful goiters. 


Radiation Detox

Here are the two best radiation detox supplements you can get:

  • Zeotrex (zeolite with medicinal mushrooms– Traps and Removes Radiation and Protects against cancer)
  • Detoxadine (nascent iodine formula that protects your thyroid from radiation uptake and throat cancer)

There are also other specific protection devices you can use for EMF Protection that will stop your brain from being slow cooked and your immune system wiped out. No need to panic, all you need to do is take these simple precautions and you can protect yourself and family from the dangers of radiation exposure or sickness. For more information visit Radiation Safety.



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