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This Bodybuilding Diet Builds Rock Hard Muscle Fast!muscle building supplements

Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Stop wasting your money on expensive supplements that actually weaken you now and down the road. There are a handful of natural foods, drinks and supplements that are scientifically proven to work in the gym or on the field.  Knowing what, how and when to eat for muscular gains is the most important factor in gaining hard, pumped and explosive muscles. Nutrient timing is very important. Eating the right things at the right time in the proper ratios for muscle growth make the difference between making no gains, to developing superhuman strength and musculature. The basic formula is Highest Quality Nutrition, Advanced Hydration for athletic or workout performance and Progressive Exercise Regimen (Resistance training activating the most muscle fibers, the cardio effect and muscle recovery).


Your primary eating objective is different than non-bodybuilders. You are trying to prime your natural testosterone pump by combining foods and supplements with proper cyclic muscle building routines either at a gym or on your own home exercise equipment (for more information visit Best Home Gyms). If you do not perform in a cyclical manner (foods, supplements and workouts) you will stop the anabolic pump and stay in catabolic (muscle wasting) phase. Definitely not what you want here.

Muscle Building Diet

If you are tempted to take any steroids to win a contest or event, then use the safer Legal Steroid Alternative, that will help you get strong and ripped and not disqualified. Steroids and other chemical supplements actually help your body recover faster and lose excess bodyfat which some bodybuilders use before a contest or a photo shoot. Remember to cycle them if you use them because once you stop taking them, your body may shrink to smaller than it was before. I do recommend the natural approach for long term health and consistent bodybuilding gains.

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Begin with the right food combinations for muscle development and time it with the best natural supplements and you will have science and real world results on your side. L-Citruilline is one of the best supplements in the world! It not only provides rock hard muscular pumps but feeds and protects your heart muscle as well! It is also a great vasodilator (causes muscle veins to dilate and allow more in) and also allows harder muscles below (you know what I’m talking about, aka natural Viagra).

You can take it alone or in a formula with Arginine. (L-Arginine is the standard form of AAKG or Nitric Oxide, while the L-Citruilline is the concentrated extract of the active ingredient). It is usually combined 1 part Citrullline to 5 parts Arginine.

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Bodybuilding Nutrition

Here is a quick and dirty natural muscle building diet list:

  • Protein (Organic Hemp Protein, Greens & Whey Protein) – You can mix them, and get more benefit
  • Get a Portable Water Alkalizer! (Gives you more energy, Better Muscle Recovery- Stops Lactic Acid Buildup, and is a powerful Anti-Oxidant too!)
  • Micronized Creatine Monohydrate (Draws nutrients to muscle cells and fuels ATP “energy” Cycle.)
  • Nitric Oxide This is the supplement you really want to include!
  • Natural Simple Carbohydrate Sources (Bananas, Berries, Apples, Pineapples)
  • Natural Complex Carbohydrate Sources (Oatmeal, Beans, Wild Rice, Whole Grains)
  • Hemp Seed Oil (helps turn off muscle wasting hormones)
  • Raw Cacao Beans (Soaks your body with healthy antioxidants and magnesium “think muscle and bone growth”)

The best way to build muscle is to use whole food sources as much as possible, as well as organic sources. Organic foods are considered live foods and have a much higher biological value than their commercial counterparts.  The pesticides, herbicides, and radiation that commercial foods are exposed to actually slow down muscle building and reflex speed upon muscle contraction.  Now, here’s how you combine these muscle building ingredients to make your muscles swell like a seal in a bikini.  You can use either whole foods first, followed by supplements, or supplements only if you don’t have access to whole foods.

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PreWorkout Guide

Pre-Workout Whole Foods and Supplements (2 hours before workout):

  • 1 or 2 Cups Oatmeal and raisins (or other fruit, with 2 tablespoons flax seeds) or
  • Whole grain cereal with a whole banana or berries or
  • 3 Eggs with 2 slices whole grain toast, with omega-3 enriched spread (smart balance, etc)
  • Skip the protein shakes below if you choose to eat a whole food meal instead (but do add the other ingredients to a glass of juice)

Pre-Workout – Mind/Body/Spirit Muscle Activation System (30-45 Minutes before workout or contest)

  • 1 Scoop  Organic Hemp Protein (Best Source of Organic Protein in the World)
  • 1 Scoop Greens & Whey Protein (Powerful protein source with natural aerobic/anaerobic activators)
  • 4 Grams Micronized Creatine (Boosts ATP Muscular Energy Cycle)
  • 3-5 Grams Nitric Oxide (Amino Acid Growth Factor and Muscle Contractor)
  • 1 Scoop Gelatinized Maca (Adrenal Gland Activator – Androgenic Energy)
  • 250mg Velvet Deer Antler (Very Powerful Natural IGF Growth Hormone Factors)
  • 1000mg Tribulus Terrestris (Natural Leutenizing Hormone Production – Growth)
  • 80mg LongJack (Tongkat Ali -Masculine Energy Enhancer – Boosts Natural Androgen Production)
  • 2 Capsules Mucuna Dopa (Powerful Neurotransmitters for Brain/Muscle Signal Enhancement)
  • 1 Capsule Horny Goat Weed (Male Enhancer and Androgenic Activator – Longer and More Powerful Contractions)
  • 1 Serving Yerba Mate Tea or capsules (Natural Healthy Caffeine without jitters)

Get some Ziploc bags or vitamin containers and add the capsules/tablets for each days serving if you have the time. This will make it easy in the long run to grab and go. Combine the protein, creatine, nitric oxide and maca into a blender or shaker bottle. When I’m at home I use my new New 1700 Watt NutriBullet (1700 watts of power and has a to-go cup with a flip lid.

At the gym I just use a good shaker bottle. I love using the Nutri-Bullet because I can blend a whole banana with spinach leaves and some tasty raspberries or strawberries (red colored fruits help with energy, blue ones help with recovery). Add 12 ounces of water or juice and shake for a minute, blend for 20 seconds. This mix will get you past a lot of the big boys in the gym or your competition!

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PostWorkout Guide

Post-Workout Supplements:

  • 3-5 Grams L-Glutamine Powder or capsules (immediately after workout for an excellent Burst of Natural Growth Hormone)
  • Wait 30 minutes (Glutamine competes with aminos and Nitric Oxide for Muscle Receptors)
  • Use the sauna or steam room for muscle recovery) then;
  • 1 Scoop  Organic Hemp Protein (Best Source of Organic Protein in the World)
  • 1 Scoop Greens & Whey Protein (Powerful protein source with natural aerobic/anaerobic activators)
  • 4 Grams bodybuilding dietMicronized Creatine (Boosts ATP Muscular Energy Cycle)
  • 3-5 Grams Nitric Oxide (Amino Acid Growth Factor and Muscle Contractor)
  • 1 Scoop Gelatinized Maca (Adrenal Gland Activator – Androgenic Energy)
  • 1 Scoop MSM Powder helps protect your joints after an intense workout. MSM is natural sulfur that also helps restore all bodily tissues!)
  • Whole Banana, Apple or other fruit (Juice or sports drink is of next value)
  • Wait an hour then,
  • Have a complete whole meal (Protein, Complex Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats)

You can add the powdered supplements to a shaker bottle and have in your gym bag. Just add filtered or alkaline ionized water and shake for one minute. You will be so amazed at how much progress you’re now making! Use these meal plans as a general guideline and combine them with the proper muscle development workout plans and you’ll be harder and bigger than you ever were.


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