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 This Male Enhancement Program Makes You “Large and In Charge!”


Natural Male Enhancement

penis enlargement - SuperheroWe all know that men need a little extra “get up and go” sometimes. That’s why these Herbal V type products were created. Your body’s hormones rise and fall due to exercise, nutrition (or the lack of it), mental states and of course stress. If you begin a regular fitness program and combine it with proper nutrition then you can recover your natural hormone level in a few months.


You can use mediation to relieve stress or even subliminal programs using brainwave entrainment to help you ease the stress that causes hormone levels to drop (and of course your Willy too.) This actually works really well, because the main cause is your mental state. However, for those times when you just need to be ready to rise to the occasion, then using male enhancement pills can be a huge blessing.


Male Enhancement Pills

Male Penis Enhancement begins by first reducing the things that reduce penile function and functionality.  That means that you would be wise to limit smoking (permanently is of course best) the day before you plan extended action.  Make sure to perform weight bearing exercise along with cardio exercise to increase overall circulation.


Use these vaso-dilators that naturally increase testosterone levels and muscle size and definition. Try doing some treadmill work or sprints to help enlarge artery, vein and capillary size, which will naturally increase blood flow to all extremities, and yes that one too!


You can combine these natural supplements into your own “Herbal V” and they really work. They are heart healthy and can even help you build muscle, because of the natural increase in circulation and testosterone production. Here are the best natural enhancement supplements you can take for fast results:

  • 3-5 Grams Nitric Oxide (Amino Acid Growth Factor and Muscle Contractor)
  • 1 Scoop Gelatinized Maca (Adrenal Gland Activator – Androgenic Energy)
  • 250mg Velvet Deer Antler (Very Powerful Natural IGF Growth Hormone Factors)
  • 1000mg Tribulus Terrestris (Natural Leutenizing Hormone Production – Growth)
  • 80mg LongJack (Tongkat Ali -Masculine Energy Enhancer – Boosts Natural Androgen Production)
  • 2 Capsules Mucuna Dopa (Powerful Neurotransmitters for Brain/Muscle Signal Enhancement, stops stage fright)
  • 1 Capsule Horny Goat Weed (Male Enhancer and Androgenic Activator – Longer and More Powerful Contractions)

You can also get a ready-made formula where you only have to take one supplement, like Test Plus or Natural Gain. It also recommended that you perform some specialized some male enhancement exercises to fine tune your penis enlargement goals.  Also, taking steroids will actually shrink penis tissue because of the excess DHT (a byproduct of excess testosterone production). 


You don’t need it, natural bodybuilders which can be stronger and definitely longer prove that point. Your partners will agree that a hard male muscle (male enlargement) is far more important to them, than a flexed bicep muscle (unless you plan to pleasure yourself!) Male enhancement pills or penis enlargement pills made of natural herbal tissue stimulators can come to the rescue.


Penis Enlargement Pills

Your diet is very important as well. Penis pills can help, and work much better when you have given your body the high quality fuel it really wants.  Add nuts to your diet (zinc, omega-3 oils), fish, eggs, and a lot of green vegetables (organic if possible, as pesticides reduce inhibit male penis enlargement), fresh fruits and purified drinking water. Natural supplements that you can take include, Zinc, Niacin, Nitric Oxide, Omega-3 Oils and NASD. The best ingredients for penis enlargement come from the Andes in Peru. Blends of Maca and Mucuna Pruriens provide natural enhancement that really works in a big way. Used regularly it can help you increase your penis size as well.


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Increase Penis Size Safely and Naturally

Your mental state influences your emotional state, which tells your body which natural body hormones to secrete.  That means if you are in a negative mindset, your body will release cortisol which will reduce central blood flow (squeezes blood away from heart and brain) and cause nervous irritability.  Not what you want!  When you are in a positive mindset you body will release Growth Hormone instead, which will cause tissue growth and energy stores to be revitalized.  This is what you want if you want to enlarge penis tissue and be a stud performer.  Also, visualizing your body becoming rock hard will help the circulation to the parts of your body where you focus you attention into.  If you imagine yourself active with the partner of your dreams, you will naturally relax and rise to the occasion.

The Best Male Enhancement Products

There is a natural enhancement program that will help you get rock hard, so you can be large in charge quickly.  It is comprised of male enhancement herbs and also includes a couple of downloadable ebooks that show you how to perform enlargement exercises and setting up the whole erotic encounter so you are fully hard in in control!  Click on the picture below to check out the natural Male Enhancement Program, and become a master lover instead of a masterbater! Size does matter, ask any woman, or better yet just show her!


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