Best Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally

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Discover The Best Ways to Quit Smoking Naturally


I’m sure you know about the smoking health risks, smoking illnesses and even smoking deaths associated with long-term use of cigarettes.  Modern Smoking Research has clearly shows that the benefits of quitting cigarettes is a no-brainer! I’m going to show you how to give up smoking once and for all, in a simple yet highly effective way.


Fast Track to Living Smoke Free:

  • Satisfy the Nicotine cravings first
  • Positive Lifestyle Enhancement
  • New Non-Smoking Associations
  • Use NLP or Hypnosis
  • Listen to Brainwave Enhancement Audio

Satisfying the Nicotine Cravings

Since nicotine affects the positive feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain (serotonin, dopamine, natural opiates), unless you have a will of cold iron, you will need to begin replacing the nicotine cravings with an alternate substance that does not drop you off after you using it. I recommend using smoke deter which is a homeopathic remedy that will release your cravings to reach for a cigarette in the first place. You need to stop your nicotine dependence slowly, so your body can catch up and you’ll feel your best. This is step one!


Homeopathic Remedies for Smoking

I have found personally that Homeopathic Remedies to the trick because the exactly mimic the neural reactions that are created by nicotine in the brain and nervous system, without the addictive substances that keep you bound in chains.  There are a few natural vitamins that you can use to do this as well (niacin, nicotinic acid, cloves), although these can cause severe skin flushing and temporary itching while you get used to them.  A product developed by doctors called smoke deter is a Homeopathic Remedy that exactly mimics the nicotine without the hook, and will take care of the nicotine cravings for good!


Positive Lifestyle Enhancement

Adopting new positive lifestyle changes that feel good to you will help you make the kind of things you have always dreamed about, possible.  Discovering new things that you really love doing. Contemplating and doing new things, like travel, going new places, meeting new people who you would have never met before as a smoker and broadening your horizons. You open up all kinds of fresh and new possibilities for yourself.


Develop Some Healthy Life Changing New Habits

When you do these things, you will naturally lose the urge to damage your body any longer:

  • Nutrition – Get a Juicer, eat nutrient dense foods and start giving yourself the edge in life
  • Holistic Diet – Begin a holistic diet program and be in sync with nature
  • Hit the Gym – Get a Bowflex or meet other people at your local gym and get that body moving
  • Spiritual Connection – Begin re-connecting to your spiritual source (mind body spirit) and discover fulfillment in life

Getting healthy and looking and feeling better than you have in many years.  Actually looking and feeling much younger, with markedly less wrinkles and yellowing of teeth and fingernails.  No more going outside in the cold, while your non-smoking friends are inside having all the fun. You’ll be making more love in no time flat.


New Non-Smoking Associations

This is equally important because you will see firsthand how they spend their time, and can observe what they do with their hands (as any former smoker will tell you, that can be awkward at first because you probably had cigarettes in your hands pretty frequently.)  Watching them, you can mirror them, and begin to relax without a cigarette in your hands.  You now can double your dating  or intimate partner potential as well because you can easily connect with them with no drawbacks.  You’re well on your way by now!

NLP and Hypnosis

neuro linguistic programmingI totally recommend NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) or Hypnosis to Stop Smoking to help you change habit behaviors and memories (triggers) that seem to cause you to have to smoke.  The NLP option also deals with how to not gain weight after you quit smoking for good. This is re-inventing yourself at the core level.  This is where this change, or any change (even phobias) can be successfully changed once and for all.  This is deep stuff, but will help every aspect of your life.  I personally use it every time I have an issue that is brought to my attention that I really want to change.  Using this I can do it every time!


There are even binaural beat frequencies to quit smoking that can help you quit smoking cigarettes by interfering with the brain waves that are shooting out “the jitters” that normally call for a smoke break.  Do this and you’ll get a break from smoke instead, and feel really good about yourself!


Don’t wait until this affects your health in a negative way.  Challenge yourself, because you know you want better for yourself, heck you deserve better for yourself right now.  Give me your opinion in the comment section below on how successfully this worked for you or share your success story to help others.  We’re all in this together, so do it now and our team will Help You Stop Smoking!


For additional resources visit: Stop Smoking Help


  1. smoke weed all day though, its good for yo metal

  2. Natural ways to stop smoking: stop smoking.

  3. cigarette free since august. the best way to stop smoking is to grow a dick faggot

  4. It works if you follow the instructions. (:

  5. I’m on my second week of quitting. I can do this. The cravings come but they go away, too.

  6. What about alcohol? I want to quit so bad. But I never smoked a cigarette and did half of what alcohol does to a family. Its almost as if since we couldn’t stop it before during prohibition it makes it ok. Alcohol does just as much damage and more effects to those around you.

  7. I stopped smoking 3 months ago. It was not that hard, all you have to do is keep yourself busy.

  8. good luck and stay strong!

  9. hypnosis is the single most effective way of stopping smoking.

  10. Well as a smoker you don’t have much choice on what to think or buy. You need cigarettes or else you’ll feel withdrawal symptoms, so you buy them to ease that pain. There isn’t much choice really it’s compulsion.

  11. You’re a slave to the addiction and weakly choose to convince yourself that being a smoker is what you wanted. You fool yourself if you think that’s any kind of freedom. Don’t call weakness a choice and don’t call being a slave to smoking a form of “freedom”. It’s our own free will that deceives us into choosing slavery

  12. Been a year now nearly and so happy to still be a non smoker

  13. I am 21years old and i was smoking for over 10years,but i tell you guys that quitting smoking will be the greatest thing that you can possibly do,it took me over 10 attempts to quit smoking,each and everytime telling myself that i wont smoke again,but evan trying will get to be a habit and eventually inevitable beat the shit out of it for the rest of your life and by doing that,it will open up a pandorabox,everything that you though was impossible will become possible.

  14. in fact, There is no enjoyment but all smokers must lie to themselves in order to not feel foolish. It is not your fault at all its the drug

  15. your going to die either way so may as well keep smoking

  16. my dad said he stoped but he lied

  17. i’m trying to quit smoking i’ll go a day without smoking maybe two then give in and buy a pack. i have alot of stress factors and smoking helps with those but i have been having really fucked up health problems..

  18. Very informative article and I hope that those reading it actually take action. As for me, electronic cigarettes was what helped me reduce my smoking habit. Was smoking 1 pack a day but now I am down to 2 sticks per day. I found that I can still keep the habit of smoking but I can gradually rid myself off the addiction to nicotine. If you have not heard of electronic cigarettes, do some research on it.

  19. I actually have quit smoking with the help of Nicorette Gum and it is one of the best products to quit smoking also now it’s been more than six months and i don’t get any cravings for it.

  20. the thing is its body vs mind do u want ur body to control ur mind and keep smoking because your body needs it and its soo use to it or u want ur mind to control ur body and tell it what to do i am quitting smoking wish me luck 😀

  21. Quitting smoking was the best choice I ever made. I can run up the stairs now, while people half my age need to walk!

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