Re-Invent Yourself – Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams


follow your dreams


Reinvent Yourself

If you ever feel stuck in life, you can simply reinvent yourself. You do that by first listening to your dreams. You’ve heard the “wise ones” always say to Follow Your Dreams. Be aware of the synchronicities in life. When you see the same “odd” thing 3 times in a row, it’s the universe trying to get your attention and send you a helpful message. Your first step is to realize that there is something better for you just around the corner.


You start by breaking out of your natural daily routine or pattern. Take a new route or side street, eat at a new restaurant, walk where you’ve never walked before. It will keep your brain healthy by creating new connections as it trys to store these new sights and sounds. If some ideas pop into your head, then make a note of them, speak them into your cell phone as a message, or write then down in a notepad.


hector and the search for happiness


Do an internet search (try or, as they tend to have more natural results and less advertising) or on the topic and see where that rabbit hole leads you. I prefer DuckDuckGo in that it is private and they don’t collect information on you the way the big G (Google) does. That alone will get your juices flowing and make your life more exciting. I watched a great movie that gave me some insight into this and I highly recommend you watch it too. It has so much adventure, drama, and even comedy in a mystical search for happiness. It is called Hector and the Search For Happiness.



Eat Healthy and Feel Healthy

Begin by choosing High Energy Food and Beverages; this is where it all begins. They are not only the building blocks of your body (structure, health, longevity) but also the fuel (performance) that influences how you look and feel on a daily basis. When you look and feel good, you’re on top of the world! Like the old adage goes “You are what you eat.” 


Everything that you take into your body becomes your body, literally. From the cellular level to the musculoskeletal system to the cardio-respiratory system, culminating in the complete human body; you are the sum of all parts.


If you’d like your body to perform like an assembly line automobile (as opposed to a precision built masterpiece like a Ferrari), then go ahead and eat the type of meals that most people eat (full of fillers, pesticides, preservatives, simple sugars, saturated and trans fats, artificial hormones and by-products). Just as a winning NASCAR automobile is not made up haphazardly: Superior Parts = Superior Performance.


following dreams


You can design your body to look like a highly polished, finely tuned masterpiece, who’s engine (heart) could last longer than a century. Or you could fashion your body to be rugged like a German tank. It all starts with a plan, or blueprint. Once you choose your desired blueprint, you can line up the raw materials, which in this begins with the best dining regimen to accomplish those attainable goals.


Consider putting “premium” into your physical fuel tank, and you’ll definitely feel the boost, while minimizing the knocks and pings that poor quality fuel usually leave you with. You’ll also have less obnoxious hazardous gas leaking out of your tailpipe!


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Follow Your Dreams

In this part of the series we’ll begin with our bodies because it directly impacts how you think and your spiritual connection too. When your body is filled with high vibration food and drinks you will be at your greatest ability to accomplish whatever you want to. With a clear mind and clear spiritual connection you can create the life of your choosing. You can have the type of body you want, or try starting an online business to make some extra money and have all of life’s extra goodies that you desire.


Choose your desired blueprint, and stay tuned as we teach you how to accomplish that blueprint by design (or desire.) For now, I’d like give you some very important building blocks to become stronger, more resilient, and sexier from the inside out. Let’s start with our liquid diet:

As the old axiom commonly attributed to Hippocrates goes “as above, so below.” And “as without, so within.” This can be easily seen with what can be easily considered the “essence of life” which is h2o, or water. Our planet is made up of about 70% water, so is our body, and each cell in our body too. It’s importance cannot be overstated. There are two groundbreaking scientists who have looked at the importance of this amazing substance. In the book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, he states that most illness, as well as organ and cell shrinkage (skin wrinkles too) is caused by improper hydration and sodium balance.


healthy alkaline water


Drink Alkaline Water

Not drinking enough pure, clean structured alkaline water can impact health, appearance, performance as well as brain function. Most tap and bottled water is highly acidic and damaging to your mental and physical health. Dr. Masaru Emoto in his groundbreaking book “The hidden messages of water” also echoes that and shows that water is an amplifier of human intention and emotion.


Water has memory. Since water also is the greatest constituent of solid foods as well, the ancient idea of “blessing” or “praying” over our meals does not sound so silly anymore. It has now been discovered to have real merit and benefit in laboratory testing of water crystals exposed to sound, music, words and emotions!


So, the first thing that you may want to consider is to drink a cup of alkaline ionized water immediately upon awakening in the morning, and then 5-10 minutes later to start the day. Add a few pinches of salt to each glass (read the water books, as it is not harmful to high blood pressure, but balancing, based on real research, not outdated theories).


You can find the two referenced books at Top Self Help Books or your local bookstore or library. Keep tuned for more lessons on building the body of your dreams. 

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